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Name: Gendo
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Generally kind-hearted soul with a wicked streak when pushed
Height: 5'11"
Weight: never ask a shapeshifting, demon embodied sorcerer his weight!
Origin: Outworld, although he resides in rural Japan

Bio: Gendo was born as an outlander and showed a great appetite for magic of all kinds; Elemental magic, necromancy and demonology, Gendo dabbled in them all. As a being of conflicted morals, Gendo is torn between the service of Outland and the unjust and horrific annex of other realms. Gendo's public and controversial attack on Shao Kahn's rule meant he needed to find sanctuary and hiding quickly. Of the other realms, Gendo found rural Japan a second home and would do anything to prevent the loss of the tenth mortal kombat tournament. Gendo has secretly arrived to the tournament, not to participate directly but to attack, weaken or even kill the outworld fighters, giving Earthrealm warriors a better chance.

Fighting Style: Cowardly and awkward style. Gendo has had no formal martial training and his moves have been developed from his own trial and error. Some attacks and strings also use a dagger.

Primary Costume: As this character is based on a LARP character I play, I have ideas in my head as to what he looks like. Without showing you a photo of me in kit (it's not great) I shall describe references you know that should put a similar picture in your own minds. Gendo looks like a cross between MKI Raiden, MKI Shang Tsung and Dakuan (little guy from Ninja Scroll). The hat is very important. A round Japanese hat, not a pointy one!
Alternate Costume: Similar references and medieval japaneese attire should work twice!

Special Moves
Heart of Darkness: Animation - Gendo throws his arms into the air chanting a spell. Effect - The screen shades slightly darker for a period of a few seconds, however for the opposing player the screen is black for that same period. The opponent will therefore have no idea where Gendo is and loose their bearings completely.
Enhanced: double duration.
Evil Eye: Animation - Gendo casts a spell, ending with a long stare into the opponents eyes. Effect - holding effect, similar to MK9 Quan Chi move, but any effect that would break LoS (jump tumbling, appearing behind the opponent) will cancel the effect immediately.
Enhanced: double duration.
Leap: Animation/ Effect - Gendo jumps into the air with double the distance of a normal jump arc and may punch/ kick/ perform moves like a normal jump.
Enhanced: Jump lands full screen in a high arc.
Lightning Bolt: Animation - Gendo utters a spell, ending with a gesture throwing a bolt of lightning at the opponent.
Enhanced: Effect/ EX - as per Raiden.
Flame Shock: Animation/ Effect - Gendo summons a flame into his hand and thrusts it into his opponent's chest, knocking them to the floor.
Enhanced: the flame shock does increased damage and is a pop-up attack.

X-Ray: Ritual Cut: Gendo punches his opponent, turning them around. He then utters a spell while cutting their throat - lots of internal throat damage!
Fatality 1: Terrify: Animation - Gendo turns into a demon, the opponent shrieks in terror, Gendo then rips their head off.
Fatality 2: Firestorm: Animation - Gendo conjures a firestorm, the opponent burns for a few seconds.

Entrance: Gendo leaps in with a big grin and shouts konichiwa!
Match Taunt: Gendo seems surprised he even won, and then dusts himself off.
Victory Pose: Gendo laughs manically.

Ending: Although participation in any mortal kombat tournament would only aid Outworld's plans of Earthrealm's annex, by killing Shao Kahn, Gendo removes the greatest threat completely. With Shao Kahn now dead and a series of claims to his empire made by his many servants and lieutenants, Gendo sows the seeds of chaos setting each claimant against each other. The resulting civil conflicts break the Outworld empire into many factions, some of these factions find a new existence as an echo of the free realms they once were.

Submitted by: kissmemileena

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