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Name: Kwah Dah ("night has fallen"; Ngonian language, South Africa)
Gender: Male
Age: -
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 190lbs
Origin: Chaosrealm
Alignment: Evil

Primary Appearance: [See image 1, 2, 3, 4.]

Bio: Kwah Dah was once the leader of a huge resistance. Their goal was to eliminate chaos by conquering the realm. Kwah Dah and his followers came close to conquering the realm of chaos. But unfortunately for Kwah Dah, things didn't come together as he hoped. For one of his most trusted followers had betrayed him. This traitor was the last of the rebellion along with Kwah Dah, himself.

The Traitor (Before MK):
As Kwah Dah made his way into an ancient pyramid along with Havik, he soon found himself surrounded. In the blink of an eye Kwah Dah was knocked unconscious. He soon awoke in a secret chamber of the pyramid. To his surprise, his most trusted warrior was before him, Havik. Havik laughed as he explained how he had given into turmoil the night before. Havik then cast an ancient spell on Kwah Dah which sealed him within the ancient tomb for eternity.

MK: Deception:
Due to a disturbance within the realms caused by the rising evils and large amounts of portals being opened within the realms by Shujinko, the spell which Havik had cast to trap Kwah Dah was broken. Thus releasing Kwah Dah from the tomb. After days of wandering the realm of chaos, he soon finds himself back at the ancient pyramids. As he approaches the pyramids, he feels a sudden surge of pain run through his chest. It knocks him unconscious. He awakes in a dark room. He quickly realizes that their are three men before him. They tell him he is from an ancient sect of necromancers that was eliminated centuries ago by a powerful deity known as Raiden. They then tell him of a powerful ancient artifact locked away inside one of the ancient pyramids in which he should recover. Kwah Dah collapses, awakening him from the dream. As he picks himself up he hears a voice instructing him to follow. As he raises his head he sees an owl in front of him. It takes off. Kwah Dah, realizing it's guiding him, follows the bird inside one of the pyramids. Kwah Dah immediately beings the search for the ancient artifact. After hours of searching he stumbles across a hidden room. As he approaches the center of the room the ground begin to shake. From the ground a pillar arises, above it is a mask. Kwah Dah quickly grabs it, knowing that it is the artifact the elders spoke of. He soon feels surges of power rushing through him. The power of his old ancestors. He then has a vision...he see Shinnok, Shao Kahn, Quan Chi, Shang Tsung, Blaze...he see's armageddon.

MK Armageddon:
Ensuring that he is not destroyed as a result of Armageddon, Kwah Dah uses the power within his ancient mask to split his soul into 6 and locks them into each of the 6 Kamidogu.

Ending: -

Fighting Style: Escrima

Special Moves
Manipulative Firewave: Kwah Dah shoots a sort of fireball out of his mouth and when contact is made you are able to control the opponent. Sort of like Rains UMK3 fireball.
Front Flip: Kwah Dah does a front flipping drop kick which causes him to land on his back.
Dead Glare: Kwah Dah grabs his mask and faces it towards his opponent. If the opponent looks into the mask, energy is taken and given to Kwah Dah.
Neck Drop: While in the air with the opponent, Kwah Dah grabs the victim and delivers a typical back drop suplex.
Reverse Slam: When the opponent tries to deliver a jump kick and the correct buttons are pressesd, Kwah Dah grabs one of the opponents legs with both hand and slams them onto the floor.

X-Ray: -
Finisher 1: Broken Heart: Kwah Dah rips out the opponents heart with his hands and eats it.
Finisher 2: Broken Limbs: Kwah Dah breaks the opponents legs then he moves on the breaking their arms and lastly their neck.

Entrance: Kwah Dah jumps out the ground leaving rubble around and starts laughing psychotically.
Victory Pose: Kwah Dah starts laughing psychotically and then snaps his head out and back into place. Sort of like Havik.

Submitted by: MiNeOuT

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