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Name: Akari
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Good
Height: 5'8
Weight: 174lbs
Origin: Edenia

Bio: Akari was once one of Jerrod's warriors he was one of the few who survived Edenia's fusing with Outworld. However, he was captured shortly after and taken to a prison chamber in Kahn's Fortress. There he was lined up with other war prisoners to be decided upon who was the "playmate" of the Emperor's new daughter.

When Kahn arrived he brought with him a woman who Akari thought looked familiar. It had appeared to be Princess Kitana to him except something was off about her but he couldn't tell what it was. To his dismay "Kitana" chose him.

When he was forced into her quarters he pleaded to his supposed princess that Kahn wasn't her father and that she must escape. However the only response he got was a childish giggle. He realized too late that this wasn't the princess but an imposter. This imposter quickly removed her veil revealing her hideous face and performed unspeakable tortures to Akari. However her sadistic pleasures were short lived as Kahn summoned her to his throne room as they were about to leave for Outworld's coliseum. As the fortress was abandoned this left him enough time to barely escape from the imposter's room despite being a worn bloody mess. He spent the remainder of MK2-MK3 looking for surviving Edenians and seeking revenge on Kahn and the imposter known as Mileena.

Fighting Style: Saint's Fist, a flashy combination of Taekwondo, Karate and Tai Chi mixed together with his light and energy based powers.

Powers: Manipulation of light and teleportation.

Primary Costume: Long blonde hair in a low ponytail, wraps on his fists and feet, White hakama that's tattered at the bottom and a red sash. A white scarf masking the lower half of his face. His eyes have grey pupils and he has multiple scars all over his torso and some scars over his mouth.
Alternate Costume: A white cloak and hood, gold bracelets, white baggy pants, a gold belt and he's barefoot. He also still has his torture scars.

Special Moves
Luminous Sphere: Akari leaves a ball of light hanging around in the air, these do damage upon collision, he can leave up to 3, The enhanced version launches the opponent.
Radiant Burst: He explodes any hanging spheres on command. the enhanced version does the same launch effect.
Solar Warp: A simple teleportation move. the enhanced version causes a burst of light that stuns the opponent.
Dashing Blitz: He moves across with a palm strike that knocks back the target. The enhanced version staggers then follows with a knee.

X-Ray: Akari does a Dashing Blitz that if it connects dislocates the opponents jaw. While the opponent staggers from the blow he warps to the air and does a falling axe kick crushing the opponent's skull.
Fatality 1: Akari creates a circle of light beneath the opponent's feet that slowly and painfully roasts the opponent from the bottom on upward.
Fatality 2: Akari's hand begins to glow as he strikes the opponent's torso while a burst of light shoots clean through, causing their remaining entrails to spill out the back.

Entrance: A beam of light appears and he drops from the sky and shouts, "It's time to avenge my homeland!"
Match Taunt: If standing near the opponent he does a Solar Warp backwards and strikes a stance, If mid screen he juggles a ball of light saying "That can't be all you've got right?"
Victory Pose: Akari bows respectfully towards the opponent, and laughs as he warps away.

Ending: After defeating Shao Kahn Akari notices a female figure leaving the arena. He believes that the figure is none other than Mileena, the woman who had fooled and put him through immense torture. He then proceeds to attack "Mileena" from behind claiming his revenge. But to his dismay he had not assailed Mileena, but instead murdered Kitana his former princess. Grief stricken, Akari then committed Hara-Kiri shortly afterwards.

Submitted by:GuardiaXIV

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