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Name: Blizzard
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210lbs
Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Neutral

Primary Appearance: Blizzard wears a silver colored ninja uniform with snowflake-themed designs and a crown headpiece. Blizzard has forged two Xuehua (Chinese for snowflake) blades— four ice daggers attached to handles –that are reminiscent of Kitana's Steel Fans and Hsu Hao's Sun-Moon weapons.
Alternate Appearance: Blizzard wears a shiny blue, white, and gray colored uniform reminiscent of Classic Sub-Zero's Ultimate MK3 costume, except with snowflake designs.

Bio: Years ago, the demon sorcerer Shang Tsung garnered interest in the skills of the Lin Kuei's most cunning assassin, the elder Sub-Zero (Bi-Han), and requested that his current grandmaster permit him to enter the Mortal Kombat tournament. In exchange, the grandmaster desired that Shang Tsung secretly clone Bi-Han, as he had foreseen his death by a greater, vengeful adversary.

This version of the elder Cryomancer trained in isolation, perfecting his powers to include all extremities of cold. Embracing the precipitation of snow and its variants, he takes the alias Blizzard. Like his younger brother, he has designed weapons from ice: a pair of four-pronged Xuehua blades.

With the apparent deaths of both Sub-Zeroes and the invasion of Earthrealm by Quan Chi and Shinnok, Blizzard emerges from the shadows after his grandmaster's demand. He understands his mission: to vanquish his original self's rivals and prevent the destruction of the Lin Kuei and his home realm.

Ending: With the Lin Kuei among the targets of Quan Chi and Shinnok, Blizzard joins the Earthrealm resistance. He slays the necromantic sorcerer and takes his amulet, increasing Blizzard's power ten-fold. As Shinnok possessed a mere replica of Quan Chi's Amulet, the fallen Elder God served no match for the mighty Cryomancer.

With his mission accomplished, Blizzard returns to the Lin Kuei Temple. His victory is brief; he arrives in time to witness the cyber-ninja Sektor assassinate their grandmaster and the other elder leaders. Before Sektor can claim the Dragon Medallion and leadership of the clan, Blizzard challenges him.

Two allies join Blizzard in the fight: the newly-revived Cyber Sub-Zero and his brother, Blizzard's original, the elder Sub-Zero, now free from the Brotherhood of Shadows' influence. Together the siblings eliminate the disgraced clansman and Blizzard inherits the Dragon Medallion, putting an end to the recent cyber initiative and restoring the Lin Kuei to its former glory.

Fighting Style: Blizzard uses the Yau Kung Mun martial art fighting style: he exhibits powerful and flexible ripple motions not unlike falling snow. The fighting style itself bears some resemblance to Shujinko's Mantis and Noob Saibot's Monkey from Mortal Kombat: Deception. He also uses some swipes and pop-up attacks with his Xuehua blades similar to Kitana's Steel Fans and Hsu Hao's Sun-Moon weapons.

*Throw: Blizzard summons his Xuehua blades, impales his opponent's chest with both simultaneously, and leaves them. He pounds the ground and raises his hands as a gusty cyclone with sleet lifts and batters his opponent. As he lowers his hands, the cyclone dies and the opponent falls vertically. Blizzard lifts and thrusts his leg into his falling opponent's abdomen, sending him/her flying away from him.

