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[Kreate-a-Kharacter VII Runner-Up]

Name: Eastwind
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175lbs
Origin: Earthrealm (El Salvador)
Alignment: Good

Primary Appearance: A wandering warrior from the deserts of Central America, his style has a rugged Western/Southwestern feel. His skin and clothes are weathered from his travels, and he bears the scars from the attack that nearly killed him. On his right arm he has a tattoo of his patron spirit Tlaltecuhtli. In both his Primary and Alternate outfits he wears a scarf that he throws off at the beginning of each battle. [Character art courtesy of Rosemarri.]

Bio: During a time of civil unrest throughout Central and South America, the Red Dragon kidnapped many talented fighters for unknown purposes, using the widespread violence and chaos to cover their operation. When they captured an El Salvadoran revolutionary named Tierro Guerrera and brought him to their prison camp, he saw into their sinister plans and led a daring escape. In the aftermath, only a single guard remained alive: a promising young recruit named Mavado.

After freeing his fellow prisoners Guerrera fled north. But Mavado tracked him down in a bid for glory and revenge, and ambushed him in the deserts of Mexico. After a brutal battle, Mavado ensnared him with his rope hooks and strapped him to a large rock, then tortured him and left him to the buzzards. Guerrera remained bound for days, suffering hunger and thirst, blistering days and frigid nights and raging sandstorms, unable to escape but unwilling to surrender.

At the edge of death he was finally discovered by Nightwolf, who was on a vision quest to sacred sites throughout the Americas. He had come to this rock because it was sacred to the earth spirit Tlaltecuhtli, and he was outraged at the desecration he found.

The shaman could sense the young man's righteousness, strength and determination. As Guerrera gasped his last breaths, Nightwolf prayed to Tlaltecuhtli, a gatekeeper to the spirit world, to spare the man's life.

The spirit of the rock granted the shaman's request. Guerrera's body was far too ravaged to heal on its own, so the spirit rebuilt his flesh from the dust of the earth. Though he remained mortal, he was now infused with the power of the desert itself.

Nightwolf believed that his timely arrival was no coincidence, and that Guerrera had been given his life and power to serve a great purpose. He encouraged the restored warrior to seek his destiny, and to honor the spirits by using his new gifts to benefit the world.

And so for twenty years Guerrera has wandered the globe under many assumed names, anonymously helping those in need and meeting many extraordinary warriors in his travels. Believing that he has finally found his destiny, he now fights in Mortal Kombat against the threat of Outworld domination. He has entered the tournament under the name, Eastwind.

Ending: After defeating Shao Kahn in the tournament, Eastwind's skills caught the attention of the Red Dragon clan... and its highest ranking officer, Mavado.

Twenty years had passed since their last encounter, and Mavado didn't recognize the man he had once tortured and left for dead. When he offered the wandering warrior a home within the Red Dragon in return for his service, Eastwind accepted the offer.

As they traveled alone through the desert on the way to a Red Dragon outpost, Eastwind was given the perfect chance to exact his revenge. But when faced with an opportunity to slay Mavado, Eastwind decided to stay his hand. More good could be done by keeping Mavado alive... and taking down the entire Red Dragon clan from the inside.

Fighting Style: Eastwind's fighting stance and combos suggest a "barroom brawler" theme (haymakers, liver shots, headbutts, knees, foot stomps, etc.) combining the crushing power of the earth with the fluid grace of the wind. His speed is medium-slow, but what he lacks in a fast pace he makes up for with projectile dominance and anti-air potential.

In his combos he sometimes uses sand to encase his fists and feet in stone, or to forge a machete made of obsidian (volcanic glass). Stone fists shatter on contact; the machete dissolves into black dust after use.

He also has an Arm Twist command grab that works like Cyrax's Yank (briefly pulling the enemy into a vulnerable position to follow up with an attack). From the Arm Twist position, with the opponent bent over in front of him, he can finish with one of four attacks: elbow drop on their spine, stabbing up with a machete (small popup), a shoulder throw behind (cornering maneuver), or kicking them across the ground (get distance).

For his Throw, he grabs his opponent by the shoulders while a stone wall rises out of the ground behind him. He turns and slams them against the wall, cracking the stone, and while they're stunned he kicks them hard enough to send them crashing through it.

