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Name: Wei-Lu, The Master of The Touch of Death
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown [Appears late 50s]
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165lbs
Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Evil

Primary Appearance: A Chinese man in his mid-fifties who wears a blue/gold traditional Kung-Fu robe with a golden tiger symbol on his back. He has his hair tied back in a ponytail, a Fu Manchu-style moustache and black shoes. Despite his humble appearance, Wei-Lu is a forced to be reckoned with and punishes weakness with brutal results.

Bio: A master martial artist who mastered Dim Mak ("The Touch of Death") and has learned every "forbidden technique" known to man. Despite his appearance, he may be hundreds of years old, since he claims to be one of Shang Tsung's oldest rivals. Unlike Shang Tsung who feeds on the souls of his victims, Wie-Lu draws power from the blood spilled and pain inflicted in battle. Some say he sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for ultimate power...

Ending: Wei-Lu was a former member of the White Lotus Society, but he was banished from the temple for his brutality towards his opponents. He met his match against Shang Tsung, who saw potential as a future Mortal Kombat champion for Outworld, and spared him. However, Wei-Lu sold his soul to a darker force than Shao Kahn... for a price: in exchange for his new powers, Wei-Lu would return to Hell once he killed Shang Tsung. With the sorcerer's death, Wei-Lu finds himself pulled into the deepest circles of Hell, only to find a new master... the Elder God Shinnok.

Fighting Style: Wei-Lu uses Dim Mak, also known as the Touch of Death. His attacks are fast, precise and focus on his opponent's pressure points. His fighting style is inspired by traditional Kung Fu cinema so he has many wushu style-attacks e.g. whirlwind kicks.

Special Moves
Heart Stopper: A powerful palm strike to the chest that stuns the opponent.
Snake Hands: Wei-Lu strikes the opponent with rapid-fire punches.
Flying Kicks: Similar to Kung Lao's Whirlwind Kicks from MKDA, he flies towards the opponent.
Iron Fist: Wei-Lu charges a powerful punch that sends his opponent flying.
Dark Chi: A purple ball of electrified evil energy.

X-Ray: Body Break: Wei-Lu uses one hand to perform several bone-breaking strikes (arm, ribs, neck etc.)
Finisher 1: Heart Burst: Wei-Lu charges his fist with dark chi and punches his opponent in the chest, causing the heart to explode out of their body with bloody results.
Finisher 2: Head Snap: Wei-Lu grabs his opponent and twists their neck enough times to pop their head off.

Entrance: (while raising his electrified fist) "Your fighting style cannot match my brutality!"
Victory Pose: (while performing a Kata) "How pathetic!"

Submitted by: MK_Fanatic_

Judges Remarks

Judge: Mick-Lucifer (Mortal Kombat Online Webmaster)
For all intents and purposes this was a very simple entry, but I think therein lies its virtue.
Over the years, Mortal Kombat has struggled to maintain its roots in the realm of martial arts. Wei-Lu was a character that tapped into the kung fu style that made the original so great.

I'm not sure modern MK fans are ready to fully embrace a character as traditional as this -- at least not until they've seen it in action -- but I feel it's exactly the kind of thing the series needs. The ending and ties to the Netherrealm felt a little on the unnecessary side, but otherwise, this was one of my absolute favourite entries. A character with a strong theme, but plenty of room to grow. This one had plausibility in spades and I think it was hard done by not to make the finals, at the least.

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