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Name: Xorah
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 128lbs
Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Good (formerly unwittingly evil)

Primary Appearance: [See image.]

Bio: As the younger sister of the ruthless criminal Kano, Xorah never quite experienced a happy, stable life. In fact, her life seemed to be shrouded in misery and woe at all times. When she was merely a teenager, her parents died in a mysterious accident. After her parents died, Xorah changed forever.She was so devastated and miserable, that she dropped out of her private school and planned to run away from the foster home she was placed in after her parent's death. It was during the time that Kano had returned from the military, that Xorah noticed that Kano's demeanor and outlook on life was much different than before he left for military duty. And hearing about the news of his parent's death, made matters worse for Kano. Kano took Xorah in, as they were the only family they had left. But living with her brother, Xorah was introduced to a world unseen by her before, a world of heinous violence and crime. And that manifested when Kano joined the Black Dragon Organization.

Kano informed Xorah that the Black Dragon was a mercenary group that fought and killed for equality, justice, and peace, and Kano urged Xorah to join with him. Xorah was hesitant at first, but Kano was her only family and the Black Dragon would be an opportunity for her to change society for the better, so she joined The Black Dragon. Kano decided to train Xorah to be a Black Dragon member himself, training her in assassination techniques and military combat. He even gave Xorah her own signature Black Dragon weapons, a mace rope and a lighter, capable of shooting flames. But other Black Dragon members felt uneasy with Xorah's presence and disliked her because of her thoughts on peace and prosperity. However, Kano reassured them that eventually she would understand The Black Dragon's purpose and she would be a worthy member. Xorah soon felt that The Black Dragon wasn't as heroic as her brother told her. During a mission, Xorah witnessed two things that altered her perspective of The Black Dragon. One, she witnessed hundreds of innocent lives destroyed. & two, she witnessed the gruesome mutilation of her brother's face. And her feelings were solidified when a Black Dragon member held a knife to her throat, blaming her for the failed operation, being unable to murder innocent lives. In a fit of rage, Kano ripped the heart out of the Black Dragon member who threatened to kill his sister. Shocked and horrified at what she saw her brother do, Xorah was speechless, infuriated that Kano had lied to her, and deeply saddened that she was a part of the atrocious Black Dragon. When Kano looked at a heartbroken and grieved Xorah, he had nothing to say to her. It was as if he was empty, and soulless. All he could manage to say to Xorah was "I'm sorry Xorah. Perhaps we should go our separate ways now. If you stay with me, you'll be dead by morning". And the next thing Xorah knew, an explosion fired, separating her from Kano before she could say a thing.

When Xorah became conscious, she was realized she was taken prisoner, by a woman named Sonya Blade and a man named Jax. However she was soon released by them when they discovered she was innocent. Hearing that Xorah was Kano's sister made Sonya cringe, yet both she and Jax developed a friendship with Xorah. So they took Xorah back to their base. Sonya eventually couldn't help but inform Xorah of all of Kano's atrocities, feeling as though Xorah deserved to know the truth, even if it hurt her. She also explained her hatred for Kano, to the point where she would kill him. Xorah was a bit torn. Realizing who her brother truly was, and yet the thought of her brother being a treacherous criminal, was hard for her to bear. But Xorah knew without a doubt, that Kano would have to be brought down, and if she couldn't do it, Sonya would. Still despising what The Black Dragon did to her, Kano, and hundreds of innocent lives, Xorah made it her goal to avenge the fallen innocents. And on a mission with Sonya Blade and Jax in Outworld, Xorah learned all about the devious conqueror Shao Kahn and his malice intentions, The Mortal Kombat tournament, and Kano's ties to both. Xorah realized that The Black Dragon, The Mortal Kombat tournament, and her brother, revolved around one person...Shao Kahn. She knew that if she wanted to avenge the fallen, and prevent future lives from being obliterated, she would have to remove Shao Kahn from his force, because she knew that without Shao Kahn, there could be a chance for peace. Even if she died trying, she would try to stop the malicious Shao Kahn, and her brother next...

Ending: As Shao Kahn collapsed to the ground in a pool of blood, Xorah felt a feeling of empowerment and victory. She finally overthrew Shao Kahn from his merciless throne, and killed him. Xorah thought that after the demise of Shao Kahn, she would have no more reason to fight, as peace for the future would be secured. However, Xorah realized that there were many more wicked people who were standing in the way of peace in harmony. She knew she would have to keep fighting, to eliminate any threats to what is honorable and righteous. Her next target was the necromancer Quan Chi, who was malevolently plotting during Shao Kahn's reign. And as she prepared to travel to the Netherrealm with nothing but her mace rope and lighter, she was halted by a god-like man known as Raiden. Xorah had seen Raiden a couple times before and overheard legends about him, but had never spoken to him. Raiden had warned Xorah that if she traveled to the Netherrealm, she would be murdered by Quan Chi most definitely. Xorah explained her goal for peace and why she must rid the earth of men like Shao Kahn or Quan Chi. Raiden still stood in her way before proposing an offer to her. He explained to her that she had been closely watched by the Elder Gods, who were quite intigued with Xorah's quest for peace. The Elder Gods asked Raiden to deliver a message to Xorah. The asked Xorah if she would like to take a spot as an elder god, with incredible powers and abilities for an incredible young woman like Xorah. Unsure what she would do, Xorah told Raiden that after she destroyed Quan Chi, she would have an answer for him to deliver to the Elder Gods. Raiden allowed Xorah to descend to the Netherrealm, but only if she would let him accompany her in her goal of murdering Quan Chi. Raiden and Xorah knew that if they wanted to destory Quan Chi, they would have to work together. But Raiden warned Xorah that once they entered the Netherrealm, they may not ever live again. Xorah was content with that, as long as she died trying to stop Quan Chi from fulfilling his malevolent goals. Raiden and Xorah then entered the portal leading to the Netherrealm, dissappearing into the void and darkness, as the portal vanished...

