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Name: Fu Lei
Gender: Male
Age: unknown, appears as 30ish in looks
Alignment: Evil
Height: 5'55"
Weight: (190 lbs /can become weightless)
Origin: Outworld

Bio: In Outworld there are mysterious cloaked men known as the shadow priest. Loyal to whoever reigns, they guard portals, sacred objects and perform rituals with their natural affinity for sorcery. Fu Lei is such a Shadow Priest, known for his excellent skill of the arcane, most notably that of creating multiple portals with ease.

His skill did not go unnoticed by the emperor and placed him in safeguarding of one of the most important relics the realm had to offer, the Outworld Kamidogu. Little did he know that he was not only notorious for his skill, but also among his peers for his radical views.

Fu Lei believes that the Shadow Priest should serve no one, and that the true seat of power belongs to them.

The day that the Mortal Kombat tournament began, Shao Khan ordered several other priests to guard the Kamidogu aswell. An unexplainable force drew Fu Lei to the altar on which the relic was placed, upon lifting the Kamidogu a strange sensation surged through his body and a vision of him dying in protecting the kamidogu was seen, killed by a man lured into deception by the Dragon King. When the vision perished it seemed as though the other priests around him had aswell. Realising the power the relic contained, he now felt as though he had the means to realise his goal. Conquering outworld for himself and in effect preventing his own death. Knowing which threaths would awaken the Dragon King,cloaked he sought to enter the Tournament himself and kill the unborn deadly alliance, the emperor and his murderer Shujinko, Considering Shadow Priests have always been loyal surely they would not expect this sudden act of treachery pushed by the power of the kamidogu and the will to survive.

(Note: this is a side effect of Raidens vision of how the dragon king came to be, the vision apperently affected the Kamidogu and thus giving Fu Lei the visions aswell, also note that considering not much of the shadow priest have been told I took the artistic liberty into implementing them more, Though Shujinko never really fights a Shadow priest it's safe to assume he actually did kill some of them considering they are all over the place and Kung Lao and Lui Kang had to face them aswell in Shaolin Monks and again considering they seem to be guarding stuff, took the artistic liberty of him guarding the Kamidogu.)

Fighting Style: Considering Shadow Priests (or atleast Fu Lei) have long nails, he will use these in hand to hand combat and kind of stab and cut them in combo's, and might use some moves from the snake style kungfu, he's very limited on kicks though most notably becuase he hovers ver low on the ground wearing in one costume a complete shadow priest outfit, he does have some interesting high and low kicks do to his unique hovering but kicks in length are limited, he's mostly ranged due to his special moves involve creating portals and use them to combo. ( even though he hovers he still can sweeped, very low hover)

Primary Costume: His outfit shows him cloaked like a shadow priest, anonymously while wearing the purple kamidogu around his neck on chain, also a sash hangs from his neck like those in the background of the Temple level and a dark brown dowble rope keeps his robe together like a belt would. The color scheme for player one is black with dark cyan details in his sash. the alternate color is classic purple with black details and a black rope.
Alternate Costume: In this outfit he reveals what he looks like when not wearing his robe, he has a chinese kungfu style sleevless uppergarment with buttons running in the middle,the area by shoulders hold bat wing like texture which then moves downward to the middle, He looks 30ish and has glowing eyes whenever he performs a move... and small stripe beard soulpatchlike, on his chin.

He has long braid hair reaching the lower part of his shoulders in length.. he wears a belt with the Kamidogu of outworld attached to it and a sash which has a similiar texture as in his uppergarment splitting in half downwards, the belt also holds a sash backwards that only slightly covers the front aswell as reaching below his knees.

He wears pants with a similiar texture as before with the uppergarments, black boots with a purple plate and purple and black arm gloves.

In his player one color his main color of the undergarments, the sash and the pans is in classic Shadow Priest purple, while the textures are black, the 2nd player color has the textures be Cyan while the rest stays pretty much the same.

