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Name: Remnant
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'
Weight: 210lbs
Origin: Outworld
Alignment: Good

Primary Appearance: Remnant wears an armored iron-plated mask with a narrow slit for maximum protection for his one remaining eye. Covering his body is a traditional brown poncho with a symbol of a red and black serpent woven into the edge to guide him along his journey. Slung across his back is a shotgun scarab, holding his true protector; El Sangre de Toro. On both sides of his belt are the revolvers, East and West. He wears worn grey jeans with dynamite strapped to his leg for fishing. To finish off his gear are the boots; one equipped with a Chinese star spur for those "just in case" moments.
Alternate Appearance: The same but all in black with white accents and a "Day of the Dead" motif.

Bio: An imprisoned warrior from the first Mortal Kombat. Shang Tsung's first victim of betrayal, he was never given the chance to fight, fearing his power. Years later, after Shang Tsung turned on Quan Chi in deception, Quan Chi released Remnant to help weaken Shang Tsung for the final round. FIGHT!

Ending: (Screen 1) Years of imprisonment have weakened Remnant. It is Quan Chi's sorcery that is keeping him alive, draining Quan Chi of his power. Since Remnant was unable to reach Shang Tsung, Quan Chi decides to end Remnant's mission.
(Screen 2) Learning of Remnant's soon demise, Shao Kahn intervenes on Remnant's death; recruiting him to destroy both Shang Tsung and Quan Chi to make way for a more loyal sorcerer Remnant…until he gets his hands on the one mask that will keep him alive: Shao Kahn's skull.

Fighting Style: Kairos: a combination of American and Mexican boxing with some Muay Thai kick-boxing mixed in. Mostly a brawler, Remnant has big, heavy punches to set the enemy up for the finish; a spinning heel kick with his Chinese star spur.

Special Moves
Time Travel Move: Pushing the Stance Button changes Remnant's mask to one of three. The first one is the "Past Mask," slowing movement speed but increasing attack power. The second one is the "Present Mask," normal movement speed and attack power. The final one is the "Future Mask," faster movement speed but decreasing attack power.
East and West: Pulls out two revolvers and shoots two times. [Down, Forward + Low Punch]
- Enhanced: Enhanced Version shoots shotgun, blasting opponent into the air.
Day of the Dead: A high spin kick throwing a Chinese star off his boot spur. [Down, Forward + High Kick]
- Enhanced: Enhanced Version is a high spin kick throwing a Chinese star off his boot spur, but before hitting the opponent, Remnant pulls out a revolver, shooting the star and splintering it into six pieces all hitting the opponent one after another.
Night of the Dead: A low spin-kick, throwing the Chinese star off his boot spur. [Down + Back + Low Kick]
- Enhanced: Enhanced Version is two low spin-kicks in quick succession, throwing a Chinese star off his boot spur with each kick.
Heel to El Dorado: A big dropkick, sending the opponent flying across the screen. [Back + Forward + High Kick]
- Enhanced: Enhanced Version throws dynamite where they land and pops them back into the air to be juggled.

X-Ray: Death Valley: Pistol whips and stuns the opponent. He then head butts them with the mask, crushing their face and dropping them to their knees. He then pulls out his shotgun and blasts them in the chest, breaking all of their ribs and knocking them to the other side of the screen.
Finisher 1: Catastrophic Collision: Full screen away, Back, Forward, Down, Forward+Low Punch – pulls his opponent's body into his own at a high rate of speed passing through him like a wood-chipper, shredding his opponent's body. Parts of the opponent's shredded body are used to repair wounds inflicted to Remnant during battle. Example: If Remnant gets hit by an x-ray move crushing his skull, he absorbs the opponent's skull, making it his own. Victory Pose is Remnant's repaired body covered in opponent's blood.
Finisher 2: The Trinity: Full screen away, Back, Back, Back, Down+High Punch - he lights a stick a dynamite, throwing it towards the feet of the defeated opponent. It blows them up and sends them through the air in an arc towards Remnant. He then pulls out his shotgun and blows the opponent out of the air. The injured opponent starts to get up onto their feet and Remnant pulls out revolvers and shoots his opponents legs off at the knees. The opponent drops to the ground on bloody stumps. Remnant raises revolver barrel to mouth to blow smoke away sending fire out to ignite bleeding opponent, finishing them off.

Entrance: He walks in with hand missing from previous battle, then stops and regenerates missing body part. Example: From underneath his poncho, he takes out dead opponents skeletal hand from previous match, places it on bloody wrist and grows new flesh and skin around the bones, making it his own. Phrase: "I'll pick up your pieces."
Victory Pose: Stands, shoulders squared forward, lifts up mask and either grows younger or older than present time (randomly generated), then pulls that corresponding mask, from Time Travel move, back down over his face. Phrase: "Time has forgotten you."

Submitted by: munster442

Judges Remarks

Judge: Mick-Lucifer (Mortal Kombat Online Webmaster)
Being one of two Western characters drawn for the same Round Robin class put a lot of pressure on Remnant. That said, I think this was a character that could have saved himself by focusing on a single theme. One of the great pitfalls of fan-fiction is a lack of focus, or an overdone character, and I think this was either too many disparate ideas, or not enough development of a core idea.

Being a lost warrior from the first game is a fine idea. I liked that his origins were international (Mexican) -- given the limited global influence in Earthrealm's greatest defenders. Tying him to Shang Tsung and Quan Chi felt like a big mistake, though. Claiming intimidation against most established characters -- always a big gamble. Unjustified here against two of the series' power players. If ties to other characters were desired, I'm surprised Nightwolf didn't get a look in.

The "Day of the Dead" motif was an interesting, unique idea that really caught my imagination, but wasn't present enough in execution. It's something I would've liked to have seen inform much more about the character, leaving other aspects for other characters. Visually, he felt much more like an Australian bush ranger -- a valid concept unto itself, but not when entangled in so many other elements. The different masks utilized in his fighting styles was interesting, but served only to exacerbate a lack of focus in this design. It was a visual element that didn't impress enough on its own, and didn't justify itself otherwise.

Pulling from the Mexican flavour and references to masks and skulls -- I would've liked to have seen a black bandito with bold neon flourishes. A Day of the Dead skull-faced character that goes all the way, glowing as if under black light. This could've simultaneously been a creepier and more fun character, if that were the case. Fighting game characters are often at their best when they're painted with a broad thematic stroke. It's what makes them instantly recognizable, memorable, and distinguished from other characters. There was a very unique idea here and if that were the core, Remnant could've stood apart from his Western rival.

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