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Name: Luren and Uresula
Gender: Male & Female
Age: Approx. 28 (both)
Height: 6'2" & 6'1"
Weight: 347lbs combined [179lbs & 168lbs]
Origin: "Realm of the Hunt"
Alignment: Neutral

Primary Appearance: Uresula dresses in clothes typical of a wealthy individual from her home realm. She comes from the royal family, who view the tradition of "The Hunt" as a glamorous occasion where fine clothing is worn and much socializing is done. As if the event wasn't exhausting enough without small talk; a thought that often crosses Uresula's mind. The most ancient tradition of her people other than The Hunt itself, is to wear a mask when taking the life of any living thing. Should the animals you kill see your face, their spirits will haunt your sleep from the afterlife. The same is true of the people of the realm.
Luren's clothes are those of a more common hunter. Battle worn and made from the skins, fur, and feathers of the animals he has killed. As with Uresula, his mask hides his identity from vengeful spirits. The feathers around his collar are those of the Owl whose spirit later bonded to him after its death. Some spirits do not seek vengeance, but instead feel irresistibly drawn to the hunter that kills them.
Alternate Appearance: [Uresula]'s alternate costume is more practical. Working clothes made for getting dirty; what she would wear if she went wading through a shallow river in her home realm to fish on any given day... Or if she was taken roughly by a commoner in the alley behind a nearby tavern. Perhaps one named Luren. Perhaps not.
Luren's alternate costume is the every day clothes he would wear when not hunting. The coat is left unbuttoned and the pants rolled up as he would have them if he went walking through the woods and rivers of his home world. Those living in the Realm of the Hunt want to feel that they are connected with nature. Accordingly, his feet are bare so he can feel the grass beneath them on his skin. He wears the pelt of the Fox Spirit that is bound to him over his shoulders.

Bio: Called "Spirit Hunters" in Earthrealm, that is not quite what Luren and Uresula really are. Hailing from a realm unknown to most, they are a pair of life long friends and wild game hunters, each bonded to particular spirits of animals they have killed. This is the gift of their people; to bond with animal spirits, for The Hunt is their most beloved tradition. For reasons they have not yet discovered, they remain trapped in Outworld after following the trail of a particularly elusive Golden Fox. These rare animals are infamous for their trickery, but blinded by enthusiasm, Luren and Uresula fell into its trap. For the time being they have been enlisted by the Emperor of Outworld, who has provided food and shelter assuming the pair of hunters remain loyal. He gave them little instruction on their task, only a small, wrinkled scroll.

Ending: As they hunted down and killed each of the Earthrealm warriors whose names were written on Kahn's scroll, the Golden Fox whispered to Luren and Uresula in their minds... Subtle, but alluring, the Fox's words bent them ever so slightly to its will. It was much more cunning and powerful than either of them had expected. When the last name was crossed off the list, the Fox appeared to them in a new form... A woman they did not recognize. The woman placed a hand on each of their faces and said. "It is only the beginning". She then handed Luren a small, wrinkled scroll; a list of names, the first of which read "Shao Kahn". It seemed their task came not from Kahn himself, but from a more obscure power... One whose illusions would lead the hunters down the path of war. A war that would slowly find its way back to their home. However, all illusions eventually melt away. When the time comes, it may already be too late.

Fighting Style: Luren and Uresula are designed to control the space between them and their opponents, to avoid damage, and to remain constantly surprising. Each of them has two spirits that they alone can summon, meaning only Luren can use the Owl/Fox spirit and only Uresula can use the Swan/Fish spirit. Switching hunters is instant and necessary, even mid-combo, though doing so will complicate the inputs. When playing as Luren, all normal attacks do 1-4% more damage randomly. When playing as Uresula, all attacks are slightly faster/recover faster. Uresula is more capable of fighting at close range because of her speed and evasive moves (below), while Luren's projectiles and jumping abilities make him more suited for long range. Many unique strategies are meant to be formed by making use of Luren's "Acrobatics" and Uresula's "Evasion", which enable them to use certain moves from an entirely different location, such as Luren's projectiles firing straight across the screen at normal height while he is far away in the air.

Special Moves
Owl Spirit: Luren summons an owl spirit from behind him that flies straight across the screen as a high projectile.
- Enhanced: Can be used by both hunters. The owl lifts the opponent in the air briefly when it hits.
Fox Spirit: Luren summons a fox spirit that runs swiftly across the ground as a low projectile.
- Enhanced: Can be used by both hunters. The fox pops the opponent into the air when it hits.
Swan Spirit: Uresula summons a swan spirit that bursts from the ground beneath her feet with a crash of water. She rides the swan/wave halfway across the screen, knocking her opponent far away if they're within range. Reversing the command will make the swan rise from behind the opponent, bringing them closer to Uresula instead.
- Enhanced: Forward swan is armored, rear swan will still push the opponent even if blocked. Can also be used by Luren.
Fish Spirit: Uresula summons a fish spirit that pops out of the ground a few feet in front of her. It leaps straight up into the air, striking airborne and grounded opponents. If it connects, the fish slaps the victim as many times as the player can mash a certain button within a set amount of time (each hit doing 1-2% damage). Doesn't affect damage scaling in a combo.
- Enhanced: Can be used by both hunters and each successive hit does 2% more damage than the last with a maximum of 8%.
Harpoon: Can be used by both hunters. Luren/Uresula throws a harpoon at the opponent's feet. If it hits, the victim can't move for a few seconds.
- Enhanced: The harpoon moves twice as fast and keeps the opponent trapped for twice as long.
Acrobatics: Active only when playing as Luren. Whenever Luren jumps, tapping the jump button again will allow him to bounce in the air to twice the normal jumping height. Pressing any directional button after the bounce will make Luren launch his body (like a human harpoon) in that direction, damaging the opponent if he touches them. This is really only a different animation for a regular jump kick. Tapping up a third time (without launching) will make Luren vanish through the top of the screen and reappear through the bottom, back on his feet. Luren can also use both of his projectiles while in the air, though they will follow their normal paths as if he was on the ground.
Evasion: Active only when playing as Uresula. When Uresula ducks, tapping the duck button again quickly will flatten her to the ground, avoiding any attack that doesn't strike it. Tapping another directional button after that will make Uresula shuffle in that direction almost instantly, just out of reach of the opponent or beneath their feet to the other side. Uresula can also summon either of her animal spirits while shuffling along the ground, both of which will behave as if she was standing upright.

X-Ray: Nightblind: Whether playing as Uresula or Luren, they throw a harpoon at their opponent's feet, trapping them in place. The Swan Spirit bursts from the ground beneath them, shattering their shins and breaking their pelvis in x-ray view as it knocks them into the air. The Owl Spirit then swoops down and grabs their eyes with its talons. As they fall, their eyeballs are crushed/shredded in x-ray view. The Fish Spirit pops up in the background, doing what fish do best. Flailing aimlessly.
Finisher 1: Live Bait: Uresula throws a harpoon attached to a rope at the opponent's gut. Inside, it has latched onto their intestines. She gives it a tug and finds it won't come out, so she pulls as hard as she can, ripping the harpoon from their body. The harpoon flies through the air over Uresula's head and behind her, the victims intestines still attached, now streaming through the air behind the harpoon. As the harpoon and intestines come close to the ground, Uresula summons the Fish Spirit, which bites the intestines and pulls them through a watery portal in the ground. As the fish swims far away into another realm, the victim's intestines are continuously pulled out and through the portal (with other organs slipping out along the way) as Uresula takes a victorious stance.
Finisher 2: The Human Harpoon: Luren leaps into the air, then uses his acrobatic bounce to reach twice the height. He then launches his spinning body toward the opponent (in the shape of a harpoon), striking them right in the top of the head with his feet. The impact causes him to drill through the victim's head and torso, which bursts into tiny bits and pieces until he reaches the floor, leaving chunk and innards scattered around the arena. Luren stands victoriously atop their wobbling legs and hops off as they fall.

Entrance: [Hunters randomized] Luren: Walks into the arena as if stalking a kill, the Fox Spirit weaving between his legs. "The Hunt Begins."
Uresula: Rides into the arena on the Swan spirit as it melts into a breaking wave along the ground. "Live or die... (her feet reach the floor) Your spirit will never rest."
Victory Pose: Luren: The Owl Spirit swoops down and lands on Luren's shoulder as he throws his hands up (like in his alternate costume concept art) and releases a tiny fox spirit from his hand, which darts around in front of his eyes.

Uresula: "My people view death as the ultimate liberation... But not for you", she says as she strokes the head of her swan spirit.

Submitted by: Harle

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