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Name: Cerastes
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (a couple millennia)
Alignment: Lawful Evil, is following a higher cause which causes him to do evil things.
Height: 178 cm (about 5'8'')
Weight: 70 kg (about 154 lbs)
Origin: Edenia, reborn in the Netherrealm

Bio: “I was born and raised in servitude under Shao Kahn's rule. My parents were Edenians who was forced to serve the corrupt emperor after he won the war and merged Edenia with Outworld after his minions had won the Mortal Kombat tournament. My inheritance was kept secret my whole childhood, as it was forbidden topic to discuss due to the emperor's daughter was also Edenian without her knowing it. I found about my roots shortly after my death by the hands of one of Kahn's guardsmen.

In my afterlife I met a man who could see some potential in me. He attacked me, forced me to defend myself and I felt a power run through my body in the thrill of the fight, as if it activated after having been slumbering inside of me. From my very hands I could manifest psionic blades, and my attacker seemed to enjoy me using it to fight for my survival. After an intense fight, leaving us both exhausted and bloodied, he introduced himself as Reiko, a former Outworldian who now served the fallen Elder God Shinnok as part of the Brotherhood of the Shadow. He took me to his superior, Quan Chi who also saw the potential that Reiko saw in me, thus making me part of the Brotherhood and training me for Shinnok's release.

For some reason, Quan Chi wanted us to support Shao Kahn in the conquering of Earthrealm. We were not allowed to question Quan Chi, but my hatred for Shao Kahn caught Reiko's attention. My mission was to hunt down and assassinate strong Earthrealm warriors, but Reiko gave me a special mission: to assassinate Shao Kahn's minions as well. I do not know why I am allowed to kill an ally's soldiers, but I will gladly do so.”

Fighting Style: Cerastes fighting style is based on speed and ruthless knockdowns. He has the movement and behaviour of a serpent, being very fluid and looking almost boneless in the way he moves (think Voldo from Soul Calibur). His style contains mostly attacks where he spins around with swinging arms and kicks, the blades attached to the armour on his arms and legs slicing the opponent. He uses his arms and legs in an equal measure and always attempts to cut or stab the opponent with his blades. He sometimes conjures his psionic blades from his hands which he uses to stab with rather than slice, like fangs of a viper. His fighting style is very combo-based, the last punch or kick either leaves the opponent staggering or knocked down.

Primary Costume: Cerastes is a young-looking man who has an athletic, lean body, being quite agile with broad shoulders, strong arms, a slim waist and long legs. He is quite pale, almost as white as Quan Chi, his eyes all white like Reiko and with black eyeliner around his eyes. From the outer corners of his eyes, next to his temples, are tattood black lines which arc slightly down his cheeks, appearing like a snake's fangs. His lips are pale, his teeth white and he has attached silver fangs on his two upper corner teeth. Cerastes' hair is crimson red and his hairstyle is punker'ish, having undercut like Reiko's MK Armageddon look, but his hair covers his right eye and face. He has a white streak in his bangs like other members of the Brotherhood of the Shadow.

Cerastes wears a black latex suit, covering his arms, hands, shoulders and neck, but leaves his torso bare. He has both his arms covered in plated armour made of black Netherrealm steel, made of several links to make it more flexible. Each armour consists of a shoulder-guard, three on his upper arm, an elbow-guard, three on his lower arm, a wrist-guard and a steel glove. On each link is a silver, fang-like, bladed spike, like Quan Chi's shoulder-guard, which he uses to slice the opponents with. Cerastes wear tight, black leather pants and black leather boots with the same kind of plated armour down his legs with three links on his thigh, a knee-guard, three links down his lower leg, an ankle-guard and a plate covering the toes of his boot, also with silver, fang-like, bladed spikes on.

Around his neck is a black leather collar with silver spikes on and he wears a black leather belt in the same fashion, also with silver spikes on and the belt-buckle is round with a black edge and with a black Brotherhood of the Shadow symbol imprinted on it. From his two shoulder-guards is attached a silver chain in which hangs a trinket down the mid of his chest, also the Brotherhood of the Shadow symbol.

The psionic blades he can conjure come out from his closed fists, appearing like crimson energy.
Alternate Costume: Cerastes physical appearance is the same as above, but instead he wears a full body suit of black latex. He has straps of black leather down both his arms with white, tusk-like spikes on them, and he wears black, thigh-high, leather boots which also has leather straps on them with white, tusk-like spikes. Down the mid of his chest are large, metallic staples to keep the suit closed. He wears a black, leather belt with spikes on and has a black, leather collar also with spikes on, in the same fashion as his main costume, though the spikes seem larger.

His head is covered with a black, latex mask with only his eyes showing. A black, steel mask is covering his mouth, but instead of appearing like a typical MK ninja mask, it appears more like a gas-mask. It also muffles the sound of his voice, like Kabal's mask does to his. On his back is imprinted a silver viper shaped as an S, its mouth wide open to show its fangs and it also appears to have small horns. The viper is made of several steel links, making it flexible so it does not prohibit Cerastes' movement.

