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Name: Rik'Ki
Gender: Female
Age: Young
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110lbs
Origin: Earthrealm [Amazonian Rainforest]
Alignment: Neutral

Primary Appearance: Witch doctor, light cloth clothing, shows a lot of skin. Wears tribal masks that either just covers her face only or can extend to great lengths. Bones are her jewelry, mainly as trophies that she likes to wear, however, she is not a cannibal. She also has a great amount of body paint on her that will glow if entering the Spirit Realm.

Bio: Many years ago, an unknown source managed to awaken a powerful demi-god that is set to destroy anything it sees. Rik'Ki had stopped this demi-god before and banished him to the Spirit Realm through a magic crystal. She had placed this crystal in a tomb for safe keeping, or at least she thought. This tomb housed once the warriors of the Dragon Army that belonged to Onaga the Dragon King. The crystal was disrupted somehow, and it managed to release the demi-god. The demi-god is now roaming freely throughout the realms and somehow managed to possess a very powerful entity. Rik'Ki had sense the demi-god has been released and is now on the hunt to take him down, however, it took much of her power to place the demi-god into the crystal... She must gain her powers back if she were to ever put an end to the demi-god once and for all.

Ending: Rik'Ki was powerful throughout the tournament. She sensed her powers were getting stronger and stronger to a point where she could possibly destroy the demi-god. After sensing it possessing Shao Kahn, it did not stop Rik'Ki from fighting and winning against the demi-god. When its soul had enough of Kahn's weakness, it flew out of him, but it did not get that far. Rik'Ki gained enough strength to put the demi-god back into the crystal. Kahn, who was still alive, but barely, witnessed this new and powerful woman. He smiled at her, and she smirked back.

Fighting Style: Rik'Ki fights in the way of the Amazonian style. Lots of powerful punches and kicks, but she also moves very fluently. She's not a powerhouse, but powerful enough.

Special Moves
Vomit Bomb: Rik'Ki hurls an acidic vomit projectile towards the ground that burns the skin when touched. When an enemy steps over it, their health slowly drains as if they're slowly melting away.
- Enhanced: The vomit bomb turns into a long chain of acidic vomit that covers the entire floor. When stepped on, it drains the enemy's health even faster.
Flying Dart: Rik'Ki uses her trusty blow dart to shoot a very fast moving sharp dart out towards the neck of her opponent.
- Enhanced: Rik'Ki shoots out three darts in a row towards her opponent's neck.
Fear Me: Rik'Ki chants a song that summons a horrifying monster that will scare her opponent for a small duration of time if caught in its sight.
- Enhanced: The horrifying monster actually deals out damage if caught in its sight.
Spiritual Cat: Rik'Ki chants a small tune that summons a spiritual tiger that will charge at her opponent, knocking them down into the ground, then fades away.
- Enhanced: The spiritual cat deals more blows to the opponent when knocked on the ground.
Healing Chant: Rik'Ki chants a small song that will heal her for however long her opponent allows her to. If disrupted, she can no longer sing that precious tune for that round.
- Enhanced: Rik'Ki, instead of singing, screams a chant out that returns 20% of health back to her. (She can no longer use this ability or the regular Healing chant for the rest of the round).

X-Ray: The Hex Chant - Rik'Ki begins to chant a song towards her enemy. If caught in her tune, they get turned into a chicken. Rik'Ki dances for a few seconds then blows a dart out towards the chicken's neck, with the dart slowly entering it. The camera pans out to Rik'Ki dancing again to where she kicks the chicken up into the air, takes out her staff, and hits it like a baseball, watching all the bones she crushes in the mean time. The chicken falls down to the ground and turns back into the person they once were. Rik'Ki stops singing.
Finisher 1: Worm Bait - Rik'Ki takes out a small, empty potion bottle and smashes it into her enemy's face. She takes out one more potion bottle with a worm inside of it. She takes the bottle and places the opening to the opponent's ear. The worm, or as it's called, the neurax worm, crawls into the ear and soon plants itself into the opponent's brain in a matter of seconds as. It plunges its tail into the brain and slowly corrupts the opponent. The camera zooms out of the inside of the opponent's head out to the opponent itself. They begin punching themselves in the face, then drops to their knees, smashing their head to the ground. As soon as they give one last bang to the ground, their body starts to seize, with blood spilling out of the wounds in their head.
Finisher 2: Welcome to the Dog House - Rik'Ki takes out a crystal and begins to chant a tune that changes the surrounding to the Spirit Realm. The opponent cowers in fear and when Rik'Ki comes into the scene, she is shown with her body paint glowing, welcoming her opponent to the dog house, then goes back chanting. She summons several spirits that start to fly around the opponent. Then they begin to fly into them, leaving holes in their bodies on where they entered. As soon as the opponent takes too many hits, they fall to the ground in a pile of disgusting meat. Rik'Ki then stops chanting, and she heads into the human world, without the opponent's remains.

Entrance: "Killing you will make my powers stronger."
Victory Pose: "The Spirit Realm is ready for you."

Submitted by: Icebaby

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