Special Moves
Kicking Butte: High projectile. Eastwind kicks up a cloud of dust that forms a stone boot, which flies across the stage and shatters on impact. [Down, Forward, FK]
- Enhanced: "Walking Buttes" - He kicks quickly with both feet, one after the other, to release high and mid projectiles.
Quicksand: A "freeze" move. Eastwind scuffs the ground with his foot, sending a rolling wave along the ground. If it hits a standing opponent, their feet will get stuck in quicksand. Unblockable, but you can jump over the wave. [Back, Down, BK]
- Enhanced: "Ground Kontrol" - The wave impales the enemy with an obsidian spike to hold them in place. Unlike Quicksand, this one inflicts damage on impact. The wave can now be blocked, but if you try to jump it the spike will catch you in the air. Using the two interchangeably can keep the opponent guessing.
Dustbuster: A close-in attack useful for gaining distance. Eastwind throws three punches with his hands covered in sand. The first stumbles the enemy back; the second throws a sand fist at the staggering enemy; the third throws another sand fist that knocks the enemy across the stage. If the first hit strikes an opponent in the air, the following hits will juggle, making a follow-up combo possible. [Back, Forward, FP]
- Enhanced: "Sandblaster" - He throws an uppercut with a stone-crusted fist, knocking the opponent straight up. Then he summons an obsidian shotgun that fires a blast of sand, blowing the opponent across the stage. Like Dustbuster, catching the enemy in the air with the uppercut will cause the shotgun to juggle.
Mirage: Eastwind turns into a human-shaped cloud of dust, making him temporarily untouchable. He can move freely for 3 seconds and cannot attack nor be attacked. Revert at any time by tapping Block. [Forward, Down, Back, BK]
- Enhanced: "Spirit Sands" - Imbued with a spiritual glow, the dust cloud can now move for up to 5 seconds, and recovers 1% health per second.
Air Kombo: A tweak on the Armageddon mechanic [R1 in air], and signature ability for Eastwind. It works just like an Air Throw but you can combo in extra hits just like Jax's Triple/Quad Slams. For the initial grab, Eastwind does a spin in the air that stalls the opponent in the air with a cloud of dust, opening them up for the combo. There are three different combo strings to choose from:
- "Desert Heat" -- Double hammerfist dribbles the enemy off the ground, stomp kick dribbles them down again. Finish by skewering the victim with a machete, and slinging them over his shoulder down to the ground behind him. [BP, FK, Back + FP]
- "Down to Earth" -- Haymaker spins enemy around; second haymaker spins them the other way. Finish by grabbing on to the enemy, encasing them in stone, and piledriving them into the ground. [FP, BP, Down + BK]
- "Wind Walker" -- Two "walking" kicks to the ribs. Finish with a sandstorm blast (similar to Hsu Hao's clap) that blows the enemy across the stage. [FK, BK, Forward + FP]

X-Ray: "Triple Tombstone Takedown" Counterattack. Eastwind opens his arms wide and his body dissolves into a dusty whirlwind. If the enemy touches the whirlwind, it sucks them in and sweeps them high into the air. A ghostly whisper says "Adios," and the X-ray begins. 1) The camera follows the enemy up, and the whirling sand encases them inside a large tombstone. The tombstone crashes down, and the stone shell explodes off the opponent's body as their legs break in multiple places. 2) The enemy drops to their hands and knees. Eastwind walks up, does a flip while gathering dust, then turns himself into a tombstone that smashes down on the opponent's back, crushing their spine. 3) Eastwind walks away from the fallen opponent. The camera zooms back as if the X-ray is finished -- but then he abruptly turns around and makes an uppercut motion, and a third tombstone bursts up from the ground and smashes the opponent's jaw for a surprise third X-Ray hit. The camera zooms back for real. Eastwind watches with his arms folded as the opponent struggles to recover. "Get the message?"
Finisher 1: "Dust in the Wind" -- Eastwind conjures a ferocious sand tornado around his opponent. The grit tears away the screaming person's skin bit by bit until there is no skin left. The whirlwind dies away and the skinless victim gags and coughs dust. Before they collapse, Eastwind summons a machete and slices their belly open as he turns to walk away. Sand pours out of the wound and the enemy falls over dead. Eastwind summons back his scarf, and walks offscreen.
Finisher 2: "Written in Stone" -- Eastwind kneels on the ground and puts his palms to the earth. The earth rises up around the victim, encasing them in stone from the feet upward, and they scream like they're in incredible pain until they're completely sealed. Eastwind snaps his fingers, and the face of the stone dissolves and blows away, revealing a fossilized skeleton inside. Eastwind's scarf blows by on the wind. He catches it, whips it around his neck, and leans against the stone to pose for the camera.

Entrance: Eastwind strolls onto the stage cowboy-walks-into-a-saloon style. He stops and takes off his scarf, and as he tosses it aside it dissolves into dust. "Anytime you're ready," he says casually as he assumes his fighting stance.
Victory Pose: Eastwind bows and tips his hat. A strong wind kicks up and his dusty body starts to blow away from the top down like a shifting sand dune, leaving a pair of sand-filled boots behind.

Submitted by: Umbrascitor

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