Special Moves
Stabbing Fangs: Much like Baraka's Blade Charge, Cerastes dashes fast forward, fists first with crimson psionic blades from his hands , stabbing both of them into the opponent's chest and knocks the opponent off his/her feet.
Enhanced: Cerastes dashes forward and stabs the opponent twice in the chest, the first stab staggering the opponent, the second stab knocking him/her off his/her feet
Snake Whip Kick: Cerastes spins around in three sweeping kicks, the first two kicks leaving the opponent staggering, the third kick sweeping him/her off his/her feet.
Enhanced: Cerastes spins five times instead of three times, the first four kicks leaving the opponent staggering, the fifth kick sweeping him/her off his/her feet.
Bite of the Viper: Cerastes slides fast forward across the ground like a slithering snake and grabs the opponent by his/her leg, slithering like a snake up behind the opponent, sitting crouched on his/her shoulders, then conjures a psionic blade from one hand and stabs it into the back of the opponent's head. He then jumps off in a backward flip.
Enhanced: Cerastes slides further, stabs the opponent three times and kicks the opponent into the ground when flipping backwards.
Spineless Serpent: Cerastes is able to avoid incoming attacks by dodging it due to his incredible agility, and then slithers around the opponent while the blades on his armour is slicing him/her up, only to end up standing behind him/her.
Enhanced: Cerastes slithers around the opponent like a snake a few more times, doing more damage.

Command Attack:
Hissing Slash: Cerastes swings his arm vertically upwards, slashing the opponent up in the air, leaving him/her open for juggles.

Front Throw: Cerastes slithers around the opponent like a snake, grabs the opponents head in between his legs, then spins backwards with the opponent and slams him/her into the ground, standing on his/her head. He then jumps backwards in a somersault, landing where the opponent stood before.
Back Throw: Cerastes slithers around the opponent like a snake, then ends up standing on the opponent's shoulders, facing the same way as the opponent. He then lets himself fall forward, holding the opponent's head with his feet as he flips around right before landing on the ground, breaking the opponent's neck and has him/her twirling in the air over him, landing face first into the ground on the other side of Cerastes.

X-Ray: Horned Viper: Cerastes jumps the opponent with his knees up, the blades on his knees crushing the opponent's chest, fracturing the ribs. The opponent falls backwards with Cerastes on top of him/her who then conjures a psionic blade from his hand and stabs it into the opponent's skull, breaking it and the psionic blade slicing right through the opponent's brain. He then makes a forward somersault, spins around himself and hisses at the opponent in a taunting fashion.
Fatality 1: Slithering Serpent: Cerastes jumps the opponent and slithers around him, letting the blades from his armour slicing the opponent up. After having sliced the opponent up a bit, he jumps off behind him/her and then kicks the opponent in the back, the opponent being all sliced up having his/her limbs torn from his/her body and flying forward.
Fatality 2: Silent Creeper: Cerastes conjures a psionic blade from his hand, slicing the opponent's throat with it. While the opponent attempts to stop the bleeding and gurgles in his/her own blood, Cerastes walks over to him/her with a wide, wicked grin across his lips. He softly pushes the opponent over who falls to the ground, lying lifeless in a pool of blood. Cerastes kneels down next to the opponent, laughing slightly to himself while making cuts at the opponent's chest with his psionic blade, just for fun.

Entrance: Cerastes enters the stage sliding forward like a slithering snake, then stands up and grins wickedly in a sadistic manner while getting ready in his fighting stance, laughing slightly to himself.
Match Taunt: If standing close from the opponent, Cerastes slithers quickly away and laughs slightly to himself while getting ready in his fighting stance. If he is standing away from the opponent, Cerastes conjures a psionic blade from his hand and says “Aren't we having fun?” in a teasing manner before getting ready in his fighting stance again.
Victory Pose: Bloodied from the match, Cerastes wipes the blood from his face and licks it off his fingers while laughing slightly to himself, saying “Tasty” as he licks his lips, grinning wickedly. If he wears his alternate costume, Cerastes takes his mask off first.

Ending: Cerastes had done his job well, hunting down and assassinating strong Earthrealm warriors as well as many of Shao Kahn's minions. He learned that the souls of those he killed would be reborn in the Netherrealm under Quan Chi's might, strengthening the army of Shinnok's coming, so to gain Quan Chi's favour, Cerastes went to kill Shao Kahn himself. After an intense fight, Cerastes finally beat Shao Kahn and sent his soul to the Netherrealm. Quan Chi was surprised of Cerastes' skills and as a last test of loyalty, he was told to kill Reiko.

When Cerastes found Reiko, he got second thoughts. Reiko had acted like his tutor and helped him gain a place amongst the Brotherhood of the Shadows, so killing him felt like a betrayal. Instead of killing him, Cerastes told Reiko of what Quan Chi had told him to do, but he already knew and was prepared. He offered Cerastes a place by his side as he would take over the throne of Outworld, replacing the now dead Shao Kahn. Cerastes agreed, and with him as his personal assassin and bodyguard, Reiko was able to gain the title as emperor of Outworld.

Submitted by: Jaded-Raven

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