Fighting Style: Xorah's fighting style combines elements of grappling and swift strikes, while playing as a light character at the same time. While most of her moves are powerful and hard-hitting, Xorah is quite agile, defensive, and witty. Her moves mostly revolve around either getting the opponent close enough to her to where she can repeatedly strike them with brutal hits, depleting their health bar quickly, or getting the opponent far away from her as possible so that she can perform her dangerous grapple/grab moves. With her powerful mace rope, Xorah has the capability to perform some vicious combos, and her mace rope enables her to perform most of her grabs by piercing her opponent, immobilizing them, allowing her to throw, and even hit. And her nifty lighter allows her some great range, by keeping a distance between her and her oppoenent while she prepares for another throw, or a combo. And not to mention that her lighter not only blasts her opponent away, but it sets them on fire, causing even more damage to their health. Xorah is character with a very distinct fighting style: brutal, speedy, dynamic, agile, and smart. Xorah is a punk rocker beauty, who is a force to be reckoned with, and her mace rope and lighter inflict destruction on her opponents.

Special Moves
Skull Shatter: Xorah swings a mace ball up and then fiercely down upon opponent's head, causing blood to fly everywhere.
- Enhanced: The enhanced version of this move being called Skull Embrace- Xorah swings a mace ball up and then fiercely down upon opponent's head, lodging the ball in their skull, before she yanks them face first into the ground.
Brain Batter: Xorah grabs her opponent by the head with both hands and then slams her head into their head, stunning them.
- Enhanced: The enhanced version of this move being called Brain Splatter- Xorah grabs her opponent by the head with both hands and then slams her head into their head two times, causing them to fall back to the ground, blood dripping everywhere.
Hellish Windmill: Xorah spins her maces in front of her opponent at an incredibly fast speed that it sends her opponent spiraling back across the screen if they are near her.
- Enhanced: The enhanced version of this move being called Sharp Hellish Windmill- Xorah spins her maces at an incredibly fast speed in front of her opponent, causing the opponent to be drawn towards Xorah and repeatedly hit by the spinning maces.
Radiant Combustion: Xorah uses her lighter which shoots out a flare of blue flames, which on impact, sends the opponent flying, while set in flames.
- Enhanced: The enhanced version of this move being called Glorious Combustion- Xorah uses her lighter which shoots out a large flare of blue flames, and can continue firing a stream of the flames, which, on impact, send the opponent flying, while set in flames.
United to Kill: Xorah swings her maces forward together in unison, and they both land in the opponent's ribcage, and once they are lodged in, Xorah jump kicks the opponent in the chest, dislodging the maces and sending the opponent back.
- Enhanced: The enhanced version of this attack being called Grim Unity- Xorah swings her maces forward together in unison, and once both maces lodge in the opponent's ribcage, Xorah presses here foot against the opponent's jaw, forcing it back, causing their neck to snap, and then she proceeds to walk up the opponent's body, holding the mace rope, and proceeds to kick the opponent in the face, dislodging them from the maces.
Meteor Shower: Xorah slams both mace balls into her opponent's shoulders, and swings the opponent over her head, and then falls back, slamming her opponent into the ground behind her. On impact, the opponent bounces into the air before falling back to the ground.
- Enhanced: The enhanced version of this move being called Doom Throw- Xorah slams both mace balls into her opponent's shoulders, and swings the opponent over her head, and then falls back, slamming her opponent into the ground behind her, but then she quickly turns around and yanks the mace balls out of the opponent's shoulders.

X-Ray: Show Stopper - Xorah spins her mace balls above her head and then proceeds to repeatedly bludgeon her opponent's face with a mace ball, the second hit showing the mace ball fracturing their skull,while blood and teeth fly out of the opponent's mouth. She then twirls and swings a mace ball into the opponent's chest, piercing their heart, causing the heart to stop for a second, and rupturing major arteries near the heart and lungs. And after pulling the mace ball out of the chest, Xorah finishes the X-ray by igniting her lighter before the opponent, sending them flipping back and when they land on their back, all of their air flies out of their lungs and their spine is cracked and fractured. When the X-ray is over, the opponent is heard coughing and choking.
Finisher 1: Radical Lobotomy- Xorah throws her mace balls forward which land in the opponent's eyes. As the opponent screams from the pain, Xorah yanks out the maces, gouging the opponent's eyes in the process. As the opponent screams, Xorah sticks her hands deep into her opponent's eye cavities, and pulls out their brains, squishing it between her fingers. Once she pulls the brains completely out, the opponent falls dead and she throws the brains behind her.
Finisher 2: Hot Mess- Xorah grabs her opponent by the top of their head and then sets them in flames. As they fall to the ground burning, Xorah swings both mace balls into the opponent's chest and slowly lifts them up to where they can stand, before she horizontally rips out the maces, causing the opponents upper body to detach from the rest of their body. The opponent's head and upper chest falls off the rest of their body in a charred, bloody mess, while melted, hot organs fall out of opponent's body before they fall to the ground.

Entrance: Xorah's profile is shown as she spins her mace balls and then turns to face her opponent while spinning her mace balls even faster in front of her and says "Come closer...I don't bite, but I hit hard!" , and proceeds to clash her two mace balls together.
Victory Pose: Xorah throws her mace balls into the air and catches them by the rope and says "Next fight?! Who else wants some of this?" while looking around for any worthy opponents to fight.

Submitted by: Eliblue

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