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Name: Kira Sherry "Dead Pool" Motoaki [aka; Dissolutia]
Gender: Female
Age: 30 [circa Armageddon]
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 200lbs (due to strong & thick build)
Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Good

Primary Appearance: [See image. (Artwork by Fatelogic)]
Alternate Appearance: [See image. (Artwork by RawrSexyKitty)]

Bio: Kira is the creation of a male geneticist and general self-defense practitioner who tricked Outworld into making use of its ways for parts of the creation process. Genetic material from the Dead Pool was used, and the warrior would be given pH control to become acidic or basic at will. But with the female's creation having ultimately taken place in Earthrealm instead of Outworld, the pair were then mercilessly hunted by Outworld's inhabitants, as ordered by Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn. Luckily, Kira and her creator-turned-husband found a way back to Earthrealm from Outworld, but not before learning of the emperor's intent to invade. In response, Kira took it upon herself to lend a hand alongside the Earthrealm forces in battle. Even with so many allies, a stain of corruption on Kira's soul from the use of the black arts in her creation silently seeks to overtake her. Will she somehow be cleansed, or will Kira be the undoing of the Forces of Light?

Ending: Kira stood her ground and fought off the forces of Outworld to defend Earthrealm from Shao Kahn's invasion. With an unexpected but failed attack on Shao Kahn leaving her husband seemingly for dead, the corruption in Kira's soul overtook her. Blinded with rage and sheer bloodlust, Kira broke through Shao Kahn's guard and killed him in a most gruesome massacre. Remaining in this state while dissolving the emperor's remains, Kira took the approach of the Forces of Light the wrong way and attacked them. It took an emergence and holding back of Kira by her thought-dead husband to get her to break out of this state and realize what was wrong with her. She broke down in tears at this before being healed along with her husband by Raiden. Nightwolf then took it upon himself to lead a cleansing ritual which purged the corruption from Kira's soul. Freed from any ties to Outworld, Kira now wished to train the next generation of warriors as recompense for her past actions, so Earthrealm could take on whatever threats might emerge…

Fighting Style: Taking a Kenpo stance as her base, Kira actually mixes moves from the different martial arts styles that she knows after years of training. Having been genetically created to be a good fighter, her style is balanced with an equal blend of quick attacks, pop-ups, and more powerful knockdowns. There is a bit more usage of her legs over her arms in some of the aforementioned attacks. If she does not have another flexible weapon on hand, like a three-sectional staff, then Kira will grasp her hooks and chains in such a way as to use them akin to nun-chucks.

Special Moves
Hook Snag: Kira throws out her chain-attached razor hooks to grab ahold of her opponent in the midsection...
- Sequence Option 1: Snag'n Pull -- …and then drags the opponent towards her in order to attack him or her however she wishes. [Enhanced version adds in a head-butt for a little damage and to further disable opponent before choice of attack.]
- Sequence Option 2: Snag'n Spin -- …and then sets the opponent spinning to disorient (disable) them for a short time. [Enhanced version does a little damage and increases time of opponent's disorientation.]
- Sequence Option 3: Snag'n Smash -- …and then hurtles toward the opponent to viciously kick them away with a dropkick. [Enhanced version does a little more damage.]
Acidic Wave: Kira swipes her arms to let loose a wave of highly-corrosive acid at her opponent.
- Enhanced: Enhanced version is much faster, slightly bigger, and does a little more damage.
Anti-Air Snag: Kira throws out one of her razor hooks to snag an airborne opponent, then brings him or her down into a backbreaker before being pushed/tossed away by her.
Ground Slide: Kira glides across the ground at high speed over acid to deliver a fierce low kick to knock down her opponent.
- Enhanced: Enhanced version does a little more damage.
Corrosi-Punch: Kira disappears through a pool (or curtain, while in air) of acid and then reappears behind her opponent to smash punch them, setting them up for another attack.
- Enhanced: Enhanced version does a little more damage.

X-Ray: Tear 'n Shatter: Kira rushes forward in a shoulder ram. Upon connecting, she then gets behind her opponent, thrusts in her razor hooks to shatter the opponent's shoulder blades and tear the person open there. Next, she gets in front to pierce the opponent's legs and break the femurs as well as open gashes there. She finishes with a sickeningly vicious uppercut smash kick (OR axe kick, whatever's easier to envision) to the opponent's jaw that sends him or her flying.
Finisher 1: Reactive Burst: Kira forces her opponent onto their knees after damaging their legs. Laying one hand on the opponent, she phase changes the pH of the stomach contents to super-basic, and then makes a superacid torrent down the opponent's throat. She steps away and turns to the side with her arms crossed as the extremely violent chemical chain reaction heats up and causes the dissolving body to burst apart in a spectacular fashion, which also splatters her with blood.
Finisher 2: Tear and Dissolve: Kira kicks the opponent fiercely in the midsection, thrusts her razor hooks into the base of the opponent's head as they lean forward, and tugs it off with much force. She stands over the headless corpse with the head dangling from the hooks underneath her, and her body hyperactively secretes a superacid. It drips down and douses the the corpse and head, eating them away and leaving only the skeletal structure, albeit pitted and scarred, while the metal chains and hooks, as well as her clothes, somehow remain undamaged. The camera angle for an up-skirt look is prevented by the hanging skull, and Kira is shown to have a sadistic smile on her face when she looks down to it.

Entrance: Kira: *walks out of a curtain of acid, shakes her head* "You!" (points at opponent) "Do not impede my actions!"
[If there was to be a Dead Pool-specific entrance, well... Kira: *climbs out of the Dead Pool's acid and onto the walkway, shakes her head as she stands* "You!" (points at opponent) "Do not impede my actions!" ... then I would have her appearance action change.]
Victory Pose: Kira: *moves her arms to wind the chains back around them, catching & holding the hooks as she lowers her arms again* "I warned you, did I not? Heh." (smirk on her face).

Submitted by: DJ_DEATH_TRAP

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