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Name: The Simberleen
Gender: Female
Age: Early 20s
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 125lbs
Origin: Chaosrealm
Alignment: Neutral [Driven by hunger and ambition, absolutely no moral concerns]

Primary Appearance: Kate was a pretty young woman of slender build with shoulder length black hair and pale skin. The Simberleen virus has caused massive bodily breakdown, bleeding profusely from eyes and mouth, nails extending to bloody claws. She wears a small green hospital patient gown, soiled with blood. As it is torn and damaged through combat, her body can be seen beneath, bearing autopsy scars. Her features twitch and shake and her arms writhe strangely as the Simberleen still tries to control the strange new body. Her limbs move far beyond comfortable range of skeletal movement, bending horribly out of shape with cracks of sinew and bone. Her voice is that of a well spoken British woman that occasionally breaks into a horribly distorted voice not her own.
Alternate Appearance: The costume the Simberleen escaped from the hospital in. A torn and shredded green surgeon's scrubs, complete with mask, gloves, and boots.

Bio: Kate Cotard was a journalist sent by a British publication to follow the events of the first Mortal Kombat tournament. Although hungry for success and fame, she watched from the sidelines, rarely managing to get close to, or indeed getting to talk to any of the important combatants, and barely saw Shang Tsung himself. Apart from an enthusiastic interview with Johnny Cage, she felt disheartened by her failure in her task to capture the tournament, and was prepared to leave soon after the climax. The portals to other realms that opened upon the defeat of Shang Tsung drew the attention of other entities; however, and Chaos: as it will do, intervened. Something microscopic and unnoticed slipped through a portal of its own into Earthrealm. Soon after returning to England, Kate noticed a cough and a firmness in her lungs. Her limbs were seizing up. She managed to get to a hospital as the bleeding started, pouring from her eyes and mouth. She was pronounced dead soon after arrival. That night, in the darkness of the morgue. Kate's body sat up, and went about its new journey. The Simberleen, the most feared parasitic Infection Chaosrealm had to offer, was now in control. A new hunger now consumed it, to inhabit the most powerful host it could locate, by any means.

Ending: The Simberleen smashed her claws into Shao Kahn's eyes, blood dripping down her jaws and into the wounds she had left covering his body. As the Emperor staggered back, bloody and beaten, his body began to be wracked with convulsions. The Emperor gave a roar as his body burst apart with the release of his ancient energies, sending his remains flying across the vast Outworld arena. Showering the assembled fighters with gore. The audience filling the huge amphitheater watched, blood splattering into their eyes and dabbling their skin. The Simberleen looked out across the thousands of assembled warriors and onlookers, each one starting to feel the itches beneath their skin starting to take hold. She felt what they felt in turn, and one by one throughout the audience her consciousness began to grow...

Fighting Style: The Simberleen attacks with brutal fast attacks of her claws and teeth, attacking in an uncoordinated but incredibly aggressive assault. Like a deranged street fighter she gouges at eyes, scratches, and smashes her knees and elbows into her enemies.

Special Moves
Blood Letting: The Simberleen extends an arm and rakes her claws across her wrist, spraying blood in a blast in front of her. Opponents caught in the spray are momentarily stunned.
Tainted Blood: The Simberleen leans backwards and snaps her head forwards throwing a projectile of blood in an arc at her opponent. The projectile causes no damage on impact, but slowly drains her opponents health for a few seconds.
Cross Infection: The Simberleen darts forwards, crossing in front of her opponent, slicing across their chest with a scalpel, then darts back the other way, slicing across their back.
Opportunistic Infection: The Simberleen coils back into herself, her arms around her head. If struck in his pose, she lurches backwards, slicing across her opponent's gut with a scalpel.
Aneurysm: The Simberleen snatches in front of her, grabbing at her opponent. If caught, she tugs their face down into her knee once, twice, then plants a kiss on their face and tosses them to the floor.

X-Ray: The Simberleen leaps onto her victim's shoulders, clawing up them and grabbing at their head, raking her claws across their face. Then, her weight on their shoulders, she pulls them over to the ground, both hands on the back of their head and shoving their face into the floor, shattering their skull.
Finisher 1: 'Vector'. The Simberleen leaps forward onto her victim, clawing at his shoulders and grappling him close, before leaning in and clamping her mouth over his in a horrid, deep kiss. She moans, before falling backwards and slumping to the ground, apparently dead. The victim twitches, scratching at his face, his limbs shaking. Blood begins to pour from his eyes.....
Finisher 2: 'Not-so-comical'. The Simberleen approaches her victim, bringing her bleeding eyes close to his, before jamming her fist to the wrist into his gut. She spins around, taking a handful of intestines in her grip as she goes. The wound in her opponent begins to turn black, thick veins extending all over their body followed by a swift black rot that eats away at them. It reaches their head, eyes rolling back, and they fall to the ground, twitching, as their body is reduced to a rotting corpse.

Entrance: The Simberleen staggers into the arena, looking almost like a zombie, before she raises her head and stares at her opponent, blood begins to pour from her eyes and she grins a horrid rictus smile, hissing: "I want to be.....inside you.."
Victory Pose: The Simberleen lets her head rock back, looking almost comatose, before suddenly snapping her head forward and vomiting blood into the camera.

Submitted by: Shesgotclaws

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