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Name: Alloy
Gender: Male
Age: Approx. 1
Height: 6'6" [may vary]
Weight: 345lbs
Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Evil

Primary Appearance: Human-like, not needing the helmet to cover a human face like the cyborgs. Very shiny with exposed rivets. [See image.]
Alternate Appearance: More reminiscent of the cyborg ninjas. [See image.]

Bio: Noticing the increasing ferocity of the cyborg ninja Sektor and the desertion of Sub-Zeroand Cyrax, the Lin Kuei Grand Master begins to realize the process which removed the souls of his cybernetic warriors may not be permanent. Preparing for this eventuality, he secretly creates a fully automated guard to protect him from his failed creations. Not ever having a soul to begin with, this kombatant would surely never gain a will of his own and challenge the Grand Master's command.

The only other person to know of this plan is Shang Tsung, whom uses this oppourtunity to form a strong alliance with the Lin Kuei in order to have more allies for his inevitable vie for more power. Using EarthRealm science along with OutWorld sorcery, the pair create an android with the ability to shapeshift its liquid metal body. With this, Unit LK-6D8, code named Alloy, was created.

The Grand Master needed to train Alloy as if he were a human pupil. However, this process was dramatically shortened because of his automaton brain. In just under a year Alloy was able to emulate any and all fighting moves the Grand Master taught him. This would have been accomplished much sooner if it weren't for the Grand Master's need to keep up appearances in the clan. This time was put to good use though, as it gave Alloy the oppourtunity to develop advanced stealth and surveillance skills. This ultimately became his main duty; to watch the Grand Master from the shadows and surprise any would-be assassins attempting to usurp the Grand Master's title.

Ending: After using nerve gas to efficiently subdue the Lin Kuei guards, Sektor silently made his way to the Grand Master's chambers. Sektor began his attack while the Grand Master slept; his mechanical brain seeing no dishonor in attacking a sleeping foe, even his own father.

The moment Alloy was created for had come at last. Ever vigilant in the darkness and unaffected by the nerve gas, Alloy emerged from the shadows to defend his creator. The two automatons clashed with tireless tenacity. In the midst of battle, however, Sektor's flamethrowers wreaked havoc on Alloy's ability to keep his solid form.

As Alloy melted, Sektor made his way to the Grand Master whom had been watching the duel with much interest. As the Grand Master gave his final warning to Sektor regarding the power of the medallion, Alloy regained enough control over himself to engulf Sektor in his corrosive liquid body.

After the two slowly melted to the ground, only Alloy reemerged. The Grand Master was saved by his newest creation. Seeing this potential, the Lin Kuei begin mass production of fully automated ninjas to assure the Grand Master remains in control of the clan indefinitely.

Fighting Style: The Robot - A new fighting style which combines the fighting styles taught to Alloy by the Grand Master into one efficient moveset. Attacks range from jerky movements to fluid ones depending on Alloy's physical state. For example: Karate Chops would have a distinct angular and jerky feel to them while roundhouse kicks would look as if Alloy's leg whips around like liquid slightly as it swings. Also, mid combo Alloy's appendages can assume the shape of axes, knives, swords, etc with his liquid metal, similar to previous games having characters pull weapons out mid combo.

Special Moves
Melt-a-port: Alloy melts into a puddle and slides under the opponent.
- Enhanced: He leaves a trail of liquid metal for a short time. If the opponent tries to walk while the trail is under him, he will get slight, constant burn damage.
Ball Bearing Blast: Alloy raises a hand and a surge of hundreds of ball bearings are pelted at the opponent from his palm. They cause minor damage close range and make the opponent slip from afar.
- Enhanced: The player can make it bounce and control it's movement.
CannonBall: Alloy leaps in the air and forms into a large sphere which drops heavily on the ground and rolls a short distance.
- Enhanced: The player can make it bounce and control it's movement.
Spike Wall: Alloy summons three large spikes in the middle of the two fighters. They do not hurt when walked into, but make it so you must jump over them to proceed. However, if jumped or knocked onto they deliver massive damage.
- Enhanced: The wall has spikes both vertically and horizontally, making it hurt if touched in any way.
Weight It Out: Alloy throws metal in an arc at the opponent and encases them in a blob of metal for a short while. Can hit in the air.
- Enhanced: The opponent is encased in a rectangular slab which, if hit, falls over and delivers massive damage (made to reference Han Solo in carbonite from Star Wars).
Polished Reflection: Counter attack. Alloy briefly makes himself super dense, as well as shinier, and reflects ranged attacks and makes melee attacks hurt the opponent slightly.
- Enhanced: Alloy can briefly attack while invulnerable, but moves slowly.
The Old Ball and Chain: Alloy creates a ball and chain around the opponent's foot, slowing them slightly and making it impossible to jump. The opponent must button mash to break the chain.
- Enhanced: There are two ball and chains to break.

X-Ray: Alloy grabs the opponent's neck, turns his free hand into a drill, and bores into their stomach. Inside, you see his liquid metal hand start to bubble and fill up his stomach, rising up through his digestive tract and through his throat. Finally, it starts overflowing out of the opponent's mouth. Alloy lets them go now as they cough up the remaining liquid and get back up to fight.
Finisher 1: Open Wide - Alloy turns into liquid and enters the opponent's mouth. After all the liquid goes in, the opponent starts to panic. Then they stiffen up as liquid metal starts to ooze from every orifice. Finally, the opponent explodes and Alloy is standing in the exact spot where they were, as if he reassembled where the opponent should have been.
Finisher 2: Timber! - Alloy sends some of his hot, liquid metal over to just one of the opponent's feet. His foot and leg dissolve and he falls over to one side, onto the trail left by the metal. He lands to one side in the trail and begins to dissolve half of his body, then rolls off to the side of the trail with only half of his body left, bleeding profusely.

Entrance: In a very calm and zen way, Alloy approaches the fight, bows, and says, "I must prove my mettle." His voice is tinny and hollow, but not robotic.
Victory Pose: Alloy quickly and jerkily bows and says, "Father will be proud," melts into a puddle, and slides away.

Submitted by: JackSquatJB

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