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<Name: Alexandra
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown [Possibly 18 - 22]
Alignment: Good [Formerly Neutral]
Height: 5'9
Weight: 132lbs
Origin: Earthrealm [Athens, Greece]

Bio: During one of Shao Kahn's invasions of Earthrealm, he invaded Greece, (along with other countries) to find the strongest and fiercest Greek Soldiers to take as prisoners for his upcoming army. The invasion went from being a simple abduction, to a bloody massacre of Greek citizens. In a frantic frenzy, the Greek people looked for what may have been their only way for survival. They looked for Alexandra Petra Ambrosia, a baby who had been blessed with the stunning beauty of Aphrodite herself. With rosy cheeks and crystal-blue eyes, Alexandra had an essence that radiated off of her that caused anyone who saw her to fall in love with her beauty. Alexandra was the daughter of a nobleman named Peter. Her mother died giving birth to Alexandra. When the citizens suggested their idea to Peter, which was asking Shao Kahn if they could sacrifice Alexandra for Shao Kahn's mercy, Peter was disgusted and terrified. He was 100 percent against the idea. Out of fear and selfishness, the Greek citizens snatched baby Alexandra out of her father's hand and told Shao Kahn of their idea and begged for his mercy. At first, he was unmoved, but after they told him of how beautiful she was destined to be as she grew older, he grew to like the idea of having a slave and eminent mistress more and more, so he took Alexandra with him as her father begged for her back, but Shao Kahn refused to give her back, because he was too happy with his newfound prize. As Alexandra grew older, she grew to despise Shao Kahn, as he took her away from her home and father, and treated her like dirt, allowing her never to fight or learn self defense, but only to be a slave to him. She felt worthless, and she felt constantly depressed. Shao Kahn's "daughter" Kitana and his assassin, Jade, were not even allowed to talk to Alexandra because she was, in his words, " A worthless slut". With no recollection of her past, besides the fact that she was taken from her homeland, Alexandra fantasized that during the invasion, her country fought hard and strong to protect her but Shao Kahn was too powerful and took her by force. To her surprise, on her seventeenth birthday, Shao Kahn informed Alexandra of what her homeland did to her, and how instead of fighting with valor and strength, they cowardly sacrificed a baby. At first she didn't believe it, but eventually, small memories came back to her and she remembered exactly what Shao Kahn was talking about. He even told her "Why would you care so much about a place that never even wanted you? You were worthless to them! You are nothing!" The only thing he lied about was that Alexandra's father, Peter, also agreed to sacrificing Alexandra. This made Alexandra hate Greece, and despise her father even more. But later after hearing that traumatizing information, a spirit showed up in her chambers who turned out to be her father, Peter, who died shortly after her abduction, due to a broken heart. He informed her of the real story and also informed her of Shao Kahn's deceptive lies. After a tearful reunion, Peter gave Alexandra three items that he had brought with him. A sword, a shield, and a spear. He promised her that as long as she was held as Shao Kahn's prisoner, he would train her in the art of kombat. Peter told Alexandra to act as a spy within Shao Kahn's palace to make sure she is aware of all of his upcoming plans so that she may have all the information needed to plot an escape when the time is right. During the first Mortal Kombat tournaments, Alexandra sits in front of Shao Kahn's throne, only pretending to be a stupid slave, incapable of knowing any information about Shao Kahn, or his plans, but secretly, Alexandra is the one that Shao Kahn usually vents and wraths upon for his various troubles and worries. Using all the information and intel she has learned from being Shao Kahn's slave and only "friend", and with her training in kombat from her father, Alexandra plans to escape the clutches that are bound upon her from Shao Kahn, and to put an end to his tyranny, once and for all. (important note)- Alexandra does not kill unless the situation ABSOLUTELY calls for it. The only person that she would actually like to kill is Shao Kahn.

Fighting Style: Alexandra's fighting style is based on a mixture of Greco-Roman wrestling and traditional gladiator fighting(sword fighting). Besides using moves involving submissions, grapples, and holds to choke off her opponents air supply or to break bones, or to cause her opponent to "tap out", Alexandra is an excellent swordsman. She uses a traditional sword carved by a blacksmith, traditional Greek spears, and a shield. She has the looks that should make her a goddess, and yet she has the heart of a lion. She fights with speed, and isn't a heavy-moving character, despite her weaponry. Alexandra doesn't focus on only her strength, and she usually isn't intimidated by the strength and size of her opponent. Instead, she focuses on her strike, focus, and execution. She uses ancient Pankration , which includes joint locking and finding pressure points. Her focus and strike make up for her size and strength. Her biggest goal is to get the opponent unconscious, as fast as possible.

