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Name: Greyia
Gender: automation (no gender)
Age: 100,000 yrs
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 987lbs
Origin: Myro

Bio: A machine from another world built to keep the balance in the universe. It took it upon itself to judge what disturbed the balance of its world destroying many lives. It soon was defeated. The machine had grown its own soul which was sent to hell, and while there are many universes and realms there is only one hell. Upon its descend it caught the attention of the fallen elder god Shinnok who could feel its massive power through the different levels of hell. Shinnok found the beast and manipulated it to be his tool in gaining revenger on his sworn enemies Rayden and the elder gods. However Greyia's power was too much for the fallen god who was destroyed by the mechanical beast. Greyia, a monster from another world, now runs rampant throught out the realms. The elder gods need a champion capable of defeating this great threat... but who in their world has the power to stop this beast and destroy it in mortal kombat.

Fighting Style: Greyia is powerful but heavy. He has a tail and relies mostly on his special moves and strength. Greyia has many throws, teleport, and heavy fisted attacks. It only has a few pop up moves, not many.

Primary Costume: Greyia is a metallic and from his waist up is larger than the waste down. Greyia has to big round black eyes with no pupils and other than that no other features on his face. he has a small horn on his forehead that points towards his back. He has two horizontal slits on each peck that lets out smoke that is green. His arms are huge along with is back. he has a power full tail which along with the horn on his head is ringed. He wheres no clothes for he has nothing to hide (no gender). His feat are huge ending with three front toes and one toe protruding from each heal. His hands have three fingers with claws. He has muscular legs but no where near his upper body. His legs however are proportionate to his upper body in length.
Alternate Costume: Greyias alternate costume is only the marking of shinnok all over his body (tattoos)

Special Moves
Teleportation: greyia can teleport behind the opponent for a quick attack
Enhanced: Greyia's teleport ends with a pop -up
Absorption: Greyia lifts his hands in the air and sucks in his foe and takes the opponents best move for one turn. after the move is used it disappears.
Enhanced: Greyia also takes some life.
Batter: Greyia flies up into the air and lands on the foe which he delivers to powerful punches and rolls off the foe.
Enhanced: instead of rolling off he picks up the foe and throws him away.
Energy Ball: Greyia gathers up energy inside of himself and launches it in the form of a small orb at the foe.
Enhanced: the projectile is larger and does more damage.

X-Ray: Greyia starts his attack with a jump landing on the foes chest breaking it he then rolls off and slams his tail on the grounded foe smashing his skull. he finished his attack by wrapping the foes neck with his tail and tosses the foe away.
Fatality 1: Greyia absorbs the foe and spits out his bones and unwanted parts.
Fatality 2: Greyia wraps the foes leg up with his tail and with his arms rips the foe to peaces. the left over body is then tossed on the ground and jumped on by greyia.

Entrance: Greyia jumps in from the sky and smashes the floor and then looks at the foe.
Match Taunt: Greyia thrashes his tail at the foe.
Victory Pose: Greyia absorbs the foe and gains some characteristics from him or her or it

Ending: Arcade ending: Greyia succeeded in "balancing out the realms by wiping clean the special abilities from every warrior who posed a threat to his new world. The new power corrupted his mission to balance the realms. Greyia gave into greed. He flew to the heavens and absorbed the power of the elder gods. The power however was too much for Greyia to handle. The power exploded from greyias body rained down on the realms giving new old abilities to new warriors. Soon a new tournament will be under way and this time with new warrior.

Story Mode Ending: Greyia had absorbed the power of the realms greatest threats, Goro, shao kahn, kintaro, motaro, and Onaga. He defeated all who opposed him leaving the warriors of the Mk universe battled and the warriors of his universe decimated. The only warriors left were Purge (from Greyia's universe) and Raiden. Purge new greyia will destory their world after he was done with raidens, So Purge, although badly injured stood up and with one more round left in him challenged Greyia. Raiden who was also badly injured admired Purge's bravery and as purge jumped at Greyia, raiden combined with purge giving the warrior the little bit of power needed to defeat Greyia. ElectroPurge ripped the four mk warriors from greyia's body with one violent punch. Greyia weakened from the split fell to his knees. Raiden jumped out of purge and looked onto greyia. Before raiden could finish him Purge stopped him stating that killing him would only reset these events. Instead purge aborbed greyia and had raiden finish him. With Purges sacrifice both universes were saved. Soon a close bond formed between the two as they began learning about each other's different yet similar worlds.
Submitted by: archfi3ndrising

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