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Name: Ataxia
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185lbs
Origin: Chaosrealm

Bio: After Havik, the cleric of chaos, told Ataxia of Earthrealm's invasion from Outworld. Ataxia left at once to fight in the chaos and to insure Bedlam. This is also an opportunity for the Chaosrealm to witness the the skills of both realms for future battles to come.

Fighting Style: A unique fighting style that involves an abnormally flexible body and chaotic energy. Some techniques resemble capoeira and muay thai.

Primary Costume: She has short black hair. She never reveals her eyes. Orange energy emits from her hands. she wares a constant smile and laughs when she completes combos as well when she is hit. A Orange visor covers her face from the nose up ending in three points. She wares pauldrons one with a large spike and the other with the emblem of chaos.Her bust is completely covered by belts. Her midriff shows but her belly button is covered by her large belt buckle decorated with another emblem of chaos. She wares Black pants with mismatched armored boots and a tattered black loin cloth. Her right arm is decorated with linking metal chains and her left with belt straps.
Alternate Costume: Similar to Havik' s alt the hood covers her face in the same way her visor did revealing only the bottom of her nose and her smile. There is no writing on her outfit only the symbol of chaos once again on her belt. chains decorate the sleeved right side and her sleeveless left has a metal bracer.

Special Moves
Port-jectile: Ataxia shoots orange energy behind her wrapping around the screen. When it hits an enemy it telaports the them in front of ataxia
Enhanced: instead knocks the enemy towards Ataxia doing some damage.
Chaos Bang: Slapping Orange energy together a "bang" occurs midscreen that does moderate damage and throws the enemy back.
Enhanced: confuses the opponent
Chaos Pop: Ataxia flips into the air and dose a Chaos Bang towards the ground popping up the opponent under her at the time of the blast.
Enhanced: increases damage
Chaos Shield: Ataxia opens a portal in front of her. if a projectile enters it come back out behind the opponent now targeting them.
Enhanced: increases the speed and damage of the projectile.

X-Ray: Ataxia grabs the opponents shoulders and does a hand stand on them. She then swings down with her boots directly connecting to the opponent's knees, Snapping them. With the momentum the characters roll until the opponent is on their back. She then does a Chaos Bang to the chest blasting herself off the opponents chest breaking their ribs. Ataxia then lands stylishly.
Fatality 1: Big Bang: Ataxia does an enlarged version of Chaos Bang that explodes the opponent into pieces. She then shoots a Port-Jectile at the decapitated head and catches it once it telaports in front of her.. -jump
Fatality 2: Crotch Bang: Ataxia walks up seductive crabs the crotch and explodes the opponent leaving only the 2 legs to fall over in opposite directions. She then laughs hysterically laughing event to the point of bending over and slapping her knees.
Babality: If Ataxia is turned into a baby she will shoot a portjectile off screen and telaports a stuff animal she then grabs it and starts speaking baby gibberish.

Entrance: After a bursting of orange light "Show me the chaos from with in"
Match Taunt: "Hahaha! More! more! more!" concentrating energy into her hands.
Victory Pose: "Mmhm, if only you lasted longer."

Ending: Ataxia unable to resist her battle lust attacked and defeated Shao Kahn. She the returned to Chaosrealm only to prepare for war. In the Cleric's eyes what she did will disturb the balance of chaos and order and threaten the chaos realm. Ataxia knows that the battles ahead in the invasion of Outworld will not soon be forgotten.

Submitted by: Daylok

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