Special Moves
Attract: Alexandra releases a magical essence from her mouth that covers her body, causing the opponent to be immobilized by love, unable to attack. ENHANCED- (same except the effect lasts a bit longer)
Spear Throw: Throws a sharp spear at the opponent's torso. ENHANCED- Throws a fire-lit spear at opponent
Sword Spin: Spins with her sword out, slashing her opponent's stomach. ENHANCED- Spins with her sword out, slashing her opponent's knees, and then their stomach.
Shield Thrust: Slams her shield into the top of the opponent's head. ENHANCED- Slams her shield into the top of the opponent's head, then uppercuts the opponent with the shield.
Sword Thrust: Shoves her sword into her opponent's gut, then kicks them off her sword. ENHANCED- Shoves her sword into her opponent's gut, twists it, then kicks them off her sword.
Half-Nelson: Grabs her opponent in a half-nelson and then cracks their neck. ENHANCED—Grabs her opponent in a half-nelson ,cracks their neck, and then stabs them in the top of the head.
Piano Fingers: Jabs every pressure point of the opponent at an incredibly fast speed, causing their body to freeze up. ENHANCED- Jabs every pressure point of the opponent at an incredibly fast, then grabs them and squeezes so hard that their bones break.
Spirit Call: A white spirit comes out of her mouth (her dead father) and brutally hits the opponent at a fast speed. ENHANCED- A white spirit comes out of her mouth and takes the opponent into the air and slams them into the ground.
Throw [Forward]: Grabs the opponents arm and twists it, snapping bones, then grabs their head and slams it deep into the ground.
Throw [Back]: Jumps on to the opponent, wrapping her legs around their neck. She then flips back, slamming their head into the ground.

X-Ray: Pain is Pleasure: Alexandra tackles her opponent down to the ground and holds them down with her legs. She then grabs her shield off her back and slams it into her opponent's face, shattering their teeth and skull. She then flips the shield on it's edge and slams it into her opponent's neck, breaking their trachea, leaving them to choke as she rolls off.
Fatality 1: Fatal Attraktion: Alexandra throws her weapons to the ground. Alexandra grabs her opponent and puts them in a strong bear-hug, holding them tight. The opponent soon starts to choke as bones start to snap and they gasp for air, as if they are in the hold of an anaconda. As they squirm and gasp, Alexandra only squeezes harder until their blood vessels burst and they go unconscious from lack of air and their snapped bones. She then throws them to the ground before stepping on their face with an axe kick, breaking their neck, killing them.
Fatality 2: Target Praktice: Alexandra's dad's warrior spirit comes out of her mouth and grabs the opponent and lifts them into the air. She then takes one of her spears and throws it through the opponents eye. Her dad then takes them to ground level and she stabs them in the stomach with her sword. She leaves the sword in there as she hits them in the head with her shield, causing them to fall to their knees. She then takes the sword out and stabs them in the head.

Entrance: Alexandra is shown lying on the ground with her armor and weapons scattered beside her. She is eating grapes off the vine and when she looks at the opponent she says "How long are you gonna keep me waiting?" She then picks up her items.
Match Taunt: She bends over to look at the opponent and says "Was I too much for you?"
Victory Pose: Puts her bloody sword back into its case. She then turns her head to face the screen as her hair flows in the wind

Ending: As Alexandra stared at Shao Kahn's dead body, she couldn't help but feel guilty for taking the life another human being, but she then realized that it was perfect sentence for a man as evil and as sadistic as Shao Kahn. With her mission accomplished, Alexandra and her father walked away, promising never to return to this place of evil. Once they arrived in Greece, the Greek people cheered for Alexandra's return and were overjoyed that they now would have a protector of their country. Alexandra was anointed as Queen. To her surprise, she wasn't as happy as she'd expected to be and realized that the country she was ruling only loved her when it was beneficial to them, and she hated how everyone acted as though nothing had ever happened. Flashbacks of her torturous life reminded her of what her country did to her. Despite her father's pleas, she threw off her crown and left. This time, she left on her own. When she returned, Raiden informed Alexandra of the demise of the earth realm heroes. Saddened as she was to hear Kitana and Jade had fallen, Alexandra had a new objective in mind, to stick around to make sure Shao Kahn stayed dead for good, and to help if any new threats towards earth realm arose. She now assists Raiden, Johnny Cage, and Sonya, in rebuilding earth realm, and is ready for any fight coming her way.

Submitted by: eliblue

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