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Name: Clyde
Gender: Male
Age: Approx. 27
Alignment: Evil (takes no side on the whole tournament thing)
Height: 5'10
Weight: 190lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: Originally from New Orleans, with a Cajun accent and practice in voodoo to go with his birthplace. A deranged serial killer who enjoyed torturing his victims before cannibalizing them. He had murdered over 50 innocent people due to his psychotic and violent disposition before being captured by a SWAT team which was led by Stryker. He had been sentenced to death but before the punishment could be carried out he gruesomely killed the entire populace of a federal prison and escaped. He entered the Mortal Kombat tournament with knowledge that the man who captured him would be there. Everyone else is just a bonus.

Fighting Style: An alteration of Krav Maga with alot of dirty fighting thrown in.

Primary Costume: Shirtless with tallymarks carved into his chest (over 50) and shackles on his wrists and a four foot chain connecting the shackles. Always grinning and has long, greasy hair. Light blue jeans with blood stains and steel-toe boots.
Alternate Costume: Orange Jumpsuit with the shackles and chain on his wrists (Prison Garb) and he has a shaved head

Special Moves
Throat Punch: Punches the opponent in the throat causing them to put their hands over it in pain
- Brutally Owned: (Enhanced) Punches the opponent in the throat, then kicks them in the groan. When they double over in pain he punches them in the back of the head.
Chain Choke: Gets behind the opponent and chokes the opponent with the chain on his wrists
- Cranium Crash: Chokes them and repeatedly bashes his forehead into the back of their head
Crotch Kick: Self Explanatory
- Crazy Crotch Kick: Kicks them and when they double over in pain he heel kicks the back of their head (pop-up)

X-Ray Relentless: (In Air) Tackles the opponent the the ground and punches them twice in the head (shows skull cracking) he stands up and stomps on the opponent's throat (shows the trachea being crushed)
Fatality 1: Eww....: Eats the opponents throat. Biting into it each time with more blood staining his face. When he bites through the spine (and is done eating) he holds up the head in victory
Fatality 2: You Don't Know Crazy: He jabs his hands into the opponent's abdomen, grabs the lower ribs and rips out the front of the rib cage showing all the opponents vital organs in their chest. He then looks at each organ, inspecting them (like he's shopping for fruit) and then a satisfied grin creeps on to his face as he decides he wants the heart. He rips it out and then bites into it (like an apple) as the opponent falls over.
Babality: Clyde turns into a baby and rips open a big teddy bear and crawls inside it. He then laughs maniacally.

Entrance: "You gonna taste reeeal good, mon." (Cajun accent)
Match Taunt: "Haha, I gotcha now, mon." (Cajun accent)
Victory Pose: "Finally, a good meal." (Cajun accent)

Ending: After he defeated Shao Kahn and ate his flesh, Clyde was given immense power. Never before had he had the power to kill so many people with so much ease. He decides to go on what he describes as "the killing spree of a lifetime." It shows the streets of New York flooded with blood and corpses and him standing amidst the horror with an insane smile on his face.

Submitted by: LawrenceKoopa32

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