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Name: Gragtek
Gender: Male
Age: 467
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 255lbs
Origin: Outworld
Alignment: Evil

Primary Appearance: If Gragtek were human, it would look like he had about fifty, with wrinkles and some gray in his brown hair. He has a thick beard which hang three trophies: a piranha tooth, a dark twisted root and an ice fragment. Part of the left side of his face is burned by cold, and has attached to his left eye a heat vision viewer. This is not the only scar that can be seen in his body, since in his torso only wears a harness to hold his flamethrower on his back. With a somewhat dark skin, similar to a human Samoan, he takes a hunter green short pants with black kneepads & boots.

Bio: He claims that he born in Outworld, but no one remembers him until his return from Chaosrealm. Kidnapped by pirates of that kingdom, became famous for ending a race of werepiranhas. Well, that's what he says, because any trace of that race remains a myth in Chaosrealm. This isn't the only race that he eradicated and most people don't know if it was real or a myth, since it also claims to be responsible for ending the "daughters of the Living Forest". Few people have survived life and sanity there, and the fewer who will go to see if it really existed these mortals dryads.

Reals or not, his experience as a mercenary ranges up to work directly for the Emperor. And there ended the third race, but at a high cost. Under the command of General Rain, undertook to end the cryomancer rebels. But their leader and last of his race presented more resistance than the rest, and left a scar more than any other: he left him blind in one eye. After that, his skill as a hunter was diminished and threw long ages drinking in taverns and causing trouble, while asking the Emperor to Reptile could recreate their race ... order to have him a few to hunt. But thanks to the recent events, he could get Black Dragon technology, and now is as or better hunter than it was ever. Vampires, zaterrans... nothing escapes the lethal eye of Gragtek.

Ending: After his fall, he tried to exterminate the vampires, but with his new technology discovered something unacceptable: cryomancers were still alive. He didn't know if anyone had faked his death or simply weren't with them when finished, but now wasn't going to escape or deceive him. Unfortunately, he couldn't find the survivor who was called Sub-Zero, but he found Rain. Apparently he wasn't from Outworld but Edenia, and survivors from this realm and opponents of the Emperor wanted revenge. Gragtek helped him to escape with his life, and together they hid until the danger passed. Rain said he was a demigod, so an agreement was reached: Rain will help end any cryomancer that had been alive, and then he would help him fulfill his destiny. Being the execution arm of a god was what was missing to make his name an indelible legend...

Fighting Style: Nobody taught martial arts to John, so really their way of fighting is crude and more oriented to finish off their prey. Mixed boxing and wrestling, with knee-strikes that seem more characteristic of Muay Thay. He called his martial art "Frgg Htal Vktt", that in an Outworld rural language means "Burst Teeth", name given after finishing the werepiranhas. But who knows, maybe all that means nothing and is invented, just sounds to confuse the enemy and simply to strike first.

Special Moves
Acid Bomb: He throws an small sphere that explodes in contact. Mid range.
High Acid Bomb: Same as before, but he throws to the air (anti air attack). Long range.
Bear Trap: He slid along the ground a bear trap, which is open for a couple of seconds, and if enemy steps gets damaged and paralyzed for a second. Mid range.
FHV Fist: He quickly pushes forward and throws a strong punch to the jaw of the opponent. Short range.
Jumping FHV Fist: After a jump, he can push diagonally down and throw his fist into the opponent's head. Short range.

X-Ray: He runs forward and drawing his flawethrower and stabs the bayonet into the rival, seeing how that pierces the chest. Then hit the opponent's jaw with the butt of the gun, looking at the bone fracture and leaving the opponent to his knees. Finally, starts to walk away but he finished with a kick back across the head that sends him to the floor with another broken bone.
Finisher 1: He takes out his flamethrower and his opponent starts to flee, then throws two bear traps, the first is hooked on his leg and the second on his arm when he fell to the ground out of the first trap. The enemy writhes in pain, and Gragtek begins to burn while yelling at his opponent to keep running. With the body reduced to bones and ashes, we see him shaking his head as we heard the bear traps finishing the caught bones.
Finisher 2: He throws several of his acid balls and with the flamethrower explodes at once, causing an explosion that split in half his rival. With a smiling face, approaches the enemy upper body, and takes a knife joined his gun and begins to cut his face while whistling. Once the face has been removed, Gragtek looks happy and saved to put in his private collection.

Entrance: He looks upside-down his rival with his bionic eye, and say "Soon I can only see your body with my natural eye" and smashes his chest with his fists.
Victory Pose: "You are not worthy to be remembered". If he fights in Living Forest, he says "Last time here I had a real challenge" while playing his beard.

Submitted by: Shinomune

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