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Name: Sogratse
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220lbs
Origin: Unknown [Resides in Chaosrealm]
Alignment: Neutral

Primary Appearance: Sogratse is an odd looking fella. He only has hair on the left side of his head and is bald on the right side. His right eye is normal but his left eye is what would grab your attention. Its just a small iris compared to his right one. He wears a robe/garb that covers from his eyes down to his shoulder and chest. He wears no shirt and across his chest is a sash,that sash holds his weapon, a sickel. He wears a glove on his left hand and has bandages that cover his left arm. Regular kun fu/fighting pants(don't know the name). For his feet he has some boots(yada yada).

Bio: Don't remember much, my whole life is a haze, it really pisses me off.I go berserk and then black out for no reason. I do remember spending some time in Outworld not too long ago, doing some work for two sorcerers, but thats it. After that I somehow ended up in the realm of Order. Something about the place that really brings out the rage within me. Ended up in a jail cell for killing several seidan guards,why, I don't know. I shared the cell with an old man, he told me about his life,his story, his konquest but really all of his words went through one ear and came out the other. One thing however did catch my attention, he had trained with a cleric by the name of Havik in the realm of Chaos. One night someone came for the old man and broke him free, I too escaped and found my way to the realm of Chaos. It took me a while but I found Havik,a great warrior indeed,we shared much in commen,he saw something in me and agreed to help me with my troubles but first I had to help him with a task. After some training we will be traveling to Outworld and face off with this so called Dragon King.

Ending: Many warriors were there to fight the Dragon King but all of them were defeated, even the old man from jail tried but failed. In another krazy rage I defeated the Dragon King. I slit his throat and watched as he tried to gasp for air, I opened his chest and took out his heart, I handed it to a very injured Havik and he consumed it. It was time for his end of the deal,he started working his magic and placed his right hand on my head,it all started coming back to me. I had proved myself to the deadly alliance many times, as a reward they sent me to Seido to meet with two old people. They were my parents, they told me I was born in Seido. My father said I took this rage and madness from him, he was born in Chaos realm. Once a feared warrior he was sent to Seido to kill someone and it was there that he met my mother, he settled there and left his past behind. There another memory came flooding back, I had killed my older brother when I was a teenager,that memory sent me into a rage, thats how I ended up in jail. That peace, that order, Havik hates that realm as much as I do. Its demise will come, for now Havik and I will be training warriors to represent the realm in the upcoming Mortal Kombat Tournament. The realm of Chaos Vs the Realm of Order, two more victories needed to absorb Seido,two victories I can only watch from the sideline.

Fighting Style: Snake fighting style picked up from Shang Tsung and mastered with Havik.

Special Moves
Fully Charged Punch: charges the right hand for around ten seconds,after its fully charged,the hand will glow black. if opponent is close he will hit him in the stomach with a powerful punch,then knees the opponent on the face and sends him flying on his back.Two hits total but deals a lot of damage.(if the charge is not completed, Sogratse gets dizzy and opponenet gets a free hit).
Fully Charged Kick: Charges the right foot for ten seconds,after its fully charged it will glow black. From anywhere on the screen he quickly slides(kind of like mk2 sub/reptile) hitting the legs of the opponent and sending him flying. While still in the air,Sogratse spins and delivers a strong right kick,sending the opponent flying.
Iris Flare: Close range. small flare comes from his left eye,hitting opponent will land a free hit.

X-Ray: Caution: Executed close to opponent (if done from anywhere else,He will hit himself on the face and dealing damage to himself). The opponent hits Sogratse on the side of the stomach(bones fracture). He drops to his knees with his hands on his stomach. then he slams his head on the ground(skull fractures) and then gets up,fight continues like normal.Once opponent has a quarter of life and Sogratse is close to the opponent,he quickly kicks him/her on the knee(fractures) then again(breaks it completely) then grabs his/her head and slams it with his(both skulls fracture).opponent falls back.the match is over.
Finisher 1: Sickle of You: From half screen. He grabs the sickle from his sash,the tip of the blade is pointing up,raises it to his shoulder and starts walking towards the opponent(normal walk). He walks past him and still back to back he puts the blade on his neck. He starts choking/cutting him with the blade,then he grips the sickle with both hands,now the opponents back is on Sogratses back. The blood starts squirting out then Sogratse pulls down hard one last time and yeah he decapitates him. He stands the still looking forward,we see all the blood on his back and everywhere on the floor. FATALITY(I hope that made sense).
Finisher 2: Head On: Grabs the opponents head with his right hand.Then he slowly hits him with his head,again and again,then gains momentum and continues hitting with his head until the opponents heads breaks and the blood and brain matter fly out. Then he lets him drop.

Entrance: Walks in on both hands,does a small laugh HaHaHa, then drops foward on his back,then quickly springs up and lands on his fighting style pose.
Victory Pose: He drops down on his knees and slams his head on the ground.lets out another small laugh HeHeHe.

Submitted by: Noob7Smoke

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