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Transcript of MKO Fan Interview With Ed Boon

05/16/2006 :: Posted at 03:35 AM by ]{0MBAT
[Mortal Kombat Online]: Mortal Kombat Online! We're continuing our E3 coverage here in 2006 live in Los Angeles. I'm Justin Deering, also known as "]{0MBAT", here with me is Ed Boon.
[Ed Boon]: Also known as "Ed".

Thank you, Ed! Alright, our first question comes from Jeff Henry. It's actually a two-part question. He wants to know if the cinematics will be like in MK4, like the ending styles, or if it's gonna have the same endings that were in MK Deadly Alliance and in Deception.
Probably they'll be more like they Deadly Alliance/Deception ends.

And for MKD Unchained, will there be any extra features or content that wasn't in the console version?
Yes, there's a number of exclusive characters that was like the GameCube version of Deception that had Goro and Shao Kahn which wasn't in the PS2 and Xbox. It's gonna be in the PSP version. Additionally, some of the Deadly Alliance characters will be in there as well. The PSP has a much bigger roster of characters.

Is there any other content besides characters? Is there maybe any new arenas or anything added to the Krypt?
Not that I'm at liberty to say.

Any changes to Konquest mode or anything?
Some of the Konquest mode controls had to change because they don't have the same kind of control mechanism for the PSP that they have in the console versions, so we had to make some modifications to make it a little more playable on the PSP.

Another one of our users, Derek Lease, has noticed that Midway is bringing some games onto the Nintendo Wii. "Wii" were wondering if it's possible that Armageddon or any Mortal Kombats might be on the Nintendo consoles - either on the current gen or next-gen.
I guess I don't know the answer to that. I know that there have been discussions about it, but there certainly hasn't been any sort of a decision made.

Okay. MiNeOuT along with a lot of other users are wondering how will the compatibility work as far as Microsoft's Xbox 360.
You know, work from our perspective, we're doing everything we can. We'd love to have Armageddon be compatible with the Xbox 360, obviously it's a huge win for us. Unfortunately, it's not only up to us. So that's part of one of the things we want to work with you guys on - to kind of see what we can generate to get the Xbox 360 working with Armageddon, so if we can kind of work with Microsoft to make that happen.

Are you saying you wish for us to contact Microsoft?
Yeah, I guess we really want to show support for the feature and see what can be done about it, and give them a good idea as to how much interest there is in doing this.

Okay. The next question comes from RussoRoss; there's a lot of other people wondering about this one as well. We're wondering if the fighting engine will include mechanics such as wake-up games or combo strings rather than dial-a-combos.
Yeah, we're actually in a constant state of sort of kind of revising the fighting engine. We're certainly in the process of experimenting with wake-up games and other of the features. We do have aparry system into Armageddon and there are other areas where we're going to be enhancing the fighting engine as well.

So about wake-up games specifically, do you think that's something that's going to be included in there?
We're definitely experimenting with it, to see how it affects the game and stuff like that. I'd love to see that in there, it's just a matter of how it works with all the other features in the game.

Vasculio wants to know if Noob and Smoke will be separated this time, since there are 64 characters.
That's a good question, I guess that hasn't really been decided yet. You know, a lot of people liked the Noob/Smoke combo but having them as individual characters might be an interesting thing to do.

We noticed they were very close to each other in the wallpaper that has all the characters in it, we just weren't sure that meant.
I would imagine that they would be available in their duo character mode, but separating probably wouldn't be too difficult to do, so that's something definitely that we'll look into.

One of our users, Forrest Porter, was wondering about some of the minor characters throughout the history, like Meat, Chameleon, actually 2 of them (male and female), there's Tremor, you have all kind of little side characters. What are your plans for them?
Well, I guess we're gonna try and fit in as many of them as possible. If you really include every single one... We're trying to focus on the main fighting games as our roster. If you go into like the adventure games, like Mythologies and stuff, you'd have like 100 characters, so I don't think we're gonna include that. Our real focus is on the fighting games. Some of the characters like Meat - he was actually the charred corpse body from using the Fatalities, which was kinda cool to do. We may throw that in there as more of a super hidden thing like that, but I certainly don't want to make any promises at this point.

