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Name: Dead Soul
Gender: Male
Age: 793 (Possibly)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 174lbs
Origin: Outworld
Alignment: Neutral

Primary Appearance: A long, tattered black cloak covers his hunched body. Long, inky strands of cloth fray at the edges near the floor. His feet appear more as shadows that disappear and reappear depending on whether he's on the ground or in air.
His black, diamond shaped hood conceals his scarred face, casting a shadow all the way down to his chest. He wears a thick black rope around his waist that crosses at his back and falls to the floor behind him. His spindly fingers are blood-soaked and bandaged; both hands loosely wrapped around the thin, iron chain that connects to his rusted, smoldering lantern of green flame.
Alternate Appearance: A brown, leather-like cloak that covers his hunched body. Unlike his original outfit, this cloak stretches all the way to fhe floor, covering his feet completely. A thick, darker brown rope wraps around his waist, crossing in the back and stretching all the way to the ground behind him. His sleeves and hood are both adorned in interlocking black and gray triangles at the edges.
As with his first outfit, the diamond-shaped hood shadows and thus conceals his face entirely. His hands are not bandaged, and look healthier, though still pale and still clutching the chain that connects to a golden lantern of green flame.

Bio: Shang Tsung's Elite Guard of shadow priests were not forged in the bowels of Outworld's flesh pits. Instead, the shape-shifting sorcerer scoured the realms in search of those that could not only protect him from Outworld's warring factions, but for the one powerful enough to defeat the Earthrealm warrior that bested him in Mortal Kombat; the Great Kung Lao.

Though his original name is unknown, it is believed that Shang Tsung rechristined his fallen pupil "Dead Soul" when he too failed to defeat the Great Kung Lao in the finals of his first and only tournament. His was a soul not worthy of Shang Tsung's consumption.

Left for dead in the Wastelands of Outworld several centuries ago, a man now bearing the same name enters the Mortal Kombat tournament, though what this Dead Soul is after and whose side he is on, remains to be seen.

Ending: Born under the crescent moon of Mongol occupied China, the son of an Edenian assassin and a nomadic Earthrealm warrior, Dead Soul was gifted with the skills of both worlds. Betrayed by those closest to him in battle, Dead Soul made a fools bargain with a man he did not fully comprehend.

Shang Tsung couldn't help but smile as his former pupil drove his lantern blade into Goro's skull, ending his tournament reign with a twist. But he was surprised to find that the disgraced High Shadow Priest had mastered a new technique during his centuries among the decay; soul manipulation.

Shao Khan had deceived him. Dead Soul was able to absorb Goro's soul, making him an undefeatable goliath. He destroyed Shang Tsung and took control of the tournament for himself.

Earth and Outworld would both find their reckoning at the hands of his mother's son.

Fighting Style: Bokh
Basic: This is a form of Mongolian wrestling that has been around for thousands of years and specializes in strikes, holds and locks that seek to disorient the oponent and move them around and to the ground as much as possible.
Because of this, Dead Soul primarily uses his hands, his arms, his positioning and the chain connecting to his lantern to strike, move his opponent around, push, pull and/or slam them to the ground.

His basic attacks would involve close range palm thrusts, double-fisted chest punches, as well as spinning fists that both knock the opponent in to the air as well as down to the ground. He also wraps the chain around his neck in order to swing the lantern at his opponent repeatedly from medium range. In many instances with his moves, the rotations cause the cloak to spin noisily around him, distracting his opponents.

He also utilizes a brief counter move that holds punches and locks the arm momentarily. This move is easily escaped without any input from the opponent, but the pause allows Dead Soul to strike if he's quick. This can also lead to one of his throws.

Lastly, his basic throws include rolling over his opponents back, while grabbing their neck and dropping them backwards to the ground, as well as two throws from the counter stance. The first is a light toss in to the air that's followed immediately by a double fisted upper cut. The other is has Dead Soul grabing the opponent by the neck with his free hand and, upon shaking them briefly, throws them backwards to the ground.

Advanced: Smaller, but more specialized moves that utilize the chain from the lantern in combos, stabbing combos with the spike end of the chain as well as shorter, heavier combos that end with throws, of which he possess several.

The first throw sees Dead Soul rushing a short distance toward his opponent, only to implode-teleport behind them in a cloud of inky blackness, with only his approaching chain still visable. He reappears with the chain wrapped around his opponents neck. Dead Soul leans forward, pulling his opponent in to the air while they struggle against the chain. A quick snap, and Dead Soul flips his opponent over his back and on the the ground.

The second throw has Dead Soul swinging the lantern chain around his opponents feet and, upon pulling the opponent toward him, he stomps on their face with a vile, otherworldly laugh.

