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Name: Phantom
Gender: Male
Age: Approx. 24 [Immortal]
Height: 7'4"
Weight: 240lbs
Origin: The Void
Alignment: Good

Primary Appearance: Phantom's primary costume consists of a towering warrior in orange ninja garb, wearing tighter pants. His burn mask does not cover his burns fully, and draws behind his head. His sword has two blades and has plasma crawling up it.
Alternate Appearance: [Phantom's] alternate costume consists of a Spartan warrior helmet with a red tuft. His gi consists of a darker blue Lin Kuei garb draped over his shoulder, wearing similar pants to his primary costume. His sword is hooked on both ends, while also containing glass tubes filled with plasma.

Bio: A massive flow of souls poured into Outworld from the Void as the vengeful ninja specter Scorpion was thrust into the tornado of souls. The very flame of Scorpion rushed through the souls and grabbed various spirits. When the odd mass reached the Void, it cast aside all spirits to the Heavens above. The mass sitting in the Void was that of a man, or a teen, with orange skin and a small tail. For years the boy sat in the Void, viewing the constant turmoil among the realms. He witnessed as Onaga entered Outworld, and watched Raiden commit suicide, trying to destroy him. He witnessed the battle between Onaga and Shujinko, as well as the call of Blaze that awoke Taven. Finally, after watching countless battles over the years, the Final Battle in Edenia arose.

With the Elder Gods in front of him, Phantom watched as armies collided and friends murdered each other. As Shao Kahn rushed from far away mountains after a majestic triumph over Onaga, he destroyed the few men in his way, until at the top, Shao Kahn met Taven. The weakened Taven was no match for that of the fresh Shao Kahn. The young boy, now older and wiser from viewing the battles, watched the corrupt Raiden fight against Shao Kahn, and he saw Raiden use a shattered amulet to use a mystic spell. Coincidentally, at this time, the Elder Gods had finally become fully aware of the boy. They cast him down among the bodies, and he watched the top as Shao Kahn thrust his hammer down onto Raiden's skull. The boy rushed away from the pyramid as Shao Kahn laughed maniacally. He looked around as mystic rifts formed, and Shao Kahn saw the boy among them. He smiled and walked down the pyramid, accidentally kicking a shard of Raiden's amulet at the teenager. When the amulet touched his head, the boy was imbued with the knowledge of a god. His thoughts among him, he grabbed the amulet piece, tore off the gi of a random person below him, and ran into the rift behind him, knowing where, or rather, WHEN it would take him.

[Phantom] found himself in a land known as Japan, perfectly placed next to a special arms dealer. He cloaked himself in the robe he tore from a body, becoming a warrior cloaked in yellow and black. He walked into the arms dealer's shop, noticing there were only blades. The clerk turned around, and spoke "How can I help you?" When he saw the boy's gi, he screamed in fear. "Please, take whatever you want! Just do not tell the Shirai Ryu to attack me!" The teen, puzzled, grabbed the most interesting thing on the wall: a fan-sword that held ice on the inside of the blades, hooked on the ends. He walked out with it, and the people among all ran away screaming.

Phantom walked aimlessly until he found himself among a dead warrior in a forest, his face gruesomely eaten off. The helmet interested him, its hairs sticking straight up. He did not fit into it, but carried it with him. After years of rummaging on the roads, the boy was attacked by a swarm of ninja cloaked in blue. With the weapon he took years ago in hand, he attempted to defend himself, as he had never used it. Almost mystically, the boy slew them all with ease. From the shadows another warrior walked, holding in his hand a sword of ice. “You are the Shirai Ryu? You are but a boy!” He froze the teen's sword and punched him in the stomach. The teen fell to the ground in pain as the blue-cloaked ninja held the sword up high. The teen grew enraged and reached up at the ninja, unknowingly blasting a massive beam of cohesive liquid into the assailant. He looked over and saw him rush away into the woods. He grabbed the cloak of a fallen warrior and draped it over his shoulder. He placed the loose helmet onto his head, finding it to now fit. Knowing that he had powers, he chased the ninja into the woods.

