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Fan Submission

Mortal Kombat Online's Fan Submission system is the perfect way to share your fan creations with the entire community. We welcome all users to use this system frequently as possible, as there are no limits to the amount of works you may upload here.

The Fan Submission is the fifth tab on the navigation menu. Placing your cursor over it will display a drop down box with various selections, the first being "Fan Submission". This will lead you do the Fan Author Index, a display off every author throughout Mortal Kombat Online's history is alphabetical order. Every author's name is a link to a collection of every work they have submitted thus far. Their overall ratings in dragon points will also be displayed to the right of their name. This rating is determined by member ratings on fan submission threads. A link to the Submit Submission can also be found here.

Submitting Submissions

Mortal Kombat Online accepts fan art images and fan fiction text documents. The advantages of submitting your submission include having your work displayed in a special fan submission thread with icon, inclusion on the statistics page and the ability to receive a rating from other members who view your creation.

To submit submissions, simply use the second choice on the drop down menu from the Fan Submission tab on the navigation bar. Select Submit Submission to be taken to the upload page. Here you will see locations in which to name your submission, give personal comments, the choice to place it in a series and an actual uploading device. Click "browse" to search your hard drive to locate your file. Once selected, it should appear in the "File" bar and in the "Preview" box. If your submission is an image, the image itself should appear here. If it is a fan fiction, an open book marked "Fan Fiction" will appear instead. Once you have completed this process, you are free to name your submission whatever you wish, enter author comments in the appropriate box (512 character limit) and place it within another series.

The "Following in the series of" bar will become functional once you have at least one submission within the database. If your second submission relates to the first, you may select this and the threads will be connected by links. The series starting submission will include the titles and links to the threads contained within that series. The submissions following in any particular series will include a link back to the original submission. This is useful when submitting fan fictions by chapter or when uploading a series of images.

Once you have submitted to Mortal Kombat Online, your submission will go into "pending" form and will be approved once the Managers of this section decide it to be. Once this has occurred, the fan submission will become a thread on the Fan Submission Forum.


Accepted file types: For fan art we accept .JPG or .PNG. For fan fiction we accept .RTF.

Submitted files should be no larger than a maximum of 2MB, with a preferred filesize of less than 1MB (less for text). Larger files may be rejected at admin discretion.

Adult content: Certain adult content will not be accepted. This includes but is not limited to nudity/extremely revealing content (images), excessive/needless profanity, strong sexual situations (text). We reserve the right to deny any submission we do not see fit or acceptable for viewing on this site.

Plagiarism: Please do not upload anyone's artwork/writings and claim it to be your own under any circumstances. If it is discovered you have stolen an image or text document from another author, whether or not they have submitted to the site, you will be banned immediately. Consider this your first and only warning. (Note: Even if you do not submit your image and simply post it in a regular thread, you will still receive a ban from this site and its forums.)

Fan Submission Threads

Once a fan submission is approved, it will automatically be posted on the Fan Submission Forum as an actual thread. All fan submission threads have special icons. Fan art-type threads will have a custom MK dragon portrait, while Fan fiction-type threads will bear a novel with a MK dragon on the cover.

All fan submission threads have titles which are placed inside a grey box inside the thread itself. Below this is the submission itself. Images will be downgraded into thumbnail format within threads. To view the full size image, simply click on the thumbnail and a new window should open. Fan Fiction threads contain the entire text submitted on the same page. Below the submission you will find the "Author Comments" section. This box should contain whatever you wrote here when submitting the submission.

Once processed through the fan submission stats system, each submission will gain various amounts of Submission Information. A completed submission should contain Submission Type, User Rating, Size, Rating and Category. It will also be placed on the character pages if applicable. Note that the "size" of the submission depends on the type. Fan art sizes are given in pixels, while fan fiction sizes are given in words. The "rating" depends violence, adult content and other qualities.

Rating Submissions

User Rating is specifically for Fan Submission threads. Once any member has viewed the submission, they are permitted to give a rating to it based on their opinions. The ratings are from 0-5 and represented by dragon points. The overall ratings are displayed by coloured dragon points and coloured half dragons.

Fan Submission Stats

A very useful tool for anyone searching wondering about the submission history of Mortal Kombat Online or searching for a particular submission with very little information. There are a variety of search methods at your disposal, including category, character and author.

To access the Fan Submission Stats page, select the third option from the drop down menu found under the Fan Submission tab on the navigation menu. The following is a brief overview of each section contained on this page:

The Numbers:

This displays the total number of submissions in the Fan Submission database. It will grow as new submissions are approved.

The Categories:

This section is broken down into various categories representing the art type. There are many different categories for both fan art and fan fiction, including Drawing (Pencil - B/W) and Fan Created Character. Each category is a link to a page containing every submission of that type. This allows you to view art/fiction of one single category rather than sifting through the entire database. The Exceptional list shows the best submission from each category. Links to the category itself, the actual submission and the author's page are all available in this section.

The Exceptional:

This is a listing of overall ratings for users and highest overall rating for a submission. The current best rated author is displayed under "The Exceptional Author" section and anyone submission with a perfect 5/5 rating is displayed under "The Exceptional Fives". These numbers will change as users vote on submissions throughout the database.


Here you will find the characters of Mortal Kombat listed with every submission they appear in. This is extremely useful to fans of certain characters or those seeking artwork a specific character. For fan art, any character appearing in the submission (other than those used as background props, intentionally) will have that submission categorized under their name. For fan fiction, if the character plays a lead or supporting role, they will have that submission categorized under their name. Groups of characters in one submission will be placed in the appropriate characters' sections. To go to any character's page, simply click his/her name and you will be taken to a page containing all submissions in which they appear. A Submission Count or total amount of submissions in which the character makes an appearance will be displayed on the stats page as well. A "Select Piece" for each character is displayed in the far right column.


Similar to the Fan Submission Index, the authors page includes every author who has submitted to Mortal Kombat Online. The difference on the stats page version of this is that the authors are arranged by submission totals. The Submission Count for each author is displayed in the right column beside each author's name. You may click on the authors' names to be taken to their collections.
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