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Gender: Male
Age: 28
Alignment: Good
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: Howakan has always been a drifter. He never felt like he fit in with his Sioux clan or anyone that he came along with. He felt he was always driven by mysterious voices telling him to keep moving on and find what he was meant to do (Howahkan translates to Of the Mysterious Voice in Sioux). It wasnt until the death of Nightwolf that he found what the voice was telling him to do. Upon nightwolfs sacrifice to save what few earthrealm warriors were left his soul set out to find a warrior to help Raiden protect what was left of the earthrealm until they could rebuild their forces. Nightwolf found Howahkan and sent him visions to seek out the one called Raiden. Once Nightwolf's spirit was in Howahkan he told him that if Howahkan helped Raiden that he would free Howahkan of all the voices once and for all.

Fighting Style: The fighting style of Howahkan is basically an agile Guerilla warfare type of style. He uses very precise and fast stikes to tear down his enemies limb by limb. He will do whatever it takes to defeat his enemy. When he gets hurt his style gets even more agressive because pain tells him to fight harder and kill his foes. If a chain combo with weapons is ever used it would be with his knife in his right hand and his warclub in his left.

Primary Costume: Dark brown top with patches along with a vest of beads hanging. The pants are dark brown with light brown fringe going down the sides. Accessories include an armband and a tabbard. The hair is a big mowhawk. and the shoes are mocassin shoes.
Alternate Costume: The alternate costume would be an Indian Headress thats colorful and goes all the way down to the floor. No shirt. Chest is covered in war paint. The pants are brown with the hanging fringe on the sides and no shoes.

Special Moves
Howahkans moves are similar to nightwolfs spiritual energy because Nightwolfs spirit has taken part of his body. So instead of weapons that would be green they could be purple.

Atlal Throw: Long range spear throw that knocks back the enemy.
Paralytic Dart: Howahkan pulls out a blow pipe and fires a dart that stuns the enemy for a few seconds.
Lance Sweep: Howahkan uses his lance to knock a foe down within sweeping distance by dragging his lance across the ground and knocking out their legs.
Bear Trap: Howahkan sets a trap on the ground that will stun the enemy if they step on it.
Spirit Barrage: Howahkan uses calls forth an animal spirit to attack the foe. If the enemy is on the ground a bear will come out and swipe or shoulder charge the enemy. If the enemy is in the air a hawk will sink its talons in them and knock them back.

X-Ray: The x-ray attack utilizes both the knife and the warclub. The xray would be a counter move like johnny cages. The enemy would swing and Howahkan would duck and slice the inner bicep rendering that arm useless. Howahkan would then stand up and jab the knife into where the neck and shoulder meet. Followed by the warclub hitting the knife to drive it in farther. After that is done Howahkan would grab the knife and drag it through the victims body in a diagnol motion until it reaches the center of his their chest. Once there the knife will get yanked out and the enemy will end up leaning over. The last step is that Howahkan would take the warclub and basically bring it in a golf like fashion and putt his head to knock him down.
Fatality 1: Mauling (Jumping Distance) Howahkan will summon the bear spirit to come and eat the enemy alive. Or It will stand on its back legs and take a swipe of its paw and knock the enemys head off.
Fatality 2: A Little Off The Top (Full Screen) Howahkan will throw a bolas (a string with balls on the end that trip up the enemy) across the map at the enemys legs so they fall over. Once they are on the ground he will go over to them, stand over top of them, pull out his knife, and brutally scalp them alive.

Entrance: Howahkan walks in and says "The spirits will tell me the way."
Match Taunt: Once winning a round Howahkan will say "Apparently the spirits were on my side today."
Victory Pose: Once the match is won Howahkan will simply sit down indian style, pull out his peace pipe, and start smoking it.

Ending: Once the earthrealm warriors have completed their task of protecting earthrealm Nightwolf kept his promise to Howahkan. Nightwolf took himself and all the other spirits out of Howahkan and told him he would be able to live in peace once and for all. Yet what howahkan didnt know is that once Nightwolf was gone all of his spiritual powers left with him. Howahkan soon found out the hard way.

Submitted by:Howahkan

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