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Name: Glacier (aka; Wei Lee)
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200lbs
Origin: Earthrealm (Japan; Cryomancer Descent)
Alignment: Good

Primary Appearance: In terms of facial features and skin color, Glacier has very pale skin, long black hair, and green eyes. For clothing, Glacier wears baggy dark pants, no shirt (he has large Yakuza-style tattoos on his chest and back completely covering them, he has a blue ninja mask covering the face only (has the Japanese symbol for Glacier on the front of it in black, which would look like this).

Bio: Wei Lee was born in Earthrealm, Japan, and was kidnapped by the Lin Kuei clan. He is of Cryomancer descent and he hones his skills to ultimate potential over his teen years. He took the codename Glacier, because of his Cryomancer descent. He, along with other members of the Lin Kuei, were invited by Shang Tsung to be in the next Mortal Kombat tournament. In his mind, he was going to do anything to be the next Champion, even if it ment killing his own clan mates in battle.

Ending: After defeating Goro and Shang Tsung, he went back to the Lin Kuei and planned to kill the Grandmaster so he could become the next Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei. He had to fight past the Grandmaster's guards to get to him, and almost got killed doing it. Facing the Grandmaster was a daunting task. He eventually killed the Grandmaster by impaling him with an ice spike, and as he held the Dragon Medallion, he felt emense power come over him. He is the new Grandmaster.

Fighting Style: Taekwondo

Special Moves
Ice Spike: Glacier throws an Ice Spike at the opponent, stunning them.
Ice Glide Towards: Glacier glides on Ice towards the opponent, moving Glacier closer to the opponent.
Ice Glide Away: Glacier glides on ice away from the opponent, moving him further away from his the opponent. If blocked, he would become dizzy for a moment, rendering him helpless. He will continuously run forward until he either connects to the opponent or reaches the end of the stage.

X-Ray: Glacier kicks his opponent in the gut, forms rock hard ice around his hand, and hammer fists his opponent on the back of his skull, shattering it and sending bits of broken skull flying out.
Finisher 1: Ice Glider: Glacier throws an Ice Spike into the opponents chest, does the Ice Glide Towards to his opponent, while he's doing this he takes the Ice Spike out and stabs the opponent in the head with it. Fatality!
Finisher 2: Icy Heart Rip: Glacier comes over to the opponent, plunges his hand into the opponents chest, freezes the opponents heart, pulls it out and crushes it. Fatality!

Entrance: He is shown kneeling on one knee, sees the opponent, gets up and says the Japanese words for "Come on" (Kuru)
Victory Pose: Gets down on both knees and says the Japanese words for "Good fight, but you lost" (Yoi tatakai ga, anata wa ushinawareta)/

Submitted by: Sekktor

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