Michael LaLouis was wondering about Hara-Kiri's. We've seen a lot about this Create-A-Fatality system, but nothing about some of the other -alities.
You know, we've had a million people ask us about Babalities, Friendships, Hara-Kiri's and all that stuff. You know, 'are they gonna be in the game?' Our main focus is to really get as many individual Fatality moves in the game as possible. Based on how much time is left, we may go into something like those Hara-Kiri moves, but like the other features, I don't think that's something we can say is definitely gonna be in the game. So our main focus right now really is the Fatality moves.

Alright. Cameron Sullivan was wondering how, you know, in the intro you've got all the good players on one side and all the evil players on the other side. Some of the characters are neutral, they're not really supposed to be on either side, and they're all kind of on the evil side. They want to know like why are neutral players like Scorpion, why is he shown as evil?
When we decided the format that we wanted to have for this opening movie, we really wanted to have it like the big Lord of the Rings, two big groups fighting, but we also wanted to include every character. So every character is represented in that thing. So at some point we had to decide, either good or evil for these characters. We didn't want to have a group of like, you know, three guys who were neutral guys, so we just kind of threw 'em on the evil side or threw 'em on the good side if we weren't sure.

That makes sense, especially because of the neutral characters wouldn't necessarily get along with each other either, so it wouldn't really solve anything.
Exactly. And you know, with Mortal Kombat, I don't think you could say all characters were all with each other or all against. There were just triangles of weird alliances and enemies like that, they just couldn't really land on one side or the other.

You've got temporary alliances, friends becomine enemies, enemies becoming friends? Alright, Bogdan was wondering about some of the special features like in MK Deadly Alliance and Deception you've got these videos that go behind the scenes, and the making of, and all these things that go into it, and character bios like the Kards that were made for Deception. What kind of stuff do you have planned this time around for Armageddon?
We don't have any that I can kind of rattle off right now. We tend to have the goodies, so to speak, we kind of accumulate those towards the end, so probably right after E3 we're gonna start compiling all of those things to put into the game. It'll probably be -- you know, there were a number of those Kards that we never released, I'm sure we can put some of those in there. There will be a number of video presentations, like Cooking With Scorpion and all that things that we did like that, that haven't been released. There's still a ton of content that we can put in there that we'll start assembling right after E3.

Another user, Jpetrunak (not sure how to say that name, sorry!) and another guy, Bezo, who did those cartoons we were talking about earlier --
Oh yeah, those were awesome.

People like that, were all wondering about the profiles on the memory card. How many Kreate-A-Kombatants are you gonna be able to create per profile? Is it just limited to one?
Right now, we have just one per profile. I know you can have multiple profiles on the card, but right now it's only one. One of the things is like, how do you select your created character? We certainly don't want to come up with something where a submenu of characters comes out so we reserve one of the squares for a created character, and there's a number of options that we're kind of toying with in our heads just trying to think of different ways to have multiple created characters in the game per profile, but as it is right now, in the version we have, it's just one per profile.

So how does it work when you've got two players playing and each one has their own custom character, if they both hit the custom character icon, they just get the one that they selected.

Is their any way they could pick their opponent's, since it's loaded in the memory and everything?
No, but that's a good idea. That's a really good idea.

So why do some of the characters... it looks like everyone's got one fighting style, well one weapon style and one hand-to-hand style. Is that gonna be true for all characters, and why has it been limited?
No, actually, we are gonna be having two different fighting styles per character. We are gonna mix it up though, we do want to have some characters have two weapons and some have two hand-to-hand fighting styles, some of one of each, and stuff like that. Because we have 60 characters, we didn't just want to try and give each character three fighting styles, and have 180 fighting styles. I don't think we'd be able to really do that any justice, so instead we're just gonna focus on having more moves per fighting style and reduce it to two.

Well, I guess that about wraps things up for the interview, thanks again for your time. Stay tuned - we got more stuff coming up!

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