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Name: Erebus
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Good (Formerly Evil)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170lbs
Origin: Outworld

Bio: The most powerful Necromancer in Outworld, Erebus, has earned the title of Onaga’s personal bodyguard a thousand years ago. When Onaga was overthrown by Shao Kahn and became the new ruler of Outworld; Erebus desperately fought for the thrown but was overpowered. Barely escaping with his life, he traveled to Earthrealm where he resided in the shadows. During the tournaments of Mortal Kombat, Erebus watched as Earthrealm lost nine consecutive tournaments. Possessing the ability to transform into the three deadliest creatures in Outworld: a Lycan, Lich and Vampire, Erebus entered the tenth tournament refusing to let Shao Kahn invade his new home and seek vengeance for Onaga’s death. With Raiden a sworn enemy of Shao Kahn, Erebus finally pledged allegiance to the Thunder God.

Fighting Style: Erebus relies on his three transformations in combat; but can also be a potential match on his own. In his basic human form, Erebus relies on quick and fast movements, loosely based on the fighting style of Eagle Claw. While in his Lycan form, Erebus combats with a very animalistic approach; swiping and clawing instead of the average punch, biting and tossing for many of his attacks; mildly combo based. In his Lich form, Erebus is grapple orientated and slower; and large combo based. While in his Vampire form, Erebus has many pop-up kicks, relying mostly on his legs. Erebus is very quick and has a large combo base set of attacks; using clawing and biting as well.

Primary Costume: Erebus is the standard Necromancer, in a long black clean robe, with a yellow deteriorated skull symbol on the chest. A belt made of human skulls fits around his waist. His hair slick back and black, with average light skin tone.
Alternate Costume: Erebus is still in his standard Necromancer black robes, but they are now torn and ripped at all ends. The yellow deteriorated skull symbol still resides on his chest. The belt is now absent but is replaced with two sashes of human skulls crisscrossing across his chest. His torn hood is now placed on his head, covering his identity; a strikingly resemblance the Grim Reaper.

Special Moves
Lycan Form: Transforms into his Lycan form, ripping through his clothing, revealing a full brown werewolf on two feet, granting him access to his Lycan fighting style for 10 seconds. (Back, Back, 1)
Enhanced: Werewolf: Same as Lycan Form, but the werewolf is now black furred, with temporary enhanced speed.
Lich Form: Transforms into his Lich form, his clothing becoming ripped and revealing a skeleton with inner organs, granting him access to his Lich fighting style for 10 seconds. (Back, Forward, 2)
Enhanced: Zombie: Same as Lich form but the skeleton is now bloody, with damage boost.
Vampire Form: Transforms into his Vampire form, his clothing becomes longer and his skin becomes pale with glowing red eyes, granting him access to his Vampire fighting style for 10 seconds. (Forward, Forward, 3)
Enhanced: Dracula: Same as Vampire Form, larger teeth are shown and now all teeth are fangs with glowing yellow eyes, with a longer duration time of 15 seconds.
Blood Spray: A projectile of a blood ball in the shape of a skull. (Back, Back, 3)
Enhanced: Blood Bath: Same as Blood Spray; after the projectile an upward blood skull appears underneath the opponent, popping them up.
Pushing Daisies: Erebus summons a zombie from the waist up that appears from the ground holding the opponent’s legs; enabling them for a free hit. (Down, Down, 4)
Enhanced: Gravedigger: The zombie holds the opponent for a long amount of time.
Spirited Away: Erebus sends out a spirit that enters the opponent’s body and possesses their body and throws them across the screen. (Back, Forward, 1)
Enhanced: Poltergeist: The same ghost possesses the opponent’s body, but instead lifts them into the air and slams them on the ground for a possible juggle.
Necrotic Touch: Erebus disappears into a cloud of black smoke and reappears behind the opponent, punching them. (Down, Forward, 2)
Enhanced: Touch of Death: Erebus disappears into a cloud of black smoke and reappears above the opponent’ slamming onto them.

X-Ray: Full Moon: Erebus quickly transforms into his Lycan form and jumps on the opponent, sending them to the ground. In his Lycan form, Erebus repeated bites and chews on the opponent’s head until he finally has a strong hold on it (X rayed to his skull cracking into segments once the teeth penetrated the head). He lifts the opponent into the air, with their head still in his mouth and slams them on the other side of the floor (X rayed to his back and neck cracking).
Fatality 1: Dinner Is Served: Erebus grabs hold of both of the opponent’s legs and kicks them square on the stomach. The legs are ripped from the opponent as he yells on the floor. Erebus summons multiple zombies from the waste up, surrounding the helpless opponent. The opponent, repeatedly pleas and begs as he tries to crawl away; but the zombies grab hold of the opponent pulling him back as they all feast on him as he continues to scream and yell. Erebus then holds both of the opponent’s legs up triumphantly.

Entrance: In his Lich form, Erebus rises from the ground; in his skeletal appearance with some organs inside his rib cage. He reverts back to his human form when he fully emerges from the ground.
Match Taunt: Erebus looks at the opponent on the ground and spits on them, then saying, “Did you honestly think you could win?”
Victory Pose: Erebus transforms into his Lycan form, howling towards the sky.

Ending: Finally in his grasp, Erebus meets with Shao Kahn. Shang Tsung and Quan Chi interfere and battle with Erebus, he was outnumbered but they were outmatched (Shang Tsung being pulled apart by zombies and Quan Chi, eaten by Erebus’s Vampire Form). Killing Shao Kahn and tasting the emperor’s blood; Erebus was empowered and his abilities were increased tenfold. He planned to resurrect his master Onaga to rule once more. Raiden pleaded Erebus to stop his foolish ritual as it would bring about another crisis. Erebus refused to listen, accomplishing his ritual and fully resurrecting the true ruler of Outworld. The Dragon King had ruled once more (Onaga ripping Raiden apart with Erebus viewing from the distance near a darkened portal).

Submitted by: NoobSaibot000

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