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Name: Casilde [Cah-Seel-Deh]
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral (Casilde) / Evil (Wendigo Spirit)
Height: 5'8" (Primary) / 6'0" (Alternate)
Weight: 130lbs (Primary) / 142lbs (Alternate)
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: 'Shao Kahn's invasion of Earthrealm triggered a violent merging of two worlds. The Elder Gods believed this merger to affect nothing more than the Outworld forces' accessibility to Earthrealm.

They were wrong.

Entities from both realms were transformed into tormented hybrids of their former selves. One of these unfortunate victims was Casilde Esparza, a Spanish performer, and descendant of a powerful warrior who had once competed in the same Mortal Kombat tournament as the Great Kung Lao. Prone to painful visions of a violent and destructive world, Casilde was declared brain-dead, in a coma, after the premonition of an oncoming war had a traumatic affect on her psyche. As her vision became a reality, with the invasion of Earth, Casilde's comatose state resulted in the weakening of the barriers protecting her soul from corruption. During the brief period in which Quan Chi's soulnado was successfully active, Casilde's soul was ripped from its lifeless body and plunged into the wicked creation. Demons and spirits from the furthest regions of Outworld clambered through the numerous portals appearing within Earthrealm, desperately seeking unguarded hosts to inhabit within this new world. The malevolent spirit of an ancient vampiric Wendigo found its way into the body of Casilde and brought her back from the brink of death.

Upon awakening Casilde found herself suddenly equipped with inhuman senses, an unexplainable feeling of great strength, and a growing hunger. The abilities of an accomplished warrior had become a second nature to her, something she discovered as she brutally fought her way through the mutated denizens that were occupying her homelands ruins. With the corrupting force of the Wendigo consuming her mind Casilde fell victim to disturbing schizophrenic episodes during which the cannibalistic nature of the creature exercised its cruel will. Her soul now lost, Casilde is unable to distinguish between the good nature of her prior self and the evil intentions of the demon in possession of her body. '

Fighting Style: Casilde uses a hybrid fighting style that resembles elements of the Capoeria style. This emphasises her dance background, flexibility and grace, while the Wendigo's savage nature is evident in her vicious upper body attacks. The combination of Casilde's dance like movement and 'leg-centric' attacks merge devastatingly with the deadly slashes and grabs of her Wendigo 'claw'. She is extremely fast and moves fluidly around the arena with wisps of yellow energy trailing behind her swirling movements.

Primary Costume: Casilde has a dark tan skin tone and long brown hair which is loosely plaited and tied at the end. She wears a red satin halter top which joins onto a dark corset. The corset features red lacing which ties at the back to form a knee-length train. She has thigh high black boots with red satin fringes, and gloves in a similar style. The costume features a motif of gold rings, which feature on her armbands, leg-bands and boots. Casilde's black trousers are laced up on each side with red string which ties at the top and she also wears gold bands on both her wrists and ankles.

The Wendigo spirit has caused physical changes to her body and short spikes protrude from her right collar-bone and on each of her shoulders. Her facial features are also becoming slightly harsher and cruel looking. The spirit has begun manifesting itself by creating a holographic wing and claw on Casilde's left arm. This wing is made of yellow energy and despite its transparent appearance, works as an effective shield.
Alternate Costume: Casilde's alternate costume is that of her more clearly visible transformation into a Wendigo. Her hair has moulded into two twisted horns which are white and stony in appearance. This white texture is present on the top half of her face as well as her arms and legs, creating a stark contrast to the remaining areas of her former dark skin.

The golden rings of her primary costume have now become skin piercings and parts of the red satin cloth are still present, and attached to these rings. A grey swirled pattern is also present on her skin, with various streaks of red visible over the white of her arms and legs as well. The wing and claw that was once an energy formation has now become flesh and bone, and the beginnings of a second wing are appearing on her right arm. The spikes protruding from her body are also more prominent now and two sets have fangs have grown, indicating her transformation into this ancient vampiric creature. A dark grey satin cloth, which is attached to the numerous piercings on her body, has mimicked the halter top of her primary and also becomes a train after tying at her back. Hooves have grown on her feet, making her slightly taller, and sharp bony 'heels' have protruded from her feet, mirroring the boots worn in her primary costume.

