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Gender: Male
Age: 754
Alignment: Naturally Good, currently possessed by Evil
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 207 lbs. (no armor) 252 lbs. (Plate armor)
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: In the year 1312, the Order of the Knights Templar first began it's decent into legend. Desperate to save his brethren, the Order's finest warrior pleaded unto the heavens for help, but it was not the powers of heaven that would answer his call.

In a plume of great fire, the fallen Elder God Shinnok came before the Knight. Shinnok offered him a Great Helm of unimaginable power, but with it came a terrible curse. As the Knight put the helm upon his head, darkness seized him. When he awoke, the warrior discovered that he had only served to slaughter his own men, and was forced to watch helplessly as the rest of his order drifted into legend. He became an immortal servant of Shinnok, the evil power of the helm eating away at his sanity and fueling his rage as each year passed by. Now Shinnok has placed the Death Knight known only as Ire into the tournament of Mortal Kombat, his reasons are unknown...

Fighting Style: Ire makes use of Medieval Era wrestling and combat techniques. Many moves are similar to what you will find in today's military manuals. While all moves might not be fast. they are designed to disarm, trap, and kill the opponent. Ire is a grappler who specializes in parries, and when at a reasonable distance, he will be more than happy to take out his giant Morning star and mace you in the face. Air-throw powerbomb included

Primary Costume: Character appearance: Ire wears a large suit of heavy infantry Plate armor (14th century) made of bright red (read: blood colored) tempered steel. Underneath the plate is black mail description is as follows:
Helm: Ire's helm is his most distinctive feature, It is a cross between a sloped Great Helm and a Barbute. The helm features a built in crown featuring a ruby encrusted upside-down Onyx crucifix on every point of the crown. the top of the helm also has a small Electrum spike in the middle. The eye holes are that of a standard great helm but their inner edges continue downward in the fashion of a Barbute. The nose piece in the middle is wide, so as not to betray it's great helm origin. it has small lined cuts at the bottom. This combined with the Barbute-like downward cuts in the eye sockets give the help the appearance of a skull. The eye sockets and nose piece cuts are encrusted in pitted white bone and the helm features a standard Templar cross in Onyx with red steel trim and copper studs.

Neck: Underneath the Helm Ire is wearing a black mail coif, the neck line is covered by its bottom. A small amount of mail coming up from the chest piece covers the remainder of the neck.

Torso: A large cylindrical chest piece covered in runic symbols and a pentagram, adorned with a large black inverted cross across the chest. The armor appears as though there is fire within the material in which it was constructed.

Arms/legs: The arms and legs are adorned with runic symbols while the gauntlets and grieves sport skull like engravings in the knuckles and in the feet.

Weapons: Ire's crossbow is a black steel siege class weapon, that appears to be on fire, but the flames are black in color. His dagger is a short straight blade of standard silver steel, the hilt and pommel are black and decorated with a spiral twist. The Morning Star is the prize of his arsenal make of pure red steel with a lead core in the ball. The spikes upon the star go out in all directions like a standard ball mace. The shaft is simple and smooth with a ball-edged pommel the "ball" of the pommel is engraved into a skull decoration and ends in a dull point. The length of the Weapon is approximately from the floor to mid chest in size.
Alternate Costume: Ire's alternate costume is a standard Knights Templar costume with light mail armor and surcoat. the coat bares the red cross Templar symbol. The helm is no longer evil, instead it bares resemblance to a standard corona laden great helm made of gleaming silver. The costume can only be unlocked upon beating the ladder which releases Ire from his curse. the Morning Star is also replaced with a standard arming sword and the teleport move changes from dark to light.

Special Moves
Iron Fist: Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger in his Conan days putting on a plate mail gauntlet, now imagine him punching you in the face with it as hard as he possibly can. This attack sends the opponent across the screen.
Enhanced: stomach punch that causes free-hit barfitude.
Crossbow: Single fire crossbow bolt to the chest area
Enhanced: 3 bolts, explosive heads, higher damage
Nose Job: Morning star thrust into opponents face.
Enhanced: Opponent is struck in the nose with the shaft of the morning star then the weapon is swung around for a side of-the-face hit with the ball. stuns opponent long enough for dash-in combo.
The RAGE: Buff move that makes Ire attack and move slightly faster for 10 seconds
Enhanced: 5 second damage boost added, 7 seconds blocking disabled penalty for balance.
Sword in the Stones: A pork sausage and meatballs never won a battle with cold steel, neither will yours.
Enhanced: Extra damage
Fail Flail: high-arching, three-pronged flying flail harder to dodge than the crossbow, countered by low attacks.
Enhanced: the flail turns into a bola and the attack is changed to a low one, then when it goes off screen it boomerangs back around for a high hit and is caught by Ire.
Parry: standard parry counter move with short basic morning star hits and throw as punishment.
Enhanced: more painful version with fire effects.
Templarport: Ire raises an obsidian upside-down cross in the air and Fucking-Metal-Fire-Ports himself behind you
Enhanced: same as above with an uppercut launcher at the end.

X-Ray: Balls and Steel: (Counter) Damage: 40% (you cannot combo into or out of this move) Effect: Ire Shoulders the opponent hard stunning them, he then performs a spinning morning star uppercut to the opponent's Nether region, dislocating the legs and cracking the pubic bone, which causes them to fly high into the air. Ire then spins around with his morning star and hits them in the back of the head on the way down, shattering the skull and sending teeth in the opposite direction. This takes some effort because the morning star is a heavy bastard. The enemy then spins around once landing on their stomach, and Ire swings the Weapon over his head and hits the enemy in the lower back. The move is over and Ire and the opponent have a few rest frames and distance is put between them for balance.
Fatality 1: Medieval on your Ass: Sometimes when people were piked in the middle ages they are skewered with the pointy end and then raised up with the round end buried so they died DOOM style. Other Times the enemy would capture you, grease up the round end of the pike, and shove it up your ass. then they stick the pointy end in the ground and let gravity to the rest. sometimes it could take hours or even days for you to die....this fatality is the latter of the two.
Fatality 2: Spaghetti Strangler: Ire shoves his morning star into the opponent's intestines. He then spins that magnificent bastard around until most of the innards are wrapped around the mourning star's ball. he then rips it out and stretches what is still attached to the enemy's insides up to their neck and strangles them to death with their own insides. Then he rips the rest of it out and holds his morning star in the air as the intestines dangle from it.

Entrance: "My mace looks forward to meeting your face!" Ire says leaning forward like Kabal's point intro except he is holding his morning star and shaking it at you and his arm is flexed instead of pointing the weapon.
Match Taunt: "How doth I chortle at thee!" or "Not even a flesh wound"
Victory Pose: A dark red burning pentagram appears below Ire as he places his morning stars ball on the ground with his hands folded over the pommel of the weapon. low Druidic chanting is heard loudly in the background.

Ending: Shao Kahn's Destruction sent a wave of power through Ire's armor and body, the helm which had enslaved him now lay shattered upon the ground. His sanity had returned to him. As Ire returned to Earthrealm, he took it upon himself to study of its history. He discovered science and medicine and all the wonders of the modern world. The Knight then remembered why he ended up where he was in the first place. With the power of the dead Outworld Emperor flowing through him, and a clear head, Ire began his quest to destroy the only two threats that remained against humanity: Shinnok, and organized religion.

Submitted by:FlamingTP

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