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Name: Blight
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 122lbs
Origin: Outworld/Chaosrealm
Alignment: Neutral

Primary Appearance: Blight's skin is a cold blue-ish grey that's almost completely transparent, letting his muscle structure show through. His collarbones and spine are poking out of the skin. His midsection is almost non-existent, the stomach, kidneys, spleen and intestines and such have rotted away long ago, leaving him with just a covered rib cage and some muscles for the spine. His hair is quite long, draping down over his shoulders and halfway down his mid-section and possesses a dark green color. The skin around his mouth has completely rotted away, leaving just the bone and his jagged teeth exposed. His eyes glow with a sickly yellow light. Blight wears a pair of torn indigo pants, a relic of his time as a sorcerer under Onaga. Off his sides hang two jade sashes. His boots are cobbled together, the straps barely hanging in place, and the toes completely cut off. His actual toes are poking through, but those too have rotted away and are just bones. Blight has his forearms wrapped up with old bandages and wears a pair of clawed gauntlets, which have a green base and purple accents, especially on the end claws.

Bio: Originally hailing from the realm of Outworld, the former sorcerer and royal necromancer to the Dragon King , now known as "Blight" served as one of the chief driving forces behind the mythical "Undefeatable Army". The ability to constantly raise and reanimate the dead made the Dragon King's army unstoppable. With his power at the Dragon Kings command, the realm of Outworld was always in a state of order, even if it was under the guise of tyranny and oppression.

When the Dragon King's head general, Shao Kahn wrestled control from his former master, he ordered all those who served under the previous ruler executed without mercy. Kahn's new extermination squads scoured the realm for any and all supporters of the Dragon King and spilled their blood without question.

Blight, however, was brought before the new Emperor, in hopes of making him reveal his secrets to Shao Kahn. When the necromancer refused, Kahn tried to take his soul, and with it, his knowledge. However, the necromancer's soul was so foul and so taint by the magic he practiced that it nearly drove Kahn insane when he tried to absorb it. Using this time to flea Blight opened a portal to a forgotten realm he threw himself inside to make his escape.

Having arrived within the realm of Chaos, Blight found his body was starting to decay at a rapid pace as a result of the failed soul absorption. Finding no alternative, Blight cast the reanimation spell that was used on the Dragon King's army on himself. The incantation saved him from rotting completely but drove him insane as a result, transforming him into a ghoul. With his mind shattered Blight forgot who he was or where he came from and began to wander the wastelands of his new home until he would come upon the cleric of Chaos known as Havik.

Blight found the mad preacher's teaching to suit his now shattered mind and joined his following, eventually becoming a priest of Chaos himself. During this time, Blight also continued to study the art of necromancy. The realm of Chaos housed many tombs and libraries of forgotten texts which held powerful Necromantic spells and incantations that not even Blight was aware off. Though his mind was shattered and riddled with insanity, there was an innate connection with these teachings that seemed to give the ghoul a sense of purpose.

Ending: Having bested Kahn in Mortal Kombat, Blight had regained some of sanity. With a clear goal set before him, he used an ancient spell to open a portal straight to the High Heavens. Flooding the domain of the Elder Gods with the forces of Chaos, Blight, along with Havik sought to topple the highest and most restrictive forces of order in the known universe. Unprepared for this assault, the Elder Gods suffered complete defeat under the forces of Chaos. No longer would mortal races be subjected to the will of those in higher power. Chaos and anarchy would spread through the realms, and everything will return to it'snatural state of existence.

Fighting Style: Blight's body allows for a rather disturbing fighting style. Scraggily and scrappy in terms of strikes, Blight can bend his joints in unnatural and painful ways to dodge strikes. His clawed hands and feet allow for deep tearing and clenching. His ghoulish form has given him unholy amounts of stamina and strength, lending him fast hits, and throws and long leaps.

Special Moves
Zombie Grab: (Close, Mid, Far) Blight summons hands out of the ground to grab the opponent by the legs and hold them in place.
Leap: Blight jumps forward at the opponent in a large arch at quick speed, gnawing on them if it connects. (EX: If the leap lands, Blight sinks his hands into the opponent and gnaws on their face before flipping over and slamming them into the ground).
Noxious Cloud: Blight releases a noxious gas from his body in the form of a green cloud that causes the opponent to choke and gag before vomiting blood. (Ex: After the cloud Blight teleports behind the opponent and suplexes them with a bounce up effect).
Ligament Smash: Blight throws his arms out, stretching his ligaments and grabs the opponent before pulling himself forward and delivering a knee smash to the opponent's face.

X-Ray: Blight grabs the opponent by the shoulders and jumps into the air before coming down on their knees, snapping them backwards at the caps before flipping over and slamming them head first into the floor, cracking their neck and spine.
Finisher 1: Touch of Death: Filling his hand with necromantic magic, Blight grabs the opponent by the top of their head and starts to pour the energy into the opponent's body. The opponent begins to decompose as a result. The skin begins to melt off and goop at the feet, the stomach, intestines and other organs begin to shrivel and fall out and the muscle tissue withers and rapidly fades away, leaving only a skeleton, supported by Blight's grip.
Finisher 2: Legs are made for walking': Blight twists off his own torso and falls to the ground before crawling over to the opponent and clambering up to their torso. He sinks his hands into their head and rips downward, tearing them apart to the waist line. With their torso out of the way, Blight falls on top of their legs and assumes control of their lower half, giving the legs an inspection by shaking them out.

Entrance: Blight starts out laying on the ground in a pile before snapping his joints into place and rising up into a fighting stance.
Victory Pose: Blight leaps onto the opponent and knocks them to the ground, tearing their arm off off-screen and gnawing on it.

Submitted by: SmokeNc-017

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