Special Moves
Blood Drain: Casilde kicks her opponent in the stomach. They stumble back a few steps as she outstretches her left arm. As she squeezes her fist together, drops of blood shoot out of the opponent's orifices and cover Casilde, regenerating her health bar slightly.
Enhanced: After rejuvenating her health bar, all of the blood that she drains is then formed into a projectile and hurled back at the opponent, disorientating them.
Scratcher: Casilde crouches down and slides towards her opponent. Throwing her claw upwards she slashes the opponents' chest and face, launching them into the air.
Enhanced: After launching the opponent into the air, she stabs her claw into their chest and slams them back down to the ground.
Night Cover: She uses her wing as a shield against her opponent's projectiles.
Enhanced: The shield is used to send the opponents projectile back at them.
Wendigo Howl: Casilde creates a ball of yellow energy in her clawed hand, raises it to her face and lets out a loud growl which sends the orb flying at the opponent.
Enhanced: The range of the projectile is greater, and when it reaches the opponent it now stuns them for a few seconds.
Throw: Casilde appears behind her opponent in a wisp of yellow energy. She stabs her clawed hand into the back of her opponent and jumps into the air with them. As she levitates above the ground she raises her opponent above her head with one arm and then slams them back down to the ground.

X-Ray: Casilde uses her left hands claw to slash the opponents face, tearing their cheek and forehead. She then punches them with her right fist, dislocating their jaw and shattering their teeth, and the impact spins the opponent around to face the other way. Casilde levitates and flies backwards, raising both legs she speeds at the opponent and kicks them in the back, cracking their spine and sending them across the arena.
Fatality 1: Blood Fountain: Reaching out her arms, Casilde covers her opponent in the yellow energy and raises them from the ground. Walking up to them she slashes their entire throat and, as it pours blood she begins to growl. She swirls back a few paces and outstretches both arms. All of the blood of the opponent pours from them, mystically circles their body. Casilde then clenches both hands and tilts her head back as the stream of blood shoots towards her and coats her from head to toe. She turns to face the screen and rubs her fingers over the blood on her body, letting out an inhuman cackle.
Fatality 2: Slasher: Casilde scratches down the front of her opponents' body, teleports behind them and slashes their back. She spins them around and kicks them back a few paces. Swiping her entire left arm around her, her wing severs the opponents head. She catches the head in her right hand and, with a swirl of yellow energy levitates a few feet in the air. She then raises' the severed head above her own and lets the blood drip from its neck onto her face.

Entrance: Casilde appears in a swirl of yellow energy; she reaches out her left arm as the energy wing and claw form. She growls "Sufrira" as she clenches her newly formed 'claw'. -For her alternate costume as she reaches out her left arm her wing and claw will simply glow with yellow energy instead of forming from it.
Match Taunt: Casilde holds onto the top of her head with one hand and the opposite side of her neck with the other, almost in agony she lets out a wolf-like howl to the sky. - Close to opponent: Casilde twirls on the spot, wrapping her wing around herself and disappearing in a wisp of yellow energy. An off-screen howl is heard before she reappears, now distanced from her opponent.
Victory Pose: The transparent yellow energy covers all of Casilde's body. She swirls around on the spot and when she stops, lets out a much louder growl. As the screen goes black the yellow glow of her eyes linger a little longer.

Ending: 'After a period of extreme battle Casilde's homeland finally reverted to a somewhat recognizable form, and the monstrous warriors that had occupied it retreated through the closing portals to their world. The victory had a minor affect on Casilde however, and the demonic presence remained, just as powerful, within her body. Changes were becoming ever more noticeable upon her body as the bond between her physical form and the creatures' spirit became ever stronger.

Upon her unexplained arrival in Outworld Casilde felt the energies of two powerful figures drawing her toward them. One, a wise old man and the leader of an ancient Outworld tribe, sought to remove the corrupt entity from within her and banish it once more. The other, a female descendant of this vampiric creature, wished to ensure the merging of Casilde and the demon, reviving the powerful beast in order to gain freedom for her enslaved race.

It is the vampire, Casilde fears, who is the closer to securing her goal.'

Submitted by: DandyBoy

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