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Name: Aurore Bonet
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Alignment: Good
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 131lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: Aurore Bonet was born to a street fighting Parisian immigrant and an American woman. After her motherís untimely, Auroreís father began to teach her the martial arts techniques that he had learned during his time of living on the streets in Paris including how to harness her chi. One day while walking home, Aurore was attacked by a gang. She easily defeated and was approached by an old man who offered her the chance to participate in the Mortal Kombat Tournament. She quickly ran home to tell her father only to reveal that he too was invited to the tournament but declined the invite after he was told that it would mean his death by a man wearing white and blue robes with a straw hat. Aurore now finds herself in strange world fighting for Earthrealm alongside the man with the blue and white robes and straw hat.

Fighting Style: Farrah use the fighting style Savate de rue. Savate de rue is the same as Savate but in addition to kicks and punches, training in savate de rue includes knee and elbow strikes along with locks, sweeps, throws, head-butts, and takedowns

Primary Costume: Aurore has medium length brown hair that falls slightly below her shoulder blades. She has green eyes. She wears a bustier that double straps around the shoulders. The straps are brown the bustier is blue with and shiny reflective type of fabric that runs across the top forming an arch on the bustier a The reason that fabric is on there is so that her chi which light based reflects off of it. She wears a pair of jeans. She has belt that goes across her waist and has hanging straps that snap around her jeans she wears a pair jeans. Aurore is also wearing blue and silver savate shoes over her jeans. She wears long brown fingerless gloves that almost reach to the elbow. The gloves are also covered a forearm guard that are made from the same type of reflective material thatís on her bustier.
Alternate Costume: Aurore has her hair in a ponytail that is in the middle of the back of her head. She is wearing a low cut tight gray and white halter top that stops just above the navel. She is also wearing a cropped black leather jacket that has the reflective fabric on the collar. She is wearing black short shorts with knee length high heeled steel toed boots with the steel on the outside. She also is wearing brown finger less gloves.

Special Moves
Flash: She sticks out her hand and projects a ray of light that blinds the opponent.
Enhanced: Body Flash: Creates an aura of white light around her body to bind the opponent.
Photon Burst: Aurore sticks out her hand and fires a light green colored projectile.
Enhanced: Photon Blast: Sticks out her arms and fires a blast of light.
Laser: Aurore makes a shape of gun with her hands and index finger and fires a beam. Can be used in air.
Enhanced: Laser Beam: Same as the regular laser but can be charged.
1, 2, Flip: Aurore kicks the opponent in the stomach, then in the chest, then launches herself off of their face. Basically she runs up the opponent and flips off their face.
Enhanced: she runs up the opponent and instead launching off she jumps forward off the chest turns around and fires a beam of light.

X-Ray: She starts off doing a jab/elbow combo then blinds the opponent. She then performs a hard jab to the face breaking the facial skeleton. Next she kicks them hard on the right side rupturing the liver. She ends the X-ray by grapping the opponents while they are holding their side, head and delivers a knee to the face further fracturing the face.
Fatality 1: Beams Of Doom: Aurore burns a hole in the opponentís chest. She then turns and walks away (the opponent is still alive and standing) only to turn around and shoot a laser beam from her index finger that goes between the eyes causing the top of the opponentís head to explode. She ends the fatality with a pose blowing on finger.
Fatality 2: Light Spectrum: Aurore sticks her hands out and sends out a giant beam that burns away the skin, muscles, and the bones leaving no trace of the opponent behind.

Entrance: While walking into the arena she will say "Get ready. This girl is not gonna holdback" while getting into her fighting stance.
Match Taunt: She will say "Told Ya" while cracking her knuckles.
Victory Pose: She will say "Haha Yeah" and turn her back towards the camera winking at the camera. Her body is also glowing with light.

Ending: After Aurore defeated Shao Kahn she quickly hurried back to Earthrealm to call her father and tell him the new of victory. She then told him that she wasnít coming home but that she was putting together a team that consisted of the other Earthrealm heroes. This team would relocate to New Mexico and with Aurore as their leader they would defend the realm from the forces of evil. This team would become known as the D.O.T.R or Defenders of the Realm.

Submitted by: roguelocke54

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