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Name: Bachi Li
Gender: Male
Age: Well over 3,000
Species: Half God
Alignment: Good
Height: 6'4
Weight: 151lbs
Origin: Orderrealm [Originally Earthrealm (Japan)]

Bio: achi Li is one of the 6 Remaining Guardians of Color. Born in Tokyo Japan many many years ago Bachi was killed by his own Father's hand. His Soul roamed the earth Misguided and seemed without a purpose till two energies surrounded him one blue and one red. the energies took him to the Orderrealm where he was confronted by the Elder gods for judgement. The Elder gods granted him to be a Guardian of color. They gave him the color of purple I spent 200 years in the confines of the Orderrealm concentrating his Power. The Elder Gods were pleased with his performance. After a While Of harnessing his power Bachi Traveled the realms with his New Mentor and friend Thunder god Raiden. Bachi Then Came under the Fight training of Kung Lao and Lui Kang. Together they became the heroes of Earthrealm.

Fighting Style: Aikido. is a Japanese Martial Art that was based off of Philosophy and Religious beliefs. Its translation is "The Way of Unifying with Life energy" The martial Art is meant to bruise an opponent but protect them from Injury. Bachi uses his own mixes to bring brutal battery and blood to his attacker by mixing punches and kicks with the weapons he can summon and Using His God Like speed

Primary Costume: Bachi Appears in a Short sleeved purple button up casual shirt leaving the buttons undone. Underneath he wears a Purple T Shirt, Added on he has a Medallion on the p urple T Shirt that has the Japanese word for Purple on it (?) he Wears Black Jeans as well as Black Combat shoes. Bachi Has Long Shining Purple Hair that slightly covers his right eye and Purple Cat like eyes. On his hip there are a few purple Kunai. Bachi First Appeared in Mortal Kombat Armageddon where he had a similar costume to Rain but different Power this concept was changed to a more Casual human look than that of a ninja Bachi Also Made an Appearance in Soul Calibur 3 and 4 and used recycled moves of Nightmare and Siegfried in soul calibur 3 and in Soul Caliber 4 he used recycled moves of Nightmare and Kilik.
Alternate Costume: Bachi's hair Appears shorter and a bowl cut and his Out has changed to that of a Imperial Ninja which looks like a More detailed Version of Scorpions Ninja Costume the Purple Medallion is sown into the costume and he has 4 swords that are on his back. His eyes are seen more normal and human like they are still purple. Bachi's mouth cannot be seen because of the shining purple mask he wears the mask is a smooth surfaced mask that says Guardian in Japanese on it (??????)

Special Moves
Purple Rage: Bachi Holds up his hand and 20 very small purple Orbs appear in front of his hand and they act as bullets sending the opponent Flying and lands them on their back. The Enhanced Version of this Move is Named "Purple Fury" which he sends 20 More purple orbs in sets of three where the first set throws the opponent into the air and Another set throws the opponent to the back of the Arena and the final set slams them into the ground.
Eat Foot: Bachi Jumps into the air as his feet come to a purple glow and he Kicks they opponent twice in the chest which causes the opponent to land on their face. The Enhanced version of this Move is called "Hell on Earth" He kicks the Opponent in the chest 4 times then drop kicks the opponent in to the ground on their face.
Bitch Slap!: Simply Bachi's Hand glows Purpl e and he slaps the opponent which sends them spinning leaving them open for a free attack. the Enhances Version of this Move he Slaps the opponent 4 times and then hard punches their chest sending them rolling across the floor.
Your Rejected Reality: Bachi Punches the opponent to the ground and kicks them in the groin and then stabs them in the leg with a purple Javelin Spear. The Enhanced Version of this Move is called "Substitution" He punches the opponent on their back, Kicks them in the crotch and then summons the purple raging bullets to toss them in the air leaving the opponent open for a air combo.
Go To Sleep: Bachi holds up his fist which Glows purple and he punches the opponent 5 times in the face and throws them tot he ground and kicks their side. The Enhanced Version of this Move is called "Authority" Bachi Punches the opponent 10 times. kicks them in the stomach and then jumps on their chest.

X-Ray: Purple Is Cool: Bachi Summons the purple Javelin Spear and Stabs it into the shoulder Blade of his opponent Shattering it, Then His punches The opponent in the chin shattering their jaw and Launching them into the Air then disappears in a purple Flash of light and appears over the opponent and summons a purple Scythe and slams the butt of the Scythe into the opponents skull shattering it further.
Fatality 1: Death is Glorious: Bachi Summons the Purple Scythe and cuts his opponents legs off. Then While Still Holding the scythe in one hand he summons a Metallic Purple Knife in the other hand and stabs the opponent in the eye as the opponent screams in pain he uses the scythe and cuts the opponent in half and holds the scythe in the air as a Victory.
Fatality 2: Purple Wraith: Bachi erupts with Violet energy and his eyes begin to glow bright purple his muscles get bigger and fangs begin to show. As he turns to roar at the screen a Bladed tail appears and he jumps at the opponent mauling them and turning them into nothing but blood and small chunk remains.

Entrance: bachi appears in a purple flash then levitates in the air "Are you going to give up or do I have to Smack you around first?"
Match Taunt: He Shakes his head and says "You should give up"
Victory Pose: Bachi Explodes into a purple flash of light and smoke with a purple Plate note that says "You should have Quit but you didn't ;)"

Ending: After Murdering Shao Kahn Bachi went to seek out His Murderer. His Own Father Bachi Traveled back to His home town in Earthrealm and seeked to find his family home. Bachi was not ready to find what he had seen. the home he lived in was burned to the ground the skeletal remains of his mother and younger sister laid within the wreckage something puzzled Bachi about his home but he took to find his father to get answers Bachi finds a another house where his father was supposedly staying. Bachi Entered the home to find his fathers body surrounded by blood and bounded to a chair bachi stepped toward the dead body as he came closer he felt the feeling of sorcery that he felt at his family home. Quan Chi appeared before Bachi, The Half Godsensed the same feeling coming off of the sorcerer and realized it was Quan Chi who killed him Quan Chi Revealed that it was he who got Bachi's father to kill him then turned his father on the rest of the family. Enraged Bachi Li tracked The Sorcerer to the Netherrealm and was confronted by Quan Chi's Guards. Bachi Unleashed the demon Wraith and slew Quan chi and his Guards without flaw. Raiden Appeared before the now monstrous beast that was Bachi Li and attempted to free the half god from the grip of the beast. Raiden Succeeded and brought him back to the orderrealm where he watched Bachi train to control that demon wraith for the moment The once human Half God was At Peace that he had avvenged his death and his family.

Submitted by: NoobOfTheShadows

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