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Name: Dai Kahn
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (Older than Shao Kahn)
Height: 7'9"
Weight: 419lbs (30 stone)
Origin: Unknown (Same as Shao Kahn)
Alignment: "Unknown/Neutral/Neither"

Primary Appearance: Only slightly taller than his younger brother Shao Kahn. Has long black as night hair and a Black goatee. Skin color is a faint fire orange. This is due to being in a constant rage. Physical size is similar to Shao, but a little more slimmer and more compact. But his true size has gone due to being imprisoned for thousands of years. White eyes due to being in almost total blackness for a very long time. Because of this, his vision is actually better. Seeing anything in the dark with near ease. Being imprisoned with no clothes on but for the enchanted chains that held him, Dai had to used whatever clothing he could find during his escape. taking the clothes and armour of his kill. Spiked shoulder guards, Spiked forearms guards and knee guards with a 4 inch blade sticking out of them. Studded shin guards with bladed toe-capped footwear. Underneath the armour are dark trousers that are stretched around the massive legs of Dai. Not that he is bothered about what clothing he had after wearing nothing for thousands of years.
His weapon of choice are two odd shaped daggers that he took from one of the Nether Demons. About 20+ inches of blade with three stepped out smaller blades sticking out from the main blade, it's made for causing maximum damage with a single shash.
Secondary Appearance: No clothing but for some cloth to cover his gender parts, the enchanted chains that held him for thousands of years. A mix of thin and thick chain that covers his waist and groin area, also bound around his forearms and lower legs. The daggers are held in place by the chains around his waist. Also covered in blood spatter from the Nether Demons he killed.

Bio: Dai is the older brother of Shao. long before Kahn was even Onaga's number one, Shao had Dai wrongfully prisoned in the depths of the Nether Realm, where the spell will only be dropped on the death of Shao Kahn.But the events of Armageddon had broken spells across the universe therefore releasing Dai Kahn.

Dai had to fight his way though demon after demon to get to ground level of the Nether Realm, feeding on the flesh of his kill and collecting clothing, armour and weapons on the way. This would take many years and a lot of killing. Feasting on the flesh to suppress the hunger he has felt for all this time.

After finally reaching ground level, Dai unleashed a roar heard by all of the Nether Realm. The feeding on the flesh of the Nether demons had somewhat given a rage to Dai like no other. Now Dai Kahn is free. Burning full of anger, hate and revenge.

The Escape From The Nether Realm:
Dai Kahn knew the only way to escape the Nether Realm was to get to the Shinnok's Fortress. With Lord Shinnok still missing, the Nether Realm was like a prison without guards. Everyone, or being, was fighting for power and the tower. Dai was only gunning for an escape which meant he had to do whatever it take to do it.

Dai first had to fight his way through the lesser beings and wounded of who had failed in their quest for power. As these beings do not care for any life, the attacked Dai Kahn. Dai was not in the mood to be slowed, so he effortlessly slashed, stabbed and smashed his way through the hordes of Nether beings without breaking sweat. The rest of the horde knew they would end up the same if they persist in battle with Dai. So they backstepped into the shadows and vanished from sight.

