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Name: Chi Zong
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Evil
Height: 1.97 m (6 ft 5 1?2 in)
Weight: 101 kg (222.7 lb; 15.9 st)
Origin: Edenia

Bio: Along time ago, when he was alive, Chi Zong served King Jerrod as his main sorcerer. When Shao Khan invaded Edenia he was one of those who fought till the end to defend his realm, but died by the hands of the tarkatans. After the fall of Shao Khan, Shinnok, intended to create an army of undead warriors, summoned his soul to the Netherrealm and offered him a chance to reborn and no longer suffer the anguishes of death. Now he will rise from the dead as a minion of the damned elder god who resurrected him with his mystical powers coming from the edenian purple moon.

Fighting Style: As an Edenian, Chi Zong has no knowledge of the Earthrealm martial arts. His fighting style is based in an art of Edenia called Tissaillian Claws. His kicks and knees are mostly low; He likes to tear and twist the opponent; His punches are tough and aggressive; His techniques are fairly large, based in wide and circular motions; He uses unorthodox part of his body to hurt the enemy (Like head, elbows and heels); His attacks are offensive and full of impact; He prefers to absorb the counter attacks and sometimes evades, but don’t like to block or defend, doing it only if necessary. His style is tough resembling Earth styles like Shorin Ryu Karate and Tiger Kung Fu.

Special Moves
Purple Comet: Zong summons a comet who falls bias exploding when hits the ground or the opponent
Moon Blast: A straight purple energy blast who hits the adversary
Low Moon Blast: A creeping purple energy blast who hits the adversary
Eclipse Extinction: A little purple big bang who explodes far from Chi Zong. It seems like the death of a star
Counter Teleport: Chi Zong creates a portal that makes the opponent disappear from below and fall from above the screen
Mystical Barriet: The sorcerer creates a barrier that nullifies special moves and hurts the enemy when hit by physical attacks. Duration: 3 seconds

X-Ray: Chi Zong grabs his opponent’s head and smashes it against the ground (His skull is crushed). After, he uses his foot to trample down the neck of the adversary (His neck is broken).
Fatality 1: Rise and Fall Chi Zong creates a portal who makes the enemy disappear from the screen. Seconds later, the opponent appears falling from the skies, screaming, upside down, exploding his head and neck in the fall. ????BK
Fatality 2: Body Big Bang The sorcerer makes the body of the enemy become a little particle which explodes, expanding, and spreading the bowels of the opponent trough the arena, like a little internal big bang. ????FP

Entrance: Chi Zong appears floating with his eyes wide open, facing the opponent. A purple aura shines from his eyes and his left hand. He says: "Feel the power of the purple moon!", Howling like a werewolf, after.
Match Taunt: Chi Zong looks at the camera and then screams, creating a slow motion big bang (The Eclipse Extinction move) with his hands.
Victory Pose: Chi Zong starts laughing, floats looking at the camera, and open his hands summoning two purple energy balls.

Ending: Pretending to be an evil servant of Shinnok, Chi Zong gained the trust of the elder god and killed him unexpectedly in the middle of a battle. Now, with the almost infinite power he obtained, coming from the amulet of his former master, the sorcerer can reconstruct Edenia and bring back to life King Jerrod, Queen Sindel and Princess Kitana, restoring the order and the peace in his realm.

Submitted by:Mellus

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