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Name: De Kai & De Kio
Gender: Males
Age: Unknown, but close to twenty five
Alignment: Good
Height: 1.80 cm
Weight: 82 kilograms
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: We are twins, but we are one…we always have been. One soul divided in two bodies, representing the Ying and the Yang. Kai means light, Kio darkness. Two that complete one, as long as we keep in balance. All our lives we have been raised to be the two sides of the circle, to know the importance and the fragility of it. And as the circle is neutral to the events of this earth, so are we, so we used to be…But Shao Khan's invasion caught our attention, and the attention of our masters. We know the earth is at danger. Shao Khan will leave it in darkness, and fuse it with other realms, destroying not only the fragile balance of this realm, but from all of them. Defeating him is but temporary, he will come back, or try to take other realms. We are not trying to prevent Khan from taking over the Earthrealm, we are traveling into Outworld to finish him once and for all.

Fighting Style: Note: Both of them have just one move per button, aside from the uppercut, sweeps and low hits.
As De Kio:
De Kio is a very fast character, but has a very low damage, and very short combos. His stance is similar to the Jeet kune Do stance Johnny Cage has in MKDA. Most of his hits and combos will leave your opponent in a stagger state (if you don't know what it is check this video: ) leaving you without the possibility to combo, but with the chance to keep rushing your opponent. He has no pop up moves or combos, but has two combos staring with a low kick.
BP: A small hook. It will leave the opponent in a stagger state.
FP: Punch to the stomach
BK: A scissor kick. The first hits high, the second hits medium.
FK: A low kick, very fast
Uppercut: It hits you with the low part of his open palm.
Sweep: It's done with a small jump, similar to the one Scorpion had in his Hapkido stance back in MKD.
FP,FP,BK: Hit to the stomach, hit to the face, and a roundhouse kick with a small jump. It leaves the opponent in a stagger state.
FK,BK: Low kick, the same roundhose, but this time it takes the opponent to the other side of the screen
FK, back+BK.: Low kick followed by the sweep.
BK,BP: Scissor kick, hook. Leaves the opponent in stagger state
BP,BK: Hook, he keeps turning and gives a kick to the face that leaves the opponent at a jump distance.

As De Kai:
De Kai is a defensive character, he is slow and inflicts normal damage. His combos are short (not as short as De Kio's) and most of his moves and combos will make distance between you and your opponent. His stance will will have his arms in a position simiar to the Ba Gua stance Ashrah had in MKD, while his legs are in a position similar to Ermac's "Chooy Lee Fut" stance in the same game. He moves slowly (as reptile does). He hits with his open palm, not with his fists.
BP: He extends all his body and hits the enemy in the face with the palm of his hand.
FP: He moves his hand and his torso a little back and then hits the opponent in the chest, leaving him at a sweep distance.
BK: He raises his back leg and kicks down. It hits medium and it's a pop up.
FK: He raises his body on his back leg and gives a kick to the stomach with the other, it hits high.
Uppercut: It hits with his both palms. Similar to Noob Saibot's in MKD and MKA.
BP, FP, BK, back+FK: BP, hit to the stomach with the open palm, hit to the stomach with his back leg, a fast turn and hits the opponent in the face with his FK. It leaves the opponent at mid distance.
FK,FK: FK, and a second kick to the opponent's head. It leaves the opponent staggered.
FP,BP,BK: FP, a small uppercut with his BP that rises the enemy and then he raises his BK and kicks down. The last hit hits medium and its a pop up.
BP, FP, back +BP: BP, hit with the elbow to the opponents stomach, gives a turn and hits the opponent on his knees with his hand. The last hit is a low hit.
FP, BK, FK: FP, jumps at the opponent and two kicks on the chest. It leaves him at a jump distance.

General Gameplay Commentary: De Kai and De Kio are a complex character, because you have a rushdown and a defensive character in one. But while they can be great if you really know how to use them, separated they are weak. While De Kio is fast, he inflicts the lowest damage in the game with short combos and his lack of pop ups, something that De Kai has, but he is very slow. You will have to switch between them if you want to win, and there is where we begin speaking about the super meter bar: In order to switch, you have to use it. You have a teleport that you can use to switch, but is slow and dangerous, the EX version of their own teleports is by far better, being faster and safer, but will consume your super meter. If you are still able to fill it completely, you will have one of the safest and more dangerous Xray moves of the game, but also one of the weakest. You will have master both of them, which is not hard as they have a very limited moveset (something that is good to you, but also good for your opponent, as it makes them very predictable), but the key is switching between them, so your enemy has to adapt his gameplay, giving you a great advantage.

Primary Costume: They look the same, their outfit is also the same, just with a different color, De Kai's is white and De Kio's black. They are Caucasian, white and with short brown hair. Their eyes are green, and De Kai has a ear ring on his left ear, while De Kio has it on his right one.

