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Name: Erzhära
Gender: female
Age: Unknown (because I'm not sure about the life expectation of seidans)
Alignment: Neutral/Good
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150lbs
Origin: Goldtown, Seido

Bio: Most of the members of the Seidan Resistance Movement joined for them own will. It wasn't my case; I was born and grew up in the bosom of the SRM. My parents were members of the SRM and my childhood wasn't easy, but thanks to my mother's wealthy family heritage, we can hide better our true alignment. My mother was a well known musician, specially with the harp. But my abilities weren't artistic, like my father said, I have the cat's feet and the dog's nose. I'm good at finding things, and the SRM used my natural talent in multiple missions. But my life changed soon after the strange death of my mother. My father didn't allow me to investigate the incident, and sent me to find a powerful relic in the Chaosrealm. The place turned out to be much more dangerous, I lost my right arm and on a death trap… and almost my life too.

I woke up in great pain, and terrified when I saw that my arm was back, but it wasn't the same. My screams alerted a mysterious man, called Ovid, who calmed me. He explained me that he and his wife saved me, and that with an ancient magic had recreate my arm with mystical sand. I was trained to control my new arm, but they don't allow me to return to Seido yet. They knew it over of my mother's decease, and they said that here, in the Jade Deserts, I would find the answer. Using my new arm to survive camouflaged in the sand and steal objects, I have to cross the battalion commanded by Rain. I have to gain access to Ylban's ruined mausoleum before them, or prevent that they enter inside.

Fighting Style: His fighting style, at the service of the SRM, was wrestling-lucha libre style. Jumping fast attacks and deadly holds, she was never allowing that his/her rival should see her, or that could have time of reaction. But now she used her arms in different ways. With her right one, she can manipulate his sand arm to create weapons, for example a spiked mace. And with her left arm, she used a bracelet-whip that can extend to hook the rivals' limbs.

Primary Costume: Her brown hair is free, but isn't very long and only covers partially her purple neckerchief. In her left arm, a white-and-brown elbow pad and her bracelet before the wrist. In her right arm, only a magical tattoo under the right shoulder. Her top is covered by a brown cleavage-exposing top and a golden jewelry-belt in the belly. The legs are covered with a brown split skirt set with purple flowers and finally brown high heels.
Alternate Costume: Her hair is shorter (but not like a man), and her outfit is like Darrius main one. The color in the top is reversed (and instead of orange, is mainly brown) and only covers left shoulder/arm. The right side of the belly is also removed, and only covers the right leg (and instead of blue, is basically purple). The attire composition is like Shakira's dark outfit in "She-Wolf" video.

Special Moves
Low Catch: She extends her bracelet (turning into a whip) to catch the leg of her rival, and toss he/she towards her. Then she jumps and falls over his/her face with a double knee, and recovers in the other side.
Enhanced: she falls over his/her ribs, and then strike with a sand punch to the face, putting both in the same position before the attack
High Catch: Anti-air attack, she extends her bracelet up to the air, and she toss the rival towards her, and she knock-down with her sand arm in form of hammer.
Enhanced: A little more faster/damaging
Spiral Kicks: She rests on her left arm and face down rotates on her striking in spiral with both legs the head of the rival.
Enhanced: She uses her right arm and creates mini-tornado sand, and with the same time she rotates faster, striking the double.
Mirage: A parry counter-attack, she defends with her right arm, with the sand shaking. If the rival attacks normal (not sweep or air attack) her right arm vanish, and she moves behind her rival, and her sand arm recreates to catch rivals' shoulders with both arms to strike his/her back with a double knee attack
Enhanced: When she attacks, jumps and the rival falls down to the knees (pop-up attack). A small windows appears for still attacking the rival, for example the enchanted version of High Catch or Spiral Kicks
Arrow Stomp: She runs towards her rival and kicks in the chest with a Running Front Dropkick
Enhanced: She uses her sand arm to "boost" her jump, and now instead of horizontal attack, is more similar to the Sonya's Arc Kick – she eludes projectiles/other horizontal attacks

Throw (front): She catches her rival with a Headscissors Takedown.
Throw (back): She catches her rival with a Hurricanrana.

X-Ray: Silent Agony: Starts like a mid parry counter-attack, she catches her rival arm and puts in a Triangle Choke (X-ray effect 1: arm dislocated. X-ray effect 2: jaw fractured). Then she releases the rival, and with the rival kneeling, she knock-down with the knee with the Shinning Wizard (X-ray effect 3: skull crushed).
Fatality 1: Cursed Sand: She extends both hands palm-down, and her right arm vanished and the sand fly towards her rival's head. The sand enters inside mouth, nose, eyes and ears. Then she puts her arms with the left hand palm-up, and closes the hand to make explode the rival's head. The sand recreates again the right arm, and she let out a "yuk!" looking the rests of blood in her right arm.
Fatality 2: Arcane Drill: With her right hand grabs the bracelet and toss out towards the rival's legs. He/she falls down with both legs captured, and Erzhära creates a drill with her sand arm, drill out the stomach. After this first attack, she sit-down over the rival's chest, and drill out his/her face until almost skull is out. The sand arm recovers the arm form, and she spits a "not again!" with the blood in her right arm.

Entrance: She looks worried at her arm, but then looks her rival and defies him/her with the widespread fist "You will suffer!"
Match Taunt: She puts her left hand over her right shoulder, and rotates her right arm, at the time that she open and close her right hand.
Victory Pose: She closes her eyes and sit-down leg crossed. She extends her bracelet over her right wrist in spiral, and the sand hand rotates weightless inside the bracelet. Then, she opens her eyes defiant.

Ending: Rain is without doubt the most powerful rival that I ever face it before. But thanks of his destruction, I fell for Ysbal's ruins and found an obelisk. On having touched it, I discovered the truth of my saviors - he was the god Argus and her wife Delia. I could accede to this information for my lineage ... my mother and his forbears were edenians. I could escape of Rain's forces and reunited with my long time-new protector. Had my mother been dead for not being seidan, or because she was an infiltrated spy?

He didn't give to me any response, but he said that I need to discover by myself. But discover the real truth would be a mission that I couldn't make alone, and they opened a portal. After crossing it, I came to an unknown realm for me, which seemed to be in ruins caused for a great war. In front of me, there was a man and a woman, and someone who was answering to the name of Lord Raiden. The truth revealed in Ysbal had to remain secret for the success of our alliance, and most importantly, of my mission.

Submitted by: Shinomune

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