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Name: Frigid
Gender: Male
Race: Cryomancer
Age: Unknown (Elder Cryomancer)
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 205lbs
Origin: Outworld

Bio: Frigid is one of the few remaining from the long lost race of the Cryomancers. They have remain hidden in Outworld through ages due to fear of extinction by the hands of Shao Kahn.

As well as being an elder Minister amongst the Cryomancers, Frigid is a sorcerer who uses his freezing abilities combining them with sorcery. Frigid wears the Crymancer armor which he has enhanced with magic and can summon at any time on himself, giving him advanced combat abilities as a warrior as well.

Watching in secrecy during the Mortal Kombat tournament held in Outworld, he notices an Earthrealm warrior by the name of Sub-Zero who wields the same ability as him and his ancestors. He is amazed at how the warrior can freeze his opponents with an ice ball as normal cryomancers can only create ice shards and use the moisture in the air close to their body.

He follows the assassin and disguises himself as one of the many outworld citizens in Kahn's Colosseum. There he notices Sub-Zero defeat Scorpion and speak of his brother's death. As the Cyborg Lin Kuei capture Sub-Zero and Frigid is unable to help in the open. During the invasion of Earth, he finds a portal, using it to travel to Earthrealm in search of the truth behind Sub-Zero's origins.

Fighting Style: Frigid fighting style is a unique combination of magic and his genetic ability to freeze. Using his experience, Frigid is able to anticipate most moves from his opponent and counter. Frigid however like most cryomancers cannot form an ice ball like Sub-Zero which freezes opponents on contact as pure Cryomancers can only use the moisture around them and not in long range. However they are able to form sharp objects made of ice which they can use ias daggers or throw them. The dragon fighting style he uses has also been seen to be used by the Lin Kuei warrior Sub-Zero.

Special Moves
Mystic Mist: Frigid moves his arms to create cold vapor which upon contact freezes his opponent (used in close range like Sonya's kiss move as a free hit/stun move)
Enhanced: After the vapour is created, Frigid quickly dashes forward and throws the opponent into the vapor if they are in mid range and hence had missed hitting the vapor.
Winter's Touch: Frigid grabs and freezes his opponent then throws them shattering the ice as they hit the ground.
Enhanced: Frigid slams the opponent once before throwing them.
Ice Shards: Frigid creates ice shards in his hands which he throws at his opponents' midsection. (Basic projectile move causing damage)
Enhanced: Frigid throws two Ice shards from each hitting the leg, the other hitting the midsection.
Clone Teleport: Frigid morphs into ice (think ice parry) which is actually a clone and if it is not hit then, he himself teleports behind the opponent as the clone disappears.
Enhanced: Frigid Teleports twice, once behind the opponent hitting him/her with a pop up before teleporting again in front of them before they fall down (can be used for a juggle combo)
Sliding Dagger: Frigid slides through quickly (Cold Shoulder like, and upon contact with opponent stabs the opponent with two ice shapr shards.
Enhanced: After the stabbing, he uses his shoulders to push and them (Nightwolf's shoulder charge/Cold Shoulder)
Clone Parry: Frigid morphs into ice (think ice parry) which is actually a clone which breaks if a projectile hits it while Frigid teleports above and dives in (at a downward angle) on top of the opponent with a both hands punching him.
Enhanced: Frigid dives in on to the opponent and instead of punching with both hands, he tackles them down and forms an ice shard in his hands which he sticks into the chest of the opponent.
Ground Shards: Frigid raises shards of ice from below the opponent, and upon contact the inflict damage and a pop up (think Shang's ground skulls)
Enhanced: Two shards come out of the ground causing the opponent to be hit twice and move him towards frigid while still in the air allowing a juggle combo.

X-Ray: Teleports behind opponent and connects with a knee to the opponents back making then fall to their knee. then Frigid teleports again in front of then and rapidly punches the opponent's chest with his hands now covered in ice (in the shape of a sharp pointy shard) which pierces his opponents lungs, and finishes with a frozen hammer of ice formed on his hands connecting with the opponents jaw.
Fatality 1: Frigid produces a massive pointy ice shard (pointed at an angle of 45 degrees roughly) from the ground behind his opponent, then sweeps the opponent (with Frigid's leg moving from behind the opponent's legs so that the opponent falls back) who is impaled while falling back and struggles to his death as his body goes deeper into the ice.
Fatality 2: Frigid kicks the opponent and he falls to the ground. He throws four small ice shards each connecting with the opponents palms and feet/ankle, trapping him to the ground. Frigid then steps back and summons a massive ice boulder above the opponent which falls on the opponent crushing his midsection while blood splashes out of his wounds (from the 4 wounds the shards create) as he dies from the pain.

Entrance: "I will make you shiver to your bones"
Match Taunt: "Feel the warmth leave your body?" (Frigid points to the opponent and asks this to mock him)
Victory Pose: The camera closes in on Frigid slightly who turns into a clone. Then Frigid teleports slightly behind it and kicking the clone towards the camera shattering it as it hits the screen also breaks (like Cyrax's bomb does to the screen) while he looks coldly at the screen.

Ending: Frigid found out Sub-Zero was already automated after having traced the cyborgs back to their base. It was easy for him to use his magic and remain in the shadows, having remained in hiding for so long, the Cryomancers are experts in stealth.

He visited his old friend the Lin Kuei Grandmaster from whom he discovered the origins of Sub-Zero, that he had both human and Cryomancer blood in him. *Vision of past showing Frigid young with a human girl with whom he had a male child, Sub-Zero's father. Frigid had abandoned him in Earthrealm with his mother as they would not be allowed back in Outworld as they were not pure Cryomancers. This also explains Sub-Zero's ability to create an ice ball which is due to a mix of human and cryomancer blood* Frigid then disappears upon hearing fighting as Sektor marched towards his father.

The merger of Earthrealm with Outword due to Kahn's invasion caused the Cryomancer's secret cave to appear in Earthrealm not far from the Lin Kuei temple. Hordes of Tarkatans attacked the Cryomancers thinking they're Earthrealm warriors. Frigid found the Cryomancer King's daughter, Princess Frost engaged in battle along with others, as he jumped in to save his kind. The battle was nearly over when the merger abruptly ended, Frigid and the other Cryomancers soon found themselves back in Outworld, only Frost remained back in Earthrealm.

Submitted by:B_i_G_E_v_i_L

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