If I had to choose a similar one, I would go with Raiden. Their costume is clearly oriental, but has a lot of different things. Starting with the bottom, their boots look as if they were made of some kind of rock, and have a lot of symbols on them. They are short boots, similar to the boots of the Elder Gods Armor in MKA. For De Kio are a very dark grey, for De Kai they are white. The trouser they are wearing has nothing special to it, its just a white/black trouser (It will fit them as Raiden's does to him, not as Johnny cage's) The belt is a very small one, and is made of the same material as the boots, with the same symbols and colors. On the chest they wear a robe but over it they have a small piece of armor, again, it looks as something made of some kind of rock, has the same symbols and is white/grey. This armor has some very very small spikes at its sides. The shoulders have no armor, and the arms are just covered by the robe. Nothing on the hands. De Kio has a very long scarf on his neck, which reaches his knees. De Kai has nothing on his neck. In the alternate color De Kai will have the black armor and De Kio the white one.
Alternate Costume: The head is the same, so are the trousers. They are wearing nothing on the chest, so you can see their body. They are very white. De Kai has the white side of the ying yang tattooed on his left arm, De Kio has the black part on his right arm. They have bandages on both arms and legs. The belt is tied at the side and it fells to their knees. On the neck a small necklace with a stone with a color somewhere in between dark blue and green. The alternate color has the belts switched and a different tonality for the trousers.

Special Moves
1: They will share a teleport, which is the only way to switch between them, aside from the EX version of their own teleports. In case you are playing with De Kai it will make De Kio appear in the air at the back of the opponent with a Kick.
Enhanced: will give a second kick giving you some distance from your opponent. This teleport is just a little faster than Ermac's, and won't give the chance to combo after it. It can't be done in the air.
Teleport: As De Kai: It's an escape. He will disappear in a cloud of white dust and reappear on the air, at the corner of the screen, he can't recover in the air.
Enhanced: will switch characters as De Kio will appear at the back of the opponent and knock him to the floor with no possibility of combo after it. None of them can be done in the air. Both versions are a little bit slower than Raiden's teleport.
Fireball: As De Kai: Throws a small dust ball with his back arm(the same size as reptile's acid spit) that will leave a trace behind it. Small damage but very fast.
Enhanced: will give armor and will be aimed at the opponent if he is in the air, and will be aimed to his feet if he is standing.
Shield: As De Kai: De Kai will create a white shield and covers with it. If the opponent hits it will work as a parry. It covers from projectiles.
Enhanced: The EX version is not a parry. He creates the shield and does a very small dash, if it hits it staggers the opponent. It has priority over any other special, and reflects projectiles. Both versions only cover from high moves, cannot be charged and have a big recovery time.
Teleport: As De Kio: Similar to MKD's Kenshi teleport. De kio will disappear in black dust and reappear in front of his enemy but with a hit to the face that will knock the opponent to the floor.
Enhanced: will switch characters, having De Kai appearing in front of the opponent giving a small uppercut leaving the chance to juggle if done fast enough. None of them can be done in the air. Both versions are a little bit slower than Raiden's teleport.
Anti Air: As De Kio: He will rise a in a way similar to Sonya, but in the direction Noob Saibot's clone does. There he, if it hits, it will give a second kick that will leave the opponent on the other side of the screen.
Enhanced: will have armor and will let him recover in the air if he misses the hit.
Slide: As De Kio: He will throw himself to the floor with his arms extended and try to hit you with his legs. Similar to Scorpions slide in MKvsDC but with the range of reptile's slide in this game.
Enhanced: after the hit and while he is still in the floor, he will throw a projectile similar to De Kai's at the opponent leaving the opponent staggered.

X-Ray: The Xray is the same for both De Kai and De Kio. Assuming you are playing as De Kai: It Is performed in the air as shown in the picture (sorry, I can't draw). De Kai will place himself in that position and fire a projectile. If it his, it will knock the enemy to the ground while the screen goes black. De Kio will appear and give a kick to your opponents neck, breaking it, and then grab it and throw him to De Kai who will give a kick to the stomach while you see your enemy's ribs breaking before he flies to the other side of the screen dealing 27% damage.
Fatality 1: De Kio: He will look back (as if he were trying to make sure De Kai is not looking) and then hit the opponent in the face, throwing him to the floor. The camera will switch giving a first plane of the opponent's head as De Kai begins to crush it with his boot. He will keep hitting the head until the next fight. I would like to be more descriptive, but my English level won't allow it. Luckily if you have seen the movie "Irreversible" (and if you didn't you should), I can tell you that the head should be crushed as they do it in the movie with the fire extinguisher.
Fatality 2: De Kai: with a small move he will create a small white knife. He will get close to the victim very decided, grab his head with one hand and use his knife to open the victim's throat. The camera switches , showing his back as he gives 3 steps still holding the knife in his hand, while he does this the opponent fells to his knees grabbing his neck with both hands, as he is trying to stop the tons of blood that are coming from it. He finally fells to the floor while the blood is still coming out.

Entrance: If you select the character normally you will begin as De Kai. If you press start to pick the alternate color, you will begin as De Kio.
De Kai: Is meditating facing back and, while he stands says while laughing "What took you so long?" He looks to the opponent and says more seriously "We've been waiting for you"

De Kio: He looks at the opponent from the feet to the head with some disgust and says: "You lack so many things"
Match Taunt: De Kai: Looks at the opponent and says "Want to quit?"

De Kio: Looks back, rises his thumb and says "I've got it"
Victory Pose: It's the same for both, but switching characters: (assuming you are De Kio) De Kai will appear walking, put an arm over De Kio's shoulder and say "Don't waste your time on him" (her if fighting a female), and both of them will just go walking.

Ending: De Kai and De Kio managed to defeat Shao Khan, but they were surrounded on the throne room. Shang Tsung took Khan's helmet and the fight begun. As their enemies decided who would rule outworld they escaped, but were severely wounded as a result of the battle. Raiden appeared before them, thanking them for the service they had done to the realms. He offered them a reward in the name of the Elder Gods. They didn't have to think about it, as they both knew what they wanted. The divided soul was granted the wish of living in one body...

Submitted by: zerosebaz

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