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Name: Destroyer I
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 6'7
Weight: Unknown
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: With the Lin Kuei Cyber Initiative, there were those who made the error of crossing the Grandmaster. While Smoke and Sub-Zero were being hunted for their insolence, a special ops group infiltrated the assassins, and gained valuable intell about the creation of these machines. Using their own technology fused together with the stolen technology, the special ops group known only as HARBINGER were able to create their own cyborgs, but unlike the assassins, they aimed their technology at the dead. Their first test subject was on a deceased war veteran whose injuries were so wounded, his identity could not be discovered. Armed with various instruments of death, the cyborg code named as Destroyer I came to life. Despite assuming that a corpse would provide a lack of free will, the soldier appeared to have his soul, his mind, and his free will intact. Without any memory of who he was, Destroyer I felt one key emotion: rage. After destroying his creators, Destroyer I found himself torn between desire, and the subversive programming that the special ops forgot to remove from the Lin Kuei technology. He was torn between discovering his identity... or hunting Smoke and Sub-Zero.

Fighting Style: Destroyer I's fighting style is surprisingly agile for a tall man/machine. His punches are a series of jabs, and if one were to string them together, it would end with a standing uppercut, not strong enough to project his foe into the air, but strong enough to send him backwards. His kicks however, are more about brute force, and while pure kicking combos are not possible, a mixture of kick-punch-kick ends with a potential juggle, in which Destroyer I can initiate one of his special attacks, and follow it up with a brief uppercut juggle.

Special Moves
Harpoon Teleport: Destroyer I unleashes a spear from his chest with a rope attached. It impales the foe, Destroyer I jumps back, and appears on the other side.
Enhanced: He appears on the other side and performs an uppercut - Back Back FP
Cyber Knives: Destroyer I unleashes blades attached to his wrists, for a quick multislice on his foe.
Enhanced: Three slices and an extra uppercut – Forward Forward BP
Booster Slam: Destroyer I rises up into the air and bashes his airborne foe onto the ground, causing the enemy to bounce back up, enabling a juggle. - Down Up FP
Hug Attack: Destroyer I lunges at his foe, and “hugs him” as steam emits from his chestplate, burning his foe. - Back Forward FK

X-Ray: Destroyer I launches his cybernetic harpoon, but it cracks right through the front of the kneecap of his opponent. He jumps back and teleports like the special move, and then throws another harpoon in the back of the other knee. Another X-Ray Shot there, as he teleports one more time, tugs on the rope, and the opponent is launched backwards, as Destroyer I jumps forward and cracks his fist against the grounded face of his foe.
Fatality 1: Hug of Death: As with his special move, Destroyer I hugs his opponent. Hundreds of tiny needle blades puncture out of his chest, impaling his opponent. He steps back and thrusts his foot forward, shattering the now mushy chest of his opponent, as he legs and limbs fall to the ground.
Fatality 2: Fireburner: Destroyer I pours gasoline around his opponent before setting it ablaze. Harpoon comes out of his chest, and he drags his opponent into the flames, and around in a circle until the harpoon rope burns off, and his opponent rolls in the fire until he dies.

Entrance: Destroyer I lands after flying via feet and back jet boosters. Points at opponent. “Destroyer I offensive systems, activated. Termination imminent.”
Match Taunt: Destroyer I jumps back, rotates his wrist knives and says “Objective criteria nearly complete.”
Victory Pose: Destroyer I becomes eerily still as a thrumming sounds in his computer chest, before the compartment opens up, gasoline pours out, and ignites the area, as he teleports away.

Ending: Destroyer I followed the signals of the rogue Lin Kuei Assassins, until only Smoke's remained. Finding himself in Outworld, the cyborg did not have a chance to hunt down Smoke before Shang Tsung and Baraka brought the machine before Shao Kahn. When the Emperor tried to destroy the Destroyer I model, he found himself slaughtered by the defense mechanisms. Shang Tsung and Baraka tried to destroy the machine, but they too came to an unfortunate end. Alerted that a cyborg not of their own had slain Shao Kahn, Sektor and Cyrax confronted Destroyer I and tried to apprehend him. With superior technology against them, the Lin Kuei cyborgs were dismantled. For a brief moment, Destroyer I regained his willpower, and consciously switched his program algorithms to self preservation mode, aborting the quest to kill Smoke. With his willpower taken over by the need to self-preserve, Destroyer I harvested pieces from the fallen Lin Kuei, taking Sektor's flame throwers, Cyrax's sawblades, and all Lin Kuei directives. The assassins have never known ruin like what was about to be visited upon them.

Submitted by:Bryden88

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