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Name: Gus
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 230lbs
Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Evil

Primary Appearance: Gus is a white guy, he has a bald head, wears a white tank top (wife beater) and cut off jeans shorts with some rips and holes in it. also tapes up his hands with the white tape. He also has various tattoos on his arms/body.

Bio: Gus is from Alabama, he heard about this tournament from the neighbors down the street in the local grocery store check out lane and wants to enter to impress his wife, who is also his sister, and to prove himself to his father, who is also is brother. He dreams of the day that we can afford a Double wide trailer for his family of 12. Gus knows if he can win this tournament he can achieve this dream.

Ending: Gus amazingly was able to make is way to the finals of the tournament beating the likes of "John the MK Janitor" by offering him a flask of whiskey to throw the fight, and offering "Billy the MK Bag Boy" an odd smelling "cigarette." which caused him to not even show up for the fight In fact, he went back to the grocery store he works for..and was found in the break room eating a whole chicken from the deli...

Gus finally had his chance in the final fight with Shang Tsung himself. Gus was able to catch Shang Tsung off guard when Gus kissed his wife, who is also his sister, open mouthed for at least like 3 minutes for good luck, and used his leather strap to knock down the demon sorcerer who then fell onto the dreaded spikes of the pit below. With Gus winning the beating Shang Tsung and winning he now had control over the Mortal Kombat tournament. Gus decided to change it into a cock fighting ring called "El Diablo". Sadly for Gus, his ex wife called the police on him for failing to pay his child support. When the cops showed up they found the ring and shut it down. This ended the tournament once and for all. Gus is currently serving 20 years in a minimum security prison where his wife, who is also his sister eagerly awaits is return...

Fighting Style: Gus is a brawler. He doesn't have any martial arts background. He once fought in a UFC type match, but mainly he swings his arms wildly while smoking a cigarette.

Special Moves
Move 1: Gus has a leather strap he uses to whip his opponents with. This very same strap is also the one used at home to discipline his wife, who is also his sister.
Move 2: Gus's second attack is taking out a bottle of Jack Daniels, taking a big sip and breaking it over the head of his opponent.
Move 3: Gus's third move is pretending to pass out for a free hit. He stumbles and falls down only to use his whip to grab your legs and pull you down.

X-Ray: Gus grabs you by your arms and punches you once in each eye while yelling, "why are you making me have to tell you Twice?" The character is left with 2 black eyes. Then he puffs his cigarette then puts it out on your arm.
Finisher 1: "This is what happens when you burn dinner!" Gus takes a hot curling iron and puts it on his opponents face scarring him/her Permanently. After which the opponents apologizes for burning the dinner and starts to make him a sandwich.
Finisher 2: "Fancy pants" Gus pushes his opponents down and takes their shoes away from them. He then makes them leave to walk barefoot in embarrassment to the opponents friends and family. The opponent then apologizes for wearing such luxuries and makes him a sandwich.

Entrance: Gus raises his leather strap in one hand and a bottle of Jack in the other shouting "someone's bout to make me a sandwich!"
Victory Pose: Gus sits down on a lawn chair as his wife, who is also his girlfriend, lights his cigarette and offers him a sandwich.

Submitted by: McDaniel

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