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Name: Deon Bordeaux
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Alignment: Good
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 172lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: The Order of the Finch was created thousands of years ago as an organization to train powerful wizards and witches to protect the realms against the forces of darkness. When the fallen Elder god, known as Shinnok waged a war against his fellow Elder Gods, Lord Raiden enlisted our Order to help repel Shinnok's dark hordes. The Order of the Finch was nearly wiped out in the effort to defeat Shinnok and banish him to the Netherrealm. Our order was further weakened over the centuries as our members were persecuted and burned at the stake for practicing witchcraft. Now thousands of years later as our order has regained its once proud strength, the scourge of Shinnok's tyranny has returned as he attacks not only Earthrealm and Outworld, but the Heavens themselves. Shinnok's demonic hordes massacred my fellow brothers and sisters of the Order of the Finch in the blink of an eye, if it had not been for Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage, who aided in my escape, I would have met a similar fate. I will fight alongside Lord Raiden and his Earthrealm allies to liberate the souls of their bewitched allies and to end Shinnok's threat to all of reality, like my predecessors before me. Quan Chi and Shinnok's vanity and lust for power must be punished.

Fighting Style: Deon's fighting Style is similar to Krav Maga, but also relies heavily on open palm strikes and fast kicks. Deon relies on primarily fighting defensively and uses every tool in his reach to combat opponents. He's very quick and light on his feet.

Primary Costume: Deon is African-Canadian with shaved black hair, brown eyes (that turn purple when he uses his powers), and medium brown skin. He wears a teal sleeveless hoodie with teal wristbands, and a teal sash on his waist, black and teal striped pants, and black gym shoes with teal stripes. He carries a purple Finch talon shaped amulet on the right side of his chest that helps augment his powers.
Alternate Costume: Deon wears a dark green hooded robe, black boots, black pants and purple Finch talon shaped amulet in the center of his chest.

Special Moves
Neuron Blast: (can be done in the air) Deon shoots out a purple. glowing spiked shaped ball that causes the opponent to spasm slightly as it damages them.
Enhanced: Neuron Overload: Deon shoots out a slightly larger glowing purple spiked shaped ball that causes the opponent to violently spasm and be stunned as it damages them more.
Finch Kick: Deon does a jump kick while he's glowing purple, knocking the opponent down.
Enhanced: Hyper Finch Kick: Deon does a jump kick that is more damaging and the after image of a glowing purple Finch can be seen behind him as he knocks the opponent down.
Barrier Spell: Deon uses a purple barrier to deflect incoming projectiles back at opponents.
Enhanced: Wizard's Defense: Deon uses a purple barrier to absorb some of the projectile's power and deflect it back at his opponent, giving him a slight damage boost for ten seconds.
Mystic Teleport: Deon morphs into a glowing purple Finch and appears behind the opponent.
Enhanced: Finch Teleport: Deon morphs into a flowing purple Finch and appears behind the opponent and if the opponent is not blocking he lifts them up with his talons and slams them before reverting to his human form.
Finch Claw: Deon raises his arms in the air, bringing a giant purple claw from the ground that picks the opponent up and slams them to the ground.
Enhanced: Primal Fury: Deon raises his arms in the air, bringing a giant purple claw from the ground that picks the opponent and slams them to the ground twice, doing more damage.
Finch's Cry (throw): Deon slams his palm into the opponent's chest and then flips over their shoulders and elbows them in the back of the head.

X-Ray: Face Palm: Deon initiates his X ray by doing a grapple and when he connects, he knees the opponent in the gut, cracking their ribs. He then forms his hands into open palms as his palms glow purple, he rapidly slams his open palms into the opponent's skull six times, shattering it. He finishes by charging up a purple energy wave and uses it to knock the opponent across the stage.
Fatality 1: You Just Blew My Mind: Deon places his palms on both sides of the opponent's skull and begins chanting corpus delecti three times sending purple waves into the opponent's head and the opponent begins to scream and hold their head in pain as their body begins to violently spasm. Deon then backs away and clutches his fists together, causing the victim's head to finally explode as purple mist disperses outward from their entire body. Deon then raises his close fists into the air and bows.
Friendship: Cheep Cheep: Deon pulls out his magic wand and begins chanting "je veux un oiseau" twice, turning the opponent into a green Finch that lands on Deon's shoulder and begins singing as it's perched on Deon's shoulder, Deon pets the bird.

Entrance: Deon appears in a swirl of purple energy and walks towards the opponent and says "Enough talk, let's see what you've got."
Match Taunt: Deon crosses his arms, walks away and says, "You still wanna fight?"
Victory Pose: Deon says, "It's over." As he is saying this he levitates into the air and then morphs into his Finch form and disappears.

Ending: Quan Chi and Shinnok had made more enemies than allies in their quest to dominate the realms, Deon and Lord Raiden would capitalize on their ruthless campaign. The newly crowned Queen of Outworld, Mileena was keen to accept their proposed alliance to cement her fragile rule over her realm and take the fight to the Netherrealm. Shinnok and Quan Chi's armies were overwhelmed by the combined might of Mileena's armies of Shokans, Centaurs, and Tarkatans, fighting alongside Earth's armies and the forces of light.

As Scorpion and Raiden did battle with Quan Chi and Shinnok, Deon uttered the ancient incantation necessary to shatter Shinnok and Quan Chi's consciousness, stripping away every part of their being except their ability to feel pain and sealing their remnants inside Shinnok's amulet. With Quan Chi and Shinnok defeated, Earthrealm's mightiest warriors were free from Quan Chi's control and their souls ascended from the depths of the Netherrealm to the heavens. Deon's diplomacy had helped to insure that Queen Mileena would not attack Earthrealm or attempt to expand her empire past the limits of Outworld. With peace restored, Deon would return to Earthrealm to rebuild the Order of the Finch, stronger than it was in the past, recruiting Johnny Cage, Kenshi, and Sonya Blade to help him train a new generation of warriors to replace them when their time comes, Earthrealm will be well protected.

Submitted by: Espio872

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