In a few years the kid found himself looking at a mass of blue ninjas. He overheard two, one in yellow and the other in red, talking about a project called "The Cyber Initiative" that would turn the clan into robots. He walked into the area hesitantly, and cried out to the group of warriors. "Your warriors are skilled in kombat. After having met a few, I wish to join your ranks. May I be able to train amongst you?" A younger warrior walked up to the boy, now bowing. "You show determination and hope. We surely would allow you among us." The boy stood up. "I am Tundra. What do they call you?" The boy thought back to an old newspaper- "Young Phantom Spooks Major City." He thought for a minute, and discovered his moniker. He looked at Tundra and said "Phantom. I am the Phantom." Tundra smirked. "You are now Lin Kuei!" He pulled the blue robe he took over his shoulder. One of the warriors in the crowd yelled out "Why is there blood on it?" Another among the warriors walked forward. "There’s blood on it because he slew many of us in the forest. Bi-Han and I were the only survivors." Tundra looked at him in disdain as somebody burst through the door. "The grandmaster has confirmed the cyber initiative. Now line up!" The Lin Kuei walked forward into the line, but Tundra and another ninja escaped into the forest and yelled back, "Phantom, escape!"

Phantom rushed into the woods behind them, as he heard drills starting up in the background. He found himself among a flaming monastery in a land known as China. He attempted to run, but a mass of mutated warriors stepped towards him with blades penetrating from their hands. He fended them off well, but was overwhelmed and fell into the fire. His body scorching, he burst a puff of plasma around his body. The orange goop seared into his skin, pushing it into his blood, his MIND. Phantom, in the heat of his strength, blasted the fire away in a ball of goop, right onto the Tarkatans. He battled against them, embers on his hands, and ripped out two of the Tarkatan’s blades. The metal melted down and fused with the goop falling off of his hands.

He escaped into the mountains of China nearby, where he took the pelts of animals he killed and created his own new gi.
Dyed orange, his new gi complemented his goop attacks. He wandered around the mountains, hiding in caves and feeding on the animals down the mountains. He practiced his skills on various other animals. One day he spotted a lizard-like creature climbing up the mountain. He approached it, but it jumped at him. He punched the beast away, and formed his mystic sword out of plasma, finally willing to truly test his abilities. The snake-like creature pulled down its mask and spat acid at Phantom. Phantom used his acid and created a solid block wall that grabbed the attack, and formed into a force ball, throwing it back at the creature. The beast flicked out his tongue and grabbed Phantom's leg with it. He began to gnaw on Phantom's leg, but Phantom grabbed it by the throat, leaving just enough room for speech.

"Who are you? Why are you in my home?" The beasts reptilian words came out mangled, “Thisss isss near the Portal!" Phantom new nothing of a portal, besides the one he seen in the time of the future, that leads to the Nexus. He remembered it being near a mountain range, and thought that he could be near the portal. He threw the beast down the mountain and set out for the main town of Earthrealm. He watched as he came over the horizon and saw a massive portal outside the mountain range. Phantom, now older and wiser, made his way to the portal, to find it recently activated. At this moment, Phantom realized he could no longer spend his life and years just chasing people out of curiosity. He knew he had a purpose. A purpose unknown, he lunged into the portal to find himself in a place seen only to him in the future, the portal to all realms that exist, the Nexus.

Phantom found himself facing a purple relic-like statue with webbing inside of it that seemed to float. He looked deep into the webbing and realized figures on it. He stared down into it and found the figures to be Shujinko, but not as old as he had seen him before. Shujinko was speaking to Hotaru, another warrior of the timeline. He saw Hotaru raise his naginata to Shujinko. Phantom realized instantly he was to save the future, to stop Shao Kahn, and to save Earthrealm's heroes. He lunged through the portal and ran through the new realm, finding Hotaru and Shujinko as Shujinko was being escorted. He saw Hotaru jab at him with his naginata and Phantom formed his blade. He lunged toward Hotaru and slammed his massive iron-clad tail into the warrior from Edenia. He grabbed the naginata and threw Hotaru down into the ground. In rage, Hotaru ran into the Living Forest. Phantom turned around to Shujinko. "Thank you, strange warrior. You have saved the realms." Phantom smiled behind his burn mask. "I know. And thank you, Shujinko." Phantom disappeared in a flash of orange back to the portal. As he walked through the portal into the Nexus he turned around into Outworld. "I will stop the Emperor now, not later." Phantom himself drew into the depths of Outworld, pondering how to save the world from Shao Kahn.