With the battle for Nether Ream still raging strong, Dai's focus was on Shinnok's tower. He ran like an unstoppable force towards the tower till he was knocked of course by a loyal General of Shinnok, Vorl. Vorl said he will not let anyone take the throne of Lord Shinnok. Not knowing of Dai Kahn, Vorl just attacked. Dai grabbed the attacking arms of Vorl, Dai has a rageful look upon him, Vorl is shocked by the strenght of his enemy. Dai simply said he wanted to escape the Nether Realm. Vorl pulled his arms free and started attacking again wildly while saying that no one escapes the Nether Realm unless Shinnok permits it! Vorl pulls out his giant axe/spear, Dai pulls out his daggers. They both run towards each other with fierce roars. Vorl bring the axe crashing down towards Dai but he just about sidesteps as the axe embeds itself deep in the ground, but the power of Vorl brought the axe back up with ease. Dai knew this was no aimless being fighting for power, this was a General of the Lord of the Nether Realm. Dai Kahn was growing more anxious by the second to escape and the frustrations was building up to bursting point. Dai felt he had to end this quickly, Vorl thrusted his spear towards Dai as he was about to attack, but Dai sidestepping again was the opening he needed. As Vorl's momentum carried him too far, Dai struck with his right dagger into the back of the General. Vorl hit with sudden shock just turns around and looks at his enermy and then attacks again as if the dagger didn't hurt at all. Dai was the one now with sudden shock on his face. Vorl charging in, Dai switches to sudden rage, a red aura surrounds Dai as if he is charging up some sort of power. Vorl is blinded by his own rage and is still charging forward. Dai's body dashes forward with his bladed knee pointing towards the torso of Vorl. As Dai and Vorl are moving towards each other they connect. After a flash of light, we see the outcome. Dai's knee is embedded into the gut of the General. Vorl gases at his enemy. Dai, with his knee still embedded, leans forward and pushed Vorl to his knees and say's, "I am Dai Kahn. The older sibling of Shao Kahn. You will not stop me". He then rips his knee from the body of Vorl. The blood flowing from the gut as Dai walks towards the tower. Vorl however, is not dead but severely weakened close to death.

After battling his way though crowd after crowd of Nether beings and demons, Dai finally got to Shinnok's tower. There is blood everywhere. Covering the floor and walls of the inside. It seems something has taken out all guards of Shinnok and painted the interior a full shade of red. Dai Kahn is in no fear as he make his way to the top of the tower and the means of escape. An eerie slience but for the angry breathing of Kahn can be heard. Then a deafening screech is heard throughout the fortress that even makes Kahn feel uneasy. But he doesn't care what it is making the sound as his only goal is to make his brother suffer the same way he did and kill him.

Dai had found the huge doors to what looks to be the transporter room. The doors look like they have been peeled and shredded open. Kahn cautiously entered the room but there was nothing there apart from three floating crystals. It looks like whatever creature did all this destruction must have escaped somehow from this room. Kahn walks up to the the centre crystal as it was glowing more than the other two beside it. "Whatever escaped this place, these crystals have something to do with it". Then as Dai holds the crystal, it starts to glow brighter. A crash at the shredded door and Dai looks up to see General Vorl. The three crystals glow bright together. A beam of light shoot upward from the held crystal and the aura surrounds Kahn. Vorl shouts out to Dai, "I will find you Kahn!". Then Kahn flashes into light and shoot thought the rising beam.

The beam hits the ground of an unknown planet. Kahn hits the ground with a thud. After the beam stops and the dust clears, Kahn stands and looks ahead of him. There is no sign of the creature that left before him, which would mean the creature was transported to another Realm. He sees a whole city ahead of him. He sees the sea surrounding it. He turns around and sees trees and grass. He looks upwards and sees a blue sky. "This...Is Earth". "This is where I will start my search for you brother".

...Dai had travelled to many realms and destroyed anyone opposing him. Also destroying Outworld warriors and Earth Realm warriors with one goal in mind. To end his brothers immortal life.

Only Raiden was left as Earth's last defence. Feeling that Dai Kahn was now the single and most powerful threat to Earth's existence, Raiden had no choice but to try to stop Dai Kahn himself.

The battle with Raiden as the last defender of Earth Realm was felt throuhout realm. The Elder Gods could only watch on as Raiden gave all he could. Dai's immense rage was simply too much for any being to handle. Raiden sort the only option was to sacrifice himself in the same way he did with trying to fend off Onaga. But Raiden, with the extra power of Shinnok's amulet, thought it could be enough to destroy them both. Raiden would start to build up his power for his ultimate sacrifice, but Dai would grab the amulet and smash it in the palm of his hand with his fist. The releasing power from the smashed amulet had sent Dai and Raiden flying. Raiden was out. The shockwave of power was too much for him to withstand. But as for Dai, it only fueled his rage. The Nether blood that's running through his veins from the eating, had somehow latched on to some of the power unleased from the smashed amulet. It seems to had rejuvenated him. But did it fuel the Nether side of him to the point where it was taking over Dai? It seems that the only thing keeping him on his mission is the extreme anger for his brother.

