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Name: Eternus
Gender: Male
Age: Beyond 10,000
Alignment: Evil/Good
Height: 6'3
Weight: 215lbs
Origin: Edenia/Outworld

Bio: As an ancient descendant of King Jerrod, Eternus returned to Outworld to claim the throne of his relative (that of which the relation is not known.) Once the fate of the kingship is revealed to have been occupied by Shao Kahn, Eternus readied for battle. Challenging Shao Kahn, Eternus was defeated by the loyal minions under the emperor's rule. He was then imprisoned and used as a slave by Shang Tsung until Tsung noticed the potential for war in Eternus. In the same fashion as his past creations, Shang Tsung formed a warrior of the utmost supremacy. Eternus has since then been a mindless warrior under the command of Shang Tsung.

Fighting Style: A combination of Broadsword (similar to that of Quan Chi in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance although as briefly as Scorpion's usage of blades in Mortal Kombat 9) and the more dominant style being an adaptive form of Goju Ryu (as seen from Reptile and Rain in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.) Although the styles of Broadsword and Goju Ryu are the structure of his stance, demeanor and motions, Eternus is truly defined by the sorcerer-like nature of his special moves due to the recreation of his entire existence by the master-sorcerer, Shang Tsung.

Primary Costume: Eternus has a traditional Orange ninja outfit with flowing black hair. His mask hides his disfigured mouth, brutalized as a result of battling Shao Kahn's minions.
Alternate Costume: In an attempt to regain his noble status regardless of his being possessed, Eternus dresses in “prince-like” attire from his gilded crested spauldings to his golden laced gauntlets. Even his hair is professionally kept.

Special Moves
I.: A ground eruption (mimicking Shang Tsungs in Mortal Kombat 9) using a series of explosions from the floor in three progressively closer spots (from far to close) to continue punishing the opponent in a continuous elevated state similar to that of an uppercut effect.
II.: By using a form of telekinesis (resembling the second portion of Quan Chi's x-ray in Mortal Kombat 9,) Eternus causes the opponent to grab their own head and wrench it in an attempt to break their neck.
III.: Using a cloaking ability to momentarily flash to an invisible state, reappearing behind the opponent.
IV.: Eternus causes the hands of multiple spirits to reach from the floor under the opponent and bind the legs momentarily, long enough for an approach (similar to the effects of Sub Zero's Ground Freeze in Mortal Kombat 9.)
V.: Reaching to his back and grabbing his dual-swords , Eternus performs a “no-hand cartwheel” towards the opponent swinging his swords and slashes the opponent, causing a knock-down and a slide for a short distance.

X-Ray: Eternus uses telekinesis to slam the opponent face first into the floor, cracking the face, and upper torso area of the body. The fighter raises his or herself up into an “all fours” position, as Eternus quickly approaches the downed opponent and “punts” them with a brutal kick to the face cracking the face again and causing them to fly backward onto their back.
Fatality 1: Eternus knocks the opponent to the ground with them lying on their back. He then stabs his sword into the opponent, one in each arm, pinning them to the floor in a “crucifix” sort of position and then portals through the ceiling, continuing his trip back up through the floor... REPEATEDLY. During this time the downed opponent is torn through until Eternus is merely passing through a bloody hole in the floor.
Fatality 2: With Eternus facing the opponent, the throws his swords over the opponent, sticking them upright into the floor, blade sides facing the victim's back. he then grabs their left hand and left foot, holding them perpendicular to him, victim facing him. He then kicks the opponent in the midsection, causing them to slide sideways into the exposed blades slicing them in two places, leaving the victim in three sliced up body pieces.

Ending: Under the rule of Shang Tsung during the Mortal Kombat Tournament, Eternus fell to an adversary. This loss shook the core which is his memory, his father, King Jerrod.

Though his will was altered by sorcery demanded by Shao Kahn, his spirit was not broken.

Eternus remembered.

Breaking the bind of possession administered by his master, Shang Tsung, Eternus lashed against the Empire of Shao Kahn and joined forces with what once was his home... Edenia.

Beginning his quest to regain the power from Shao Kahn, he sought to find the living, breathing immortal tomb in which his father's soul resides... Ermac.

Submitted by: keepinitwolf

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