The third throw (from standing), has him grabbing his opponent and shooting green energy from his hand in to their face as his lantern lifts above him and absorbs the green energy from the opponent in to the flame. This gives him a small health boost.

Special Moves
Tornado Explosion: He swings his lantern around his opponent's waist and, when his opponent is ensnared, the chain hisses as he puts one hand to his face in prayer. The flame on the lantern explodes, burning his opponent. This is more of a combo-ending move.
- Enhanced: He swings his lantern around his opponents waist and the entire chain glows green. He pulls on the chain and flies in to his opponent, kicking them in the face as the lantern explodes.
Fire Trail: He puts the lantern to his face and with a deep-voiced prayer, let's two green fireballs loose that flicker and rotate around one another toward the opponent.
- Enhanced: He puts the lantern to his face and with a deep-voiced prayer, let's two sets of two green fireballs loose.
Ground Fire Trail: He puts the lantern to his face and, with a deep voiced prayer, let's two green fireballs loose that flicker and rotate around one another on the ground toward the opponent. Pressing a button at the right time makes the fireballs explode, popping the opponent up in the air if they're not blocking.
- Enhanced: He puts the lantern to his face and, with a deep voiced prayer, let's two green fireballs loose that flicker and rotate around one another on the ground toward the opponent, taking off more damage if they hit the opponent and popping them higher in to the air if they're not blocking.
Flotation: He puts one hand to his face and, upon speaking a deep prayer, he leaves the ground. He can float up to two feet in the air, evading all low attacks and low projectiles.
- Enhanced: If timed correctly, popping up in to the air will create a green aura around him which will absorb any projectiles in to his lantern, providing him a small health boost.
- From Floatation: (Teleportation): He can implode and teleport behind the opponent, leaving a pile inky blackness on the ground where he once stood. There is no enhanced version of this move.
- From Floatation: (Air Fire Trail): He pulls further up in to the air, out of high attack range, and shoots two green fireballs that flicker and rotate around one another toward the opponent. There is no enhanced version of this move.
- From Floatation: (Air Rotation): He spins his lantern horizontally, then spins his entire body toward his opponent while rushing toward them. There is no enhanced version of this move.
Fire Breath: A short range attack where he holds the lantern up to his face and breathes green fire on his opponent. Souls can be seen in the fire, some clawing at the ground as the fire disappears.
Fire Vapor: A medium range attack where he holds the lantern to his face and breathes a larger amount green fire on his opponent. Souls can be in the fire, some clawing at the ground as the fire dissappears.

X-Ray: Dead Soul lunges toward his opponent and throws them in to the air. At this point, the screen darkens and the camera swings behind the opponent in midair and focuses in on the skull just as the lantern zips up toward it from Dead Souls's outstretched hand. The lantern strikes the skull, causing several cracks. The camera pans to the side to show teeth shattering.
As the opponent slowly falls to the ground, Dead Soul teleports behind the opponent with the spike end of the chain still in hand and stabs his opponent in the spine. The camera zooms back out and the darkness fades as the lantern chain snaps back over Dead Soul's shoulder.
Finisher 1: The camera pans in on the dizzy opponent's head as Dead Soul rushes up close to his opponent's head and stops so that they're face to face. The spike end of the chain is floating next to his face and slowly makes it's way toward the opponent's eye.
The chain lets out a brief hiss and Dead Soul says "Go." The chain shoots into and through the opponent's skull, the camera pans behind to show the spike imbedding in to the wall. In an instant, the spike pulls out a large chunk of the wall as it rushes back toward the opponent. It slams in to the back of the opponents head just as Dead Soul's fist strikes the opponent from the front. The combined forces make the opponent's head explode and the opponent falls to the ground.
Finisher 2: Dead Soul places the chain and lantern on the ground, steps around his opponent and kneels down to pray. The lantern and chain float in to the air and several chains shoot out ofrom the bottom of the lantern. Each chain shoots through a different part of the opponents body. Dead Soul stands up, stretches out one hand and snaps his fingers. Upon doing so, each chain pulls in a separate direction, blood spatters everywhere as each part of the body is now individually attached to each chain.

Entrance: Dead Soul floats from above down to the floor as his chain slithers out from his sleeve and over his shoulder as he mumbles prayers in a deep voice. He looks up and readies himself by getting in to position for the fight.
Victory Pose: (Fatality) He turns toward the camera and floats in to the air, his head down and his hands claspsed in front of him as the chain slithers back under his sleeve.
(Normal): He floats in the air and then shoots his lantern toward the camera. The chain flies out of his hand as the lantern heads toward the screen and cracks the picture, leaving small bits of green fire and embers floating on it.

Submitted by: Baraka407

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