Ending: So after finally coming to Outworld and fending off all of Shao Kahn's guards. Dai found his brother sitting on his throne giving a sarcastic applause. Dai was standing ready about 20+ feet away from his brother as he stood up from his throne. Kahn's sarcastic look turn serious as he knew this wasn't going to be anything to laugh at. Shao summoned his mallet as Dai gripped hard onto his daggers.

They both rushed in. Shao buliding up some momentum for his hammer to come down, Dai crossed over his daggers expecting Shao's first heavy attack. Dai blocked Shao's powerful mallet blow to Shao's surprise, Dai counter attacked with a huge front kick that staggered Shao backwards. Shao's face turned to anger and lunged after Dai with his shoulder dash. Dai got caught full on by Shao's attack that sent him crashing through the wall. Shao stood and laughed. "You was alway the weak one...Brother" Said Shao. In an instant, Dai come rampaging through the broken wall towards a shocked looking Shao. Dai smashed into Shao with a massive shoulder charge of his own that sent his brother flying towards his throne and smashing through it. "No throne to sit on now... Brother" Said Dai. Shao jump up with anger on his face, Dai and Shao charging towards each other with full anger and rage. neither was going to back down from this. This was truly a blood war between the two Kahn brothers.

The powerful display by both Kahns was enough to make the ground of Outworld quake. Blow after blow taken by both would be enough to finish any other beings stood before them, but these two are so full of rage for each other that any pain they are enduring is quickly overpowered by this burning hate.

As the physical battle was becoming a stalemate, both turned again to their power moves. Shao with his powerful shoudler dash and Dai with his powerful knee dash. Both clashed with a blinding mix of green and red light that shone like a beacon. The shockwave from the impact shattered the internal walls of Shao's throne room. The impact had thrown both Shao and Dai from one another. Both seemed have lost a little steam, but they still keep coming forward. Shao summons his mallet again and just starts swinging wildly at his brother. Dai was dodging but got caught as Shao swung upwards. The blow send Dai flying upwards away from Shao. Dai hit the ground and was almost out, but was still coming forward. Shao could not believe what he was seeing. Never before has Kahn been so destructive to anyone for them to keep coming forward. Dai's expression has still not changed, he is still overcome with immense hate. He picks up broken bolders around him and start tossing them at Shao. Shao uses his mallet to smash the oncoming bolders. With each throw, Dai was coming forward and Shao was stepping backwards. Dai tossed a bolder that soon as Shao smashed it, Dai was close enough to tackle Shao so hard that they both crashed through the wall and started falling outside the tower.

Both hit the ground hard. Motionless for a moment. Then they both started to get up while staring hard at one another. But as they both stood up, a portal opened up behind Shao Kahn. Shao with his iconic laugh walked through the portal and disappeared with the echo of his laugh trailing. The echo was drowned out by the roar of Dai Kahn. The roar heard all over Outworld and beyond.

Shao Kahn had escaped his doom with the help of Shinnok. A new deadly alliance that was forged after Shao had learnd about his brother's coming.

Dai falls to his knees, he said, "If I have to rip apart all the realms to find you brother, so be it. For until you are annihilated, I will make this realm suffer". Then a familiar deafening roar was heard. Dai turned behind him, coming from the mist was that of the beast of the Nether Realm that caused all that damaged and destruction inside Shinnok's tower and escaped before him. Dai was in no mood to play games and the beast's blood lust was not going to turn him away. After such a battle with his brother, could he withstand another battle with the beast? Also. Looking from a distance waiting for an opportunity to exact his own revenge. Vorl. With his wounds healed and ready for a battle of his own, he awaits the right moment to strike. It's not a matter of if. Just a matter of when.

Fighting Style: Heavy hitter/powerful. Dai's fighting form is very basic but very effective. After being released from his chains and eating the flesh of the Nether demons, the blood from them is now part of him. This has given Dai added rage to his already angry persona. So any attack thown will have Dai's full feeling of rage and anger put into it. What is dangerous about his attacking, is that even though he might seem uncontrollable, he still plans the next attack or counter move.

