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Name: Hana
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 170 cm (5'7")
Weight: 58 kg (127 lbs)
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: 'My name is Hana. I cannot say anything interesting about me... Well... Maybe one or two "things". When I was a little cute girl my parents died in a car-accident. My saint memory brother "raised" me, he was always busy... with something. I wonder if he ever cared about me. I spent most of my life practicing fighting - my city is not a safe place, I am pretty nice in fighting. My trainer Hector was also my first crush *giggles*. We started dating, we married. It was pretty much stupid, I didn't knew him... then. One day he started some drug business - I told him that it is a bad idea. He was addicted of drugs... he even... SOLD me for marijuana, some men took me from my house they trapped me in the car. I was fighting - I was stupid. One of the men gouged my eye, then he threw me out of the car and left me to die. I guess that I was tough enough to survive. When I entered my house once again it was empty... I will never forget Hector about terribly thing he did to me. I am going to kill him.'

Fighting Style: "Street Fighting" - She is pretty fast while her attacks are weak. Hana is very acrobatic, she uses cartwheels and handsprings without any problems - they are her common moves.

Primary Costume: Long blonde hair in a low ponytail, wraps on his fists and feet, White hakama that's tattered at the bottom and a red sash. A white scarf masking the lower half of his face. His eyes have grey pupils and he has multiple scars all over his torso and some scars over his mouth.
Alternate Costume: A white cloak and hood, gold bracelets, white baggy pants, a gold belt and he's barefoot. He also still has his torture scars.

Special Moves
Huanacanrana: She hurricanranas her opponent.
Hanawheel: She cartwheels her opponent.
Hanasprings: She handsprings her opponent.
Hanakick: She runs and kicks her opponent in the face.

X-Ray: It Hurts: Hana kicks opponent in the crotch then she puts a finger in opponent's eye not removing the finger she kicks him/her in the jaw.
Fatality 1: Knife Rocks: Hana slowly cut offs opponent's fingers, then she puts some of them in opponent's mouth. While the victims vomits and crouches she snaps her/his neck.
Fatality 2: EyeOus: Hana puts her knife in opponent's eye. While the victim is screaming Hana removes the knife and puts it in the another eye. She tries removing, but entire head is ripped out.

Entrance: She covers her missing eye with hair. "*screams* Hector!"
Match Taunt: Hana grabs a knife from her pocket.
Victory Pose: "I don't have time for you". Hana runs off.

Ending: 'Finally... I found Hector, it is hard to miss his long hair and scarred face, I am just behind them. It is a midnight, I saw someone with him; a woman, he was hugging her... How is that possible? A monster like him, showing emotions...?

Hana: "He is most likely going to sell her too, I have no choice."
I took a knife, I was ready... I was just waiting for a woman to leave.
Woman: "How should we name him?"
Hana: "Heh!"
Woman: "Who said that!?"
I had no choice, but kill them both. She saw me, he saw me...
Hana: "Hector! Die in pain!"
I cut off his finger with my knife.
Woman: "Hector?!"
She ran off. I couldn't care less...
Hector: "My hand! You bitch!"
Hana: "So Hector, should I kill you?"
Hector: "No! Wait! You want my baby to become a half-orphan?"
Hana: "No... I just want to be sure that you will be never able to touch... or see him."
Hector: "Nooo!"
*Screen fades*

Submitted by: Midey

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