Ending: [Non-canon] Discovering Shao Kahn had already been defeated by Raiden, Phantom had become insane due to the waste of time. He, enraged at his life, decided to make up for it by hunting down and destroying Raiden. He continued to chase Raiden through the realms until he met him in Outworld at a fight with Onaga. He ran Onaga through, showing the true strength he developed over the years. The shocked Raiden could only stand in fear as Phantom carved his body and soul into pieces.

[Canon] Phantom was disappointed he could not save the realms. He decided to make up for time wasted; he would travel through the realms and protect them all from otherworldly threats. He battled against many warriors, dead Shirai Ryu in the Netherrealm, hunted Tekunin in Earthrealm, and stopped the Outworld merge crisis with another mystically bonded dimension. He now resides in Edenia, as a coming battle approaches where he must save all the realms from Armageddon.

Fighting Style: Self-taught, uses dual bladed sword. Basic defensive and offensive maneuvers.

Special Moves
Plasma Ball: Phantom throws a ball of his plasma at an enemy.
Sword Shimmer: Phantom coats his blades in plasma, increasing weapon damage.
Power Cleat: Plasma spikes form on Phantoms foot as he kicks the enemy.
Clean Cut: Using the hilt of his blade, Phantom uppercuts the enemy.
Dark Age Attack: Phantom's sword merges in plasma into a spear, and Phantom throws it as a projectile.
Distinct Snake: Plasma morphs Phantom into a small ball of plasma and Phantom can travel around in this form, as a teleport attack.

X-Ray: Phantom kicks he victim's chest. The ribs break and the victim falls to their arms and knees. Phantom, behind them, drives his foot into the base of their spine, driving the spine upward and fracturing it.
Finisher 1: Rough Edge; Phantom deploys 4 plasma balls, one for each limb of his opponent. They turn the opponent around, and Phantom digs his hand into the victim’s back. When he pulls them out, the victim’s shoulder blades are in them. The victim, screaming in agony, is flipped back around. Phantom raises one, then both, and thrusts them into the victim’s eyes. The victim, now suffering, screams louder. Phantom ducks down, and his fist becomes orange. He shoves his hand into their stomach, driving plasma through the victim until- POP! They explode. However, one shoulder blade falls down and Phantom catches it. Looking up, he throws it with perfect accuracy into the falling head of the victim.
Finisher 2: Power Match; Phantom’s tail sheds it’s armor, revealing an orange massive scorpion tail under it. Phantom lifts the enemy into the air and stabs them with his tail. The victim, suspended above Phantom, can only sit in agony and horror as Phantom holds out his hand. 4 orange glowing balls appear, and Phantom forms his hands quickly into a chi-disposing shape. The orange balls, even faster, form into one. The tail launches the enemy up and lets them fall. From the ball, a massive laser runs through the enemy, leaving no torso. Phantom walks forward, and stabs down on the head with his tail.

Entrance: A slither of plasma crosses the floor. Suddenly Phantom’s hand is seen sucking the plasma into it and forming his sword. He looks on in wonder at his opponent and says “Shirai Ryu, Lin Kuei, or Shaolin, it doesn’t matter what you are or what I am.”
Victory Pose: Phantom’s sword disappears. Phantom’s body stretches and splits in half, letting plasma fall from it. The shell that was his body falls to the ground as Phantom’s laugh is heard and an orange ball falls in the background.

Submitted by: legoslayer10

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