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Name: Abyss
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Alignment: Good
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200lbs
Origin: Netherrealm

Bio: A tormented soul, Abyss shall spend the rest of eternity in the 4th plane of the Netherrealm. Known as Jack “Bone-Breaker’’ in the world of the living, Earthrealm, Jack was part of the gang called the Black Dragon. He was the combat expert of the gang and his specialty was breaking the bones of his victims. But, when the Special Forces corned Jack, he found himself in the hell that is the Netherrealm. Spending years in the Netherrealm, he not only realizes that he is able to manipulate the bones in his body but also his wrong doing and begs for is atonement. His time comes when Abyss see the sorcerer Quan Chi opening a portal. Knowing that anywhere is better than the Netherrealm, he quickly enters unbeknown to Quan Chi. He quickly realizes that he has retuned back to Earthrealm and that his body has changed to resemble more human like, but that he must control the inner demon within his body. He also sees the city he once knew destroyed because of Shao Khan’s conquest. He now knows what he must do; he must destroy Shao Khan to atone his crimes.

Fighting Style: Since his specialty is bone manipulation, most of his moves surround him using his bones as weapons. His weapons would be daggers (one of his ribs), stick (thigh bone), and long ranged weapon (spine). Like Nightwolf, he uses his weapons in his combos. After finishing the combo, he would drop his weapon. His stance would be protective, keeping his hands near his body so he is able to take out is “weapons” fast. I picture him hunching forward a bit while putting his right hand on his rib bone and his left hand on his spine. If he needs to, he able to fight hand to hand without using his bones. His fighting style would be keeping his opponent unbalanced, using either quick multiple attacks or hard single attacks. Abyss should be an aggressive opponent, but is also able to be a “keep away” opponent as well.

Primary Costume: Since Abyss is a being from the Netherrealm, he must have a lot of scars from fighting with all the other Oni’s. While fighting the other Oni’s for survival, their blood soaked Abyss body, so as of now has a red tinted skin color. Also, his hair is red because he is able to turn is hair into bone and has ram his head into many Oni’s while in the Netherrealm. As a reward for beating up his first Oni’s, Abyss stole his should pads and has yet to take it off. Clothing is scarce in the Netherrealm so he barely wears any. I am unable to show it on Superhero Generator, but I also wanted Abyss to have some of his bones sticking out. For example, one of his ribs should be sticking out of his body so he can use it as knife. So one of his ribs, one of his thigh bones, and part of his spine from his back should be sticking out of his body.
Alternate Costume: This is Abyss in his Black Dragon clothes. At age 28, one could say that Abyss was quite a man; still young but very energetic. After joining the Black Dragon, he was sent to many night assassination jobs. To lessen the chance of being found, Abyss wore dark clothing. Also, even though Abyss was an excellent fighter, he wore clothing that would protect him should anyone even come close to him. As with his primary costume, his bones would be sticking out from his front vest (rib), back (spine) and pants (thigh bone).

Special Moves
Finger Bullets: Swinging his arm across his body in a horizontal arc, Abyss sends out the bones of his finger tips at a fast rate.
Stalagmite: Sticking his hand in the ground, you hear something moving in the ground and a second later, a stalagmite made out of bone appears.
Bone Protection: A defensive move where Abyss kneels and bones come out of his back. He stays like this for about 3 seconds. A counter against jumping opponents. Abyss cannot block low attacks.
Killer Kick: Sticking bones from his feet, Abyss swings his foot in an horizontal arc knocking back the opponent.
Head Ram: Running forward with his head in front, Abyss would turn his hair into bones and try to ram into the opponent. If blocked, he would become dizzy for a moment, rendering him helpless. He will continuously run forward until he either connects to the opponent or reaches the end of the stage.

X-Ray: Taking his spine from his back, he lasso’s it to his opponent’s right foot. If it connects, he lifts his opponent and slam’s him or her down breaking the back of his/her skull. The X-ray feature shows the opponents skull breaking. He then let’s go off his spine and rolls up in a ball and rolls over his opponent. In his ball form, you see his bones that resemble spikes all over his body. As he rolls over his opponent, you see though the X-ray feature the opponent’s body receiving little holes over their back and skull. This X-ray can only be blocked by a low block.
Fatality 1: Unable to control his demon form, it comes out. The opponent, awaken from the dizzy state, is terrified of the thing that is standing before him/her. He then grabs the opponent and does a bear hug. As the opponent is screaming from the pain of his/her bones crushing, Abyss’s bones come out all over his body and impale the opponent. Abyss then let go of the opponent and proceeds to eat him/her.
Fatality 2: Jumping above the opponent, Abyss has his back facing the opponent. When Abyss is directly above the opponent, bones shoot out from his back and impale the opponent. When he lands, he walks over to the opponent and pick up one of his bones that has his opponent head on it. Abyss continues to throws the bone up and catch’s it until the screen fades to black.

Entrance: His hands on his forehead, you see red aura around his body. He then rises and says "I have to keep it under control"
Match Taunt: His right knee on the ground, red aura comes out of his body. You see part of his demon form come out, but it quickly disappears and Abyss stands up in his stance.
Victory Pose: A close up on Abyss as he changes to his demon form. He then see the downed opponent and is quickly atop of him or her. Not shown on the screen, you hear the opponent scream and see blood being squirted. Now come the "Abyss Win"

Ending: After defeating Shao Khan, Abyss was confronted by Raiden and the forces of Light. Raiden, unsure of what just happened, asked Abyss just one question. “Why?” After telling everybody his history, Raiden placed his hand on Abyss should. In a blink of an eye, they disappeared from earthrealm and appeared in front of the Elder Gods. After much arguing, Raiden convince them to restore Abyss humanity. Back in earthrealm, the forces of light were surprised to see a new person next to Raiden. Abyss, now a human, now joins the forces of light in defeating all the evil in the realms.

Submitted by: Miko2668

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