Special Moves
Knee Dash Impale: Like Shao Kahn's Shoulder Dash attack but leading with the knee. The blade sticking out of the knee guard would impale itself in the opponent's torso with the added impact of the "Dash". Then Dai would push the opponent downwards to their knees before ripping his knee blade out and then while pushing them away with his hands.
Dash Punch: Dai pulls back his fist as if he is charging it up. Then punches forward so hard that it dashes his forward toward his opponent. The impact make the opponent fly backwards 20+ feet.
Huge Tackle: Dai charges full on with the intent to break his opponent in half with this tackle. During this move, Dai's mind is 100% on taking his opponent down hard and no attack is strong enough to stop this 7'9'', 420lbs wall running at full power. Though he still takes damage.
Dagger Toss/Pull Out: Dai pulls out one of his daggers and throws it at the torso of the opponent. if hit true, the dagger embeds itself in the chest. Then, there is about 10 seconds where the dagger just falls out or if Dai gets close enough to the opponent within the 10 seconds, he will automatically grab the blade and rip it from the opponent's torso while kicking them away.
Grab Headbutt: Dai reaches out and grabs the opponent with one hand, he picks the opponent up as he throws his big head forward into the face of the opponent before just tossing them away from him.
Pinned Down/Stomp: He pulls out both daggers and holds them high before coming down onto the opponents chest and to the ground pinning them to the ground facing upwards. Dai give a big stomp to the opponent's body. Keeping his foot down, he grabs the daggers and pulls them out as he pushes the opponent across the floor with his foot.
Rising Daggers Impale & Hammer Fist: This move can be hit even if the opponent is crouching. Dai pulls out his daggers and holds the blades pointing upwards. Arms from his side, he does a slight crouch while moving forward and swinging the daggers upwards from low to the ground. On the way up, the daggers embed into the opponent's shoulders and is lifted from the floor. From here, in one swift movement, Dai rips out the daggers downwards, keep rotating his arms down and round while opponent is still in the air, His arms come full circle and brings his arms and fists down like a hammer that connects to the airbourne opponent, smashing them 20+ feet away.

X-Ray: Initial hit is a short dash uppercut to the gut that forces the opponent to crumple over. The first bonebreaker sees Dai hold both hands together high and come down like a hammer, hard on the back of the spine. Then Dai pushes the head of the opponent upwards that exposes his chest for him to deliver the second bonebreaker. A massive headbut to the chest that snaps the sternum. The force throws the opponent at least 10+ feet away.
Finisher 1: Super Knee Dash Impaler/Head Rip: Same as the Knee Dash move but with a deadly ending. Dai channels his energy and power into one big knee dash. Again the bladed knee embeds itself right into the chest of the opponent, but then Dai jumps up off his standing leg and forces his other bladed knee up through the jaw and out of the top off their head. The momentum still going, it rips the opponents head off. The momentum also lifts Dai out from the torso. The finished opponent's body flying backwards from the force of the second knee. Dai lands on his feet and picks off the head from his bladed knee and holds it high like a winners trophy.
Finisher 2: Head Crush: Dai grabs the opponents head with both hands while facing them. Dai then begins to start crushing their head. We hear the squelching sound with the sound of crushing bone. The opponent is screeming and trying to prise open the vise-like hands of Dai Kahn. The opponent then drops to their knees. As the opponent's head is being crushed, a front close view of the opponet's face would show their crying eyes popping out towards the screen. Dai would then shout as he finally crushes the head of his opponent. After crushing the head, Dai lets go with blood all over his hands and the finished opponent goes limp. We see what is left of the head with the dangling eyes and blood still pumping through it. The body then falls forward to the ground. Dai the faces towards the screen, smacks his hands together and blood splashes before he roars in victory.

Entrance: Dai powerfully walks into shot. Dai then beats his chest like a crazed gorilla while letting out a roar. He then looks at his opponent and shouts out, "You will regret standing before me...".
Victory Pose: Dai Kahn faces the screen, opens his arms towards the sky while roaring and then at the hight of his roar, he throws his arms down near his sides with all this muscles tensing while leaning forward at his grounded opponent. He then runs his thrumb across his throat before turning to ward back a few feet and then readyinh himself if the opponents was able to go again.

Submitted by: ultimatesavage

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