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Name: Isis
Gender: Female
Age: Immortal, 26 when thrown back to the beginning of time
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 143lbs
Origin: Earthrealm, specifically Ancient Egypt

Bio: Once thought of as an immortal being Isis was known as the mother goddess of time in ancient Egypt. This was not the case however she was a mortal and to punish and make an example of false gods the elder god Shinnok threw Isis through a time vortex where she would live throughout the entire creation of the realms and therefore go insane with the knowledge that she possessed .Shinnok's plan backfired however and Isis learned and evolved throughout time mastering sorcery and fusing herself permanently to her serpent companion Pythius. Together they have foreseen the eventual Armageddon and Raidens medaling with time. Isis believes time is as sacred as the realms and must be protected, which is why Isis silently watches the events of the Mortal Kombat tournament unfold waiting for the moment when Raiden will receive the judgment of the elder gods. Isis has become as powerful as the elder gods over time and if they will not act on Raidens betrayal of fate she will.

Fighting Style: Isis fights very strategically. Like Cyrax Isis waits for the perfect moment to punish the opponent.She also uses her sorcery in her combos by using Pythius ( Think venom and carnage the symbiotes in spider-man or the darkness) slimy snake like tentacles form out of her hands and forearms in the middle of her combos usually punishing the fighter by throwing them to the edge of the screen.

Primary Costume: Isis has a very ancient Egyptian sense of style snake skin lots of golds, coppers, and reds in her outfit
Alternate Costume: A white cloak and hood, gold bracelets, white baggy pants, a gold belt and he's barefoot. He also still has his torture scars.

Special Moves
Time Freeze: Isis freezes time ( think sub zeros mkda ice shaker move) and gets 2 seconds to attack the opponent this also freezes the timer
Enhanced: 4 seconds
Splitting Snake: Pythius forms out of both of Isis's forearms and latches onto the opponents ankles and then proceeds to force them into the splits and throws them across the screen
Enhanced: isis kicks them in the face knocking them away after the splits
Medusa's Rage: Isis does a Sindel-esque mid projectile which shoots a straight beam of white energy out of her mouth her eyes and face change when she uses her specials( think phoenix in xmen last stand but with pure white eyes)
Enhanced: Isis moves her face up and down hitting everything in her path
Frontflip: Pythius latches onto the opponents shoulders and Isis flips them across the screen.
Enhanced: pythios slams the opponent on the head before throwing them away
Teleport Headache: Isis teleports behing the opponent and grabs them they fall into the floor appearing at the top of the screen Isis has her feet on the opponents jaw and they land on the opponents head
Enhanced: when they appears at the top of the screen Isis is holding the opponents ankles and she slams their face goro xray style onto the floor.
Tele-Twirl: Isis goes into the floor like sektor but instead forms under the opponents feet spiraling feet up knocking the opponent into the air
Enhanced: after the attack Pythius grabs the opponent and throws them onto their head.

X-Ray: Pythius grabs the opponent in a similar way to the splitting snake move but instead first twists their feet completely around breaking their ankles then he pulls the fighter in while Isis procedes to sticks her foot in the fighters mouth and slam their jaw down breaking it before kicking their throat pushing them away from her
Fatality 1: Feeding Time: Isis summons Pythius from her forearms to pull the opponent to the ground on all fours, she then grabs the opponents head and slams the fighters face into the ground three times before revealing there smashed in face (jason x style) she then poses for the camera but you can see pythius feeding on the opponent slowly swallowing them whole.
Fatality 2: Fates Rage: Isis summons Pythius in the form of many snakes, he devours the opponent up to the torso and right before they die Isis curb stomps their face twisting her foot in their destroyed face.

Entrance: Isis is sitting cross leg ed sees the opponent and stands and says "You infant fool you dare attack fate herself"
Match Taunt: tentacles form out of her back and arms and her face changes into her serpent face and you can hear Pythius make a hissing screech
Victory Pose: Isis looks at the camera and slightly smiles before freezing time and she is gone in a flash.

Ending: Isis watched as Raiden defeated Shao Kahn and saved earthrealm however Isis was still not pleased with the outcome. Raiden had all but destroyed the realm in which he was given to protect and Isis would not stand for such ignorance of her homeworld. Isis spoke to the elder gods for the first time since she was thrown threw the time vortex so many millenias ago. She asked the gods if she could take on the role of protector of Earthrealm and vowed to protect the people. The elder gods turned her down but in return for her services over the years they turned her into a full god and granted her the power of fate and time. She will forever watch over the realms as the goddess known as fate.

Submitted by: smokezero8

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