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Name: Vipehr
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 124.4lbs
Origin: Outworld
Alignment: Neutral

Primary Appearance: Vipehr in her regular costume is showing alot of reptilian skin. She is wearing Lemme, a kind of soft, silky garment that she can move around easier in, and it is silver. She has a ring in the middle of her lower chest/ab area made of gold, and Lemme gloves as well, which also have rims made of gold. Her hair is long, smooth black with curls at the end and about 5 feet in length. She has boots which have openings in two spots each near the top in triangles, and a sash hanging from her waist/back. Vipehr also has Seafoam-colour eye shadow.
Alternate Appearance: Her second outfit gives her a UMK3 hairdo and sticks pointing from her back. She has sashes all around her waist and a chain-mail bra/top. Vipehr's shoes are high heels and has loose "shed skin" hanging in all areas. Plus, her scales are still on her with some of them hanging on by a thread. Most of her breast is exposed, and she has no gloves, just arms and hands, with big claws.

Bio: I have been wandering this wasteland for such a long time. I must find my fellow Saurians, I know they are alive! Maybe Shao Kahn has them, maybe I am too late! No, it cannot be. I must find them, if I don't, he'll take me too!

Ending: Even though Vipehr didn't find her Saurians before she killed Shao Kahn, she followed the Sorcerer Quan Chi to the Netherrealm. She camouflaged herself as he turned his head. He came over and grabbed her throat, as Vipehr hung there, she plead for them to come. She saw them! This lizard knew they would come and they freed her. She know serves by them, until the next tournament, she will be known.

Fighting Style: Baji Quan, Hung Gar, Machete

Special Moves
Lizard Transport: Turns invisible until hit by an attack.
- Enhanced: Turns invisible until hit five times.
Gecko Lunge: Handstands on hands and kicks heels in face causing opponent to stagger backward.
- Enhanced: Handstands on hands, dodges any attack coming with a backflip, able to charge for three seconds, and kicks heels in face causing opponent to stagger backward.
Snake Bite: Teleports behind opponent and bites neck for 3 seconds from behind.
- Enhanced: Teleports behind opponent and bites neck for 6 seconds from behind.
Claw Swipes: Swipes claws in face 2 times.
- Enhanced: Swipes claws in face 5 times.

X-Ray: Teleports behind opponent and slashes back of skull, teleports in front of opponent and slashed face causing them to knock on their back on their ground and pop up in the air above her where she then grabs them and throws them on the ground and stomp-jumps on them 2 times (Regular -without combos and ending hits- equals 33% damage).
Finisher 1: Walks up to opponent in a sexy fashion and throws them on the ground, where she then jumps on them and continually slashes their face and chest area.
Finisher 2: Teleports behind them and bites entire back of the head off, where she then pits them to the ground eating their brains out.

Entrance: [If First] "Let's get this over with sweetheart" [If Second] "You say that like it means something baby"
Victory Pose: Takes a rock and engraves their name and R.I.P., then a close up of the rock, then she throws it at the camera.

Submitted by: GoobieDoob

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