Special Moves
Xuehua Blade Toss: Blizzard moves his arm backward 45 degrees as he summons one of his Xuehua blades and underhand tosses it at his opponent's chest.
- Enhanced: Blizzard tosses both Xuehua blades, one after the other.
Freeze Blast: Blizzard outstretches his arms horizontally and then claps them together, bringing forth a flurry of snow and wind which effectively freezes his opponent if he/she is standing and closer than half-screen, allowing a free-hit.
- Enhanced: Blizzard's Freeze Blast is stronger and covers the whole screen, with only an opponent's block as an effective defense.
Avalance Swat: Blizzard raises his arms to summon large mass of snow behind the opponent, which is about twice the height of him/her, which forms a hand as it falls diagonally onto the opponent, temporarily pinning him/her to the ground.
- Enhanced: The Avalanche Swat hand forms spikes in the palm as it lands on the opponent.
Avalance Uppercut: Blizzard uppercuts with a mass of snow rising about sweep distance in front of him, which forms a fist-like shape at its apex and deals twice the damage of a normal uppercut.
- Enhanced: The Avalanche Uppercut can be done up to thrice in succession, depending on how many levels of the special bar is filled.
Avalance Clap: (while opponent is airborne): Blizzard summons two snow waves, which form into vertical hands and sandwich the opponent. The opponent then falls to the ground. *Combo: Blizzard can perform the Avalanche Swat, Avalanche Uppercut, and Avalanche Clap in succession.
- Enhanced: Immediately after the Avalanche Clap crushes the opponent, the hands turn downward 90 degrees and slam the opponent to the ground.
Teleport Stomp: Blizzard quickly faces the front of the screen with his arms and fists raised as he disintegrates into snow. As soon as he disintegrates, he drops feet-first from above the screen onto his opponent, knocking him/her on his/her stomach.
- Enhanced: Blizzard's feet freeze up and the ice shatters as he stomps onto his opponent.
Sleeting Thrust Kick: Blizzard raises both of his legs as he propels himself forward with sleet and wind emanating from his hands and arms held backward at 45 degree angles, landing a double kick in the opponent's abdomen.
- Enhanced: Blizzard performs a Sleeting Thrust Bicycle Kick similar to Liu Kang's move.

X-Ray: (Icy Blitz): Blizzard throws his combined Xuehua blades at his opponent head (fracture at the skull between the eyes). If they connect, he performs a Teleport Stomp, which sends the blades upward (fractures at the shoulder blades and upper back). He catches the blades, separates them (holding one in each hand), and stabs the prone opponent's back in a right-left-right combination (each impalement causes fractures at the ribs and lower back). As the blades disappear, Blizzard freezes the ground— creating an icy slide for a few feet with a wall –in front of his opponent. He then kicks the prone opponent in the buttocks, which sends him/her sliding onto the ice. The screen cuts to the opponent sliding toward the camera until he/she smashes his/her side of the face on the wall (fractures to the cheek/side of the face, teeth, jaw, and neck).
Finisher 1: Hailing Peel (Jump Distance): Blizzard faces front and motions his hands/forearms in a circular manner at arms distance, causing precipitation of snow and wind to form. He raises his arms into the air, causing the precipitation to rise and crystalize into several shards of hail, which appear in the shape of a giant snowflake. Blizzard then turns toward his opponent and whips his arms down in a 180-degree angle, causing the various large shards to fly diagonally at the opponent and crash into pieces on the floor. The opponent, being diced by the shards, peels into pieces onto the floor. The screen pans to Blizzard doing his victory pose.
Finisher 2: Can Opener (Sweep Distance): Blizzard summons his Xuehua blades and jumps directly behind his opponent. As he is descending from the jump, he outstretches his arms and nearly slices his opponent's head clean off from the neck. The all-around neck wound begins spurting/gushing blood as he/she holds his/her throat with trembling hands, drops to his/her knees, and gasps for air. Blizzard turns around, motions his foot clockwise on the ground, and then punts the back of the opponent's head, sending it flying diagonally upward and away from Blizzard. The screen pans to Blizzard doing his victory pose.

Entrance: Blizzard rides in on a downward sloping snowy avalanche with his arms crossed and holding the Xuehua blades in each hand. As his feet touch the ground, the blades vanish. He takes two steps forward and, pointing to his opponent, says, "I will bury you." He then lowers his arm.
Victory Pose: Blizzard faces the screen, summons his Xuehua blades in each hand, and grates them downward twice to form ice sparks. He then crosses his arms with them still in each hand as he turns his head to look in the opposite direction of his opponent and remains in that position.

Submitted by: malKilroy

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