Special Moves
(note: his portals are purple blue-ish like in the classic secret stage level)
Close Portal: creates a small portal (size of kunglao's enhanced hat )close by in mid-air (with that I mean average face height) for a short while, while trapping(suction) the opponent if they hit it
Enhanced: summons Three small portals, the close one is high in air, medium one in mid-air, last one in high air
Far Portal: creates a small portal far away in mid-air for a short while, while trapping(suction) the opponent if they hit it
Enhanced: summons Three small portals close one most vertical, medium one in high air, far one in mid-air
TelePortal: TelePortal, creates a portal behind him, steps in, reapears behind opponent from portal and hits him with elbow (similiar to shinnok) knocking the enemy away (less punishing then it was in MK armageddon)
Enhanced: same movement but after elbow, grabs opponent instead and throws him inthe portal he came from and the opponent reappears from the portal Fu Lei stepped in and hit him two handed stab, portal dissapears and slams against side of screen
Anti-Air Portal: creates a short duration portal protecting from attacks like jump kicks from the air (works for air projectiles aswell and drop at the samelocation the opponent would) , the opponent gets sucked in and get dropped medium to far ranged from the sky getting damage upon impact of the ground (falling head first)
Enhanced: two portals which Covers air and frontal attacks aswell
Mystical Flame: Throws a slow moving purple Flameball, with great knockback and reasonable damage but blockable.
Enhanced: ires same flameball but fires it in a portal causing the flameball to reappear behind an opponent from a portal and knocking them towards Fu Lei
Ritual of the Shadow Priest: Creates purple pentagram giving and if it turns red Fu Lei gains a damage boost, if it turns green Fu Lei receives a health boost (very much so like the Shadow priest in Shaolin Monks)
Enhanced: attacking Fu Lei while using this move when enhanced causes the opponent to get stunned for a while
Arcane Flight: (GRAB) Backward throw has him grabbing fly him in the air force choking the opponent before throwing him backwards/ Forward throw has him grabbing the opponent fly him in the air, while in the air unleashing a lightning strike from the air (like in shoalin monks) and throwing him forward.

X-Ray: Closeby Activation: creates portal above close to Fu Lei, uppercuts the opponent in the portal (breaking face) having him reappear from the ground from a portal and stabbing him with his long nails in his body (breaking ribcase ) and throws him back.
Fatality 1: Unstability: two small portals appear above enemy, lifting his arms trapping them (like chains in the khan stage) in the small portals, creates a giant portal behind opponent which is very unstable... kick him in it, breaking the arms off who still hang in sky and completely destroys the opponent in bodyparts which then keeps swirling till they dissapear ..
Fatality 2: This Sucks!: Two big portals on each side sucking first the skin of in half and then the body in half, while guts and blood sling out and follows the each halfs into the portal... then Fu Lei lets the Kamidogu glow while he laughs sinister.
Babality: He turns into a small shadow priest, then tries to create a portal... unfortunatly it's a real small one and gets sucked in it with his butt and gets swirled round and round, making cute whoa sounds.

Entrance: "I will remove you from existance", in a calm but threathening and hollow voice, while floating from a portal touching the kamidogu which lights up in return making a buzzing sound (touches the kamidogu depending on the location it resides on the costume)
Match Taunt: "The Abyss awaits you" (when far away from opponent) - "mwhahaha" (while moving and floating away from opponent)
Get Up: he simply holds his hands flat together and a purple aura surrounds him getting him on his feet
Victory Pose: Waves his hands in the air in a circular motion while he says a spell and opens a Big portal behind him, he then holds his hands flat agains eachother like shadow priests are seen doing and slightly move up and down mimicking the portal stage to an extent.

Ending: With the might of the Kamidogu Fu Lei defeated Shang Tsung, Quan Chi and Shao Khan in Mortal Kombat. Their magical power flew into his body, he merged Quan Chi's amulet and the Outworld Kamidogu to gain even more power. he then tracked down and slew Shujinko in the Nexus the gateway to all realms, the man who in his vision killed him, gaining his accumalated power aswell. Having gained as much power as 6 Kamidogu would have, it unintentionally ressurected Onaga the dragon king pre-maturely, shocked by this discovery he attempted to trap Onaga in a portal leading to nowhere, not yet fully accustomed to his newly gained powers however,he created a portal so mighty it sucked the entire nexus and all realms into one realm, one existence. Fu Lei had become the One Being... (note: Shujinko is present during the events of mk1- mk3, like havik appears to be in the ending of Noob-Saibot)

Submitted by: Kombaterator

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