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Name: Cross
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: When Outworld invaded Earthrealm, the war literally came crashing into Crosses church. Killing all who had taken refuge in the church, leaving cross the only survivor. His mind left fractured, along with the crucifix in the temple where he was praying. Cross took it as a sign from above. With only pieces of his memory and sanity intact, he straps two pieces of the broken cross to his forearms and sets out to pass judgment on all who stand before him.

Fighting Style: Cross uses a form of improvised use of the Tonfas. His attacks are mostly forearm and elbow strikes. The crosses are used as an extremely effective defense.

Special Moves
1: He crosses his arms in front of himself forming a crucifix and launches a golden cross of energy at his opponent.
2: Cross raises his arm and points to the sky, a bright light shines down on his opponent temporarily dazing them.
3: Cross disappears in a puff of purple and black smokes, and reappears behind his opponent ramming both pieces of the cross into his opponents back.
4: Cross jumps into the air toward his opponent spinning in a 360, striking his opponent several times.
5: Cross lunges forward hitting his opponent with an uppercut, popping them up into the air, where cross then jumps up and delivers another blow, sending his opponent crashing to the floor.

X-Ray: Cross rushes forward and delivers a left forearm to his opponent face, crushing his jaw, cheek bone and loosening a few teeth. He then delivers a right forearm that further breaks the jaw, the other cheek bone and send those loosened teeth flying. This blow sends the opponent spinning in a 180 where cross then brings both arms crashing down on the opponents neck and shoulders.
Fatality 1: Cross steps forward and stabs his opponent in the stomach, lifting them into the air. Then with the other arm he stabs the opponent through the mouth, piercing the back of their head.
Fatality 2: Cross drops to his knees and raises both arms to the sky. A blinding light shines down on the opponent and slowly starts to disintegrate them. Pieces of ash start to float upwards into the light until there is nothing left but a burnt spot on the ground.

Entrance: "Prepare to the judged"
Match Taunt: "There is still time to repent"
Victory Pose: "Rest in peace"

Ending: After the defeat of Shao Khan at his hands, Cross absorbs Shao Khans power and becomes godlike himself. With the Netherrealm, Earthrealm, and his vision of a utopian Outworld, all is at its place. Cross united the clans and denizens of Outworld, they have all put aside their differences. They now worship the one true God and await the word of Cross.

Submitted by: Kraz0013

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