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Name: Saphira (Safira)
Gender: Female
Age: 10,000
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 128lbs
Origin: Edenia
Alignment: Good

Primary Appearance: Saphira is dressed as a "ninja girl" (example: Kitana), she has hazel eyes, brown hair, white skin and a nice body, wears a green tie-sapphire hair, leaving a bun, no bangs capping one of his eyes. She wears a green shadow-sapphire eyes and earrings in the shape of a four-pointed star, a mask-green sapphire with silver detail on forming an upward arrow. Saphira also wears a silver necklace, a silver bracelet on each side, one shoulder green sapphire with silver details with a thorn on each shoulder, a bag of arrows made of chorus; great detail in black gloves with green sapphire and silver, in your clothes in the abdomen is black, waist and on the part that covers the breasts is green sapphire, to hold the clothes, there are two black handles that intersect forming an 'X' with a sapphire stone in the middle; a black cloth and green sapphire that hangs behind, in the region of "butt"; your boots have silver details, with the part below the knee black and green sapphire above, she carries a metal arc. Saphira can also materialize a magical shield and a sword.
Alternate Appearance: In his alternate costume, she does with her hair in a "ponytail" almost and a fringe capping one eye; being with a bracelet with gold edges and a sapphire stone in the right arm, a mask simpler; shaped earrings gout, a leather bag of arrows on his back, his gloves with details on sapphire and black, fingers out, nails with red nail polish and a ring with a sapphire stone: two black bands shaped 'X' thigh right leg, a collar of silver; clothing from the top capping portion and sinuses with a little below an 'X' in the middle, a black band on the waist part of the hanging fabric, and a boot shorter green sapphire and black.

Bio: Saphira the most formidable warrior of the Edenian Resistance, was recognized by Princess Kitana, becoming the general of this army will face the hordes of Tarkatas. The warrior wants to face the emperor to stop him from stealing the power of Edenia and the power of place. Saphira will use their powers and abilities to the fullest to confuse and defeat Shao Kahn once and for all.

Ending: With the emperor defeated, and the Queen back in Edenia, Saphira broadened his powers with his victory. The princess met a new army with the best warriors in Edenia, with Saphira as one of the top leaders.

Fighting Style: Eagle Claw

Special Moves
Archer: Saphira launches first arrow, the arrow can leave stronger and starts to catch fire.
Teleportation: Saphira's laps between them teleporting across the opponent (can also be done in air).
Anti Projectile: Saphira shines on a sapphire being immune to projectiles.
Ancient Shield: Saphira uses his shield that creates a magical barrier for protection of any coup or power and the projectiles are reflected.
Cut Sword: Saphira uses his sword to make a large cut on his opponent.
Levitation: Saphira uses a spell that levitates the opponent.
Spin: Saphira Mileena rolls on the ground as if executed in air as it rolls Kano (can also be done in air).

X-Ray: Saphira kicks the intimate part of the opponent hits the opponent's neck with the bow, leaving him gasping for air and ends hitting the opponent in the face with his shield.
Finisher 1: Being in a long distance, Saphira launches an arrow with all his strength in the opponent's head, getting an arrow in the head and brains out.
Finisher 2: Saphira uses her magic to turn the opponent in a huge sapphire stone, breaking it at the end with his shield and his sword (varies by opponent).

Entrance: Starts with a statue of warrior in sapphire, which magically becomes the warrior with her speaking: "For Edenia!"
Victory Pose: Saphira raises his sword and his shield materializes on his arm speaking: "Thank you Argus!"

Submitted by: gabrielmk

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