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Name: Mizrath
Gender: Male
Age: 10,000,000
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 560lbs
Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Neutral

Primary Appearance: Mizrath's head resembles a cattle skull but filled with razor sharp teeth and two beady, yellow eyes with slited pupils and long, black hair which reaches his waist. Mizrath has rusted chains around his arms while glowing, blue lines surround his arms. Mizrath is dressed in a tattered chainmail shirt and pants with numerous holes that reveal Mizrath's pale skin. Mezlon's back contains a gigantic sword made of bone which has numerous cracks in it that is near nearly as tall as Mizrath himself. Mizrath's hands and feet resemble huge, white talons.
Alternate Appearances: Mizrath's head remains the same but his hair is shortened to a short, black patch on his scalp. Mizrath's blade remains but it is much cleaner and has no cracks. Mizrath's chest and arms are covered in golden armor resembling a knight, with huge, blue gems at the center of the hands. Mizrath's waist contains a black and gold belt with the image of a dragon on the buckle. Mezlon's pants are golden armor with several blue gems embedded it it. Mizrath's feet are in golden, spiked boots which also contain a blue gem at the center.

Bio: During the years following Shinnok's rebellion, the Elder Gods realized that they needed a fail-safe in order to ensure that another rebellion could never occur and the damage resulting from such a rebellion would never happen. With this in mind, the Elder Gods came to numerous conclusions on what they would create in order to prevent another rebellion. The Elder Gods came to one conclusion: they needed to create a warrior that would be able to defeat and kill an Elder God. With this idea in mind, the Elder Gods began to create their powerful warrior.

The Elder Gods created a warrior that would have an endless hunger that would never be sated unless an Elder God was consumed, a maw that would be able to consume the body of an Elder God, a blade crafted from some of the bones of the Elder Gods themselves that would be able to harm an Elder God, and powers that could cancel the very strength of an Elder God. The Elder Gods clothed their warrior in their strongest armor and dubbed him Mizrath the Devourer. The Elder Gods placed this warrior on standby for another rebellion. However, the Elder Gods never anticipated that their greatest creation would wind up turning against them. Mizrath's hunger grew to insatiable levels. The pains were mild at first but grew so severe that Mizrath was unable to think about anything else other than ending his hunger. Only one thing could sate his appetite: the Elder Gods themselves. Mizrath's power was mighty and even managed to would many of the Elder Gods, but with luck, the Elder Gods managed to stop their warrior but only at great difficulty.

The Elder Gods realized that Mizrath was too strong to destroy, so they decided to seal Mizrath away in order to ensure that he would never return to kill them for if he escaped, the realms would suffer. Mizrath remained imprisoned in the very bowels of Earthrealm for years, steadily growing weaker from hunger over the ages, but this only rendered Mizrath more dedicated in ending his hunger. It seemed that Mizrath would remained trapped forever. However, Shao Kahn's invasion of Earthrealm had sundered the chains holding Mizrath in place. Although the years of imprisonment had weakened his powers, Mizrath was now free from his prison and had only one purpose: devour anything to end his hunger, even an Elder God.

Ending: Mizrath's power proved to be too much for Shao Kahn. Mizrath looked at Shao Kahn's corpse and began to voraciously devour the body. Upon finishing, Mizrath's former power began to return. With his former might restored, Mizrath confronted the Elder Gods themselves, seeking to devour their very essence. Mizrath was formidable and defeated all of them, consuming their entire bodies and powers. However, Mizrath's hunger didn't end. With the Elder Gods out of the way, Mizrath realized that the only things that would sate his appetite were the realms themselves. So Mizrath began to devour all of the realms until there was nothing left.

Fighting Style: Mizrath fights with brute force. His fighting style revolves around getting close to the opponent and defeating them with mighty strikes. Mizrath may be slow, but his blows can bring down and stagger even the mightiest foes. Mizrath is also focused on ruining an opponents ranged strikes by having abilities that remove the opponents ability to use any of their abilities and abilities that absorb the opponent's projectiles and draining health and EX meter.

Special Moves
Power Nullifier: Mizrath fires a blue ball from his mouth. If it hits the opponent, the opponent will be unable to use any of their special abilities for 5 seconds.
Unstoppable Hunger: Mizrath roars at the opponent for a short while. If Mizrath is hit by a projectile while roaring, he will consume the projectile and regain some of his health.
Blade of the Devourer: Mizrath gets his sword and slashes the air to launch a blue wave at the opponent which causes damage and drains a quarter of an EX bar if it hits.
Hungry Pounce: Mizrath lunges at the opponent. If it hits, Mizrath bites the opponent which causes damage and drains health.
Devourer's Hunt: Mizrath engulfs himself in flames and appears behind the opponent.

X-Ray: Sampling the Appetizer: Mizrath grabs his blade and stabs the opponent. If it hits, Mizrath lefts the opponent nears his mouth and bites their head which breaks their skull. Mizrath then drops the opponent near his feet and punches their back with both his hands which breaks their spine and ribcage.
Finisher 1: Sweet Dinner: Mizrath slashes the opponent's legs off with his blade. While the opponent is crawling away, Mizrath grabs the opponent's body, bites the head off, and swallows it. Mizrath then proceeds to swallow the rest of the opponent's body whole.
Finisher 2: A Satisfying Meal: Mizrath slashes the opponents stomach with his blade. As the opponent falls to the ground holding their stomach, Mizrath pounces on the opponent and proceeds to maul the opponents body. Mizrath then proceeds to feast on the opponents body.

Entrance: Mizrath jumps on-screen and roars at the opponent. Mizrath then says "You will prove to be an excellent meal."
Victory Pose: Mizrath laughs, grabs the opponent's legs, and proceeds to pull them offscreen. Audible chewing and blood splatter can be heard off-screen.

Submitted by: Lurker_of_Rapture

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