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Name: Maia Kirojo
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 128lbs
Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Evil

Primary Appearance: She has a blade for a right arm. She is wearing a black, sleeveless kimono with pink accents. She has an eye-patch over her left eye. She is wearing stiletto boots. She says that the the missing eye was from battle but it was actually from a staring contest with Kano.

Bio: Born in a small Japanese village, Maia was never expected to go far, but that is what drove her. After almost dying in the first Mortal Kombat tournament early on for the forces of good, she realized that Shao Khan was the strongest warrior in all of the realms. She got the same doctor that Kano got to change her arm into a blade. She started out as a pawn in Shao Khan's army but after years of proving herself in Kombat, she became his right hand woman, but he wasn't aware of her true intentions...

Ending: After defeating the rest of the kombatants, she stood in front of Shao Khan; even he was on his knees, begging for mercy. She raised her bladed arm and struck him until he was dead, she laughed for hours realizing her new power, Shao Khan's old army stood behind her and she said "Fatality" and continued laughing for all eternity in her demented world.

Fighting Style: Iaijitsu: The art of drawing the sword and cutting as a single motion. It was traditionally a sub-specialization of kenjitsu and one of several martial disciplines usually practiced by traditional warriors before the modern era. She uses her sword arm to cut through her opponents with this discipline.

Special Moves
Amputate: She horizontally slashes her opponent's legs; her blade is followed by a black trail.
Maia Monkey: She jumps on the opponent with her legs under their arm like a backwards piggy-back, and creates a black orb and it blasts the opponent away from her.
Ancestor's Wrath: She shoots an orb of black energy at her opponents.

X-Ray: She turns the opponent around stabs them in their neck through the spine, she knees them in their back, breaking it, and ends it by kicking the off of her blade-arm.
Finisher 1: Fatalities: Karnage: This is a play on her amputate move, she horizontally slices her opponents legs off, and they fall on the ground, screaming, she stomps on their head and it explodes.
Finisher 2: Dementia: She kicks them rapidly in their torso; she creates a ball of black energy in slow motion and shoots it in their face, exploding it, proceeding by laughing maniacally

Entrance: (Laughs manically) "See my power"
Victory Pose: She starts hysterically laughing and falls on the ground, continually laughing.